Sunday, March 22, 2009

Simple Moments

I wish that I would have a picture like this when my kids were little. I had the typical posed pictures that shows how I stressed over every ones shirt colors. I remember making several shopping trips before one of our family photos to make sure the girls and I had all the same color red button down shirts, John had a royal blue and Adam was in white. We stood by a fence and looked like cowboys who just steeped off the ranch.... not our personality at all. Next family photo was blue t-shirt for myself, John and Adam and the girls wore white. We posed under my dad's apple tree and I asked the photographer to take another picture with the kids posed in the front and John and I standing a ways back out of focus, it was already then I was wanting to be on the other side of the camera. That picture is more us and it's still hanging up in the house.
I really like to capture simple moments between a couple or a family. This type of photo is not for everyone, some wonder why you would ever hang it on your wall and others, like myself, would make it a 16x20. Some people wonder why they aren't in the middle of the photo, why aren't they looking at the camera? I like it but that's what makes me a creative artistic person and I wish I had one hanging on my wall.
Simple Moments are the Most Treasured

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Jules said...

I love this kind of picture. I am always trying to take "unposed" pictures.