Friday, July 31, 2009

I match my house

Garage sale finds to match my home decor. A new apple green coat with black trim and a fun purse in reddish orange, tan and apple green. John says "how many coats do you need?" I guess when it cost $1.50 I don't even think about how many I need. I haven't posted a picture of myself for quite sometime and I remember saying that when I stopped doing Self Portrait Tuesday that I would at least post myself once in a while so here I am in my new coat and purse.

Ohhhh I'm not liking my hair so blonde, that darn sun... it's a good thing I'm going back to work, the sun is really bad for my hair, or it could be that I didn't do anything with it this morning since I forgot Shan was coming so I had two minutes to get ready. Check out Hemmer Happenings for the rest of my finds Here

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

Today started out rainy and cold, I can't go to garage sales when it's rainy so I'm gonna stay home and get some inside stuff done. 6:35am Jeannie calls

Jeannie - "wanna go garage saleing?"
Me - "It's cold and rainy"
Jeannie - "I'm off today and winters coming"
Me - "ohhhh"
Jeannie - "You can't garage sale in the winter"
Me - "ohhhh"
Jeannie - "will you come out and play with me?"
Me {arm twisting} - "Yes, I'll be right there"

Actually the sales were better today than they have been. I got a silk tan bedspread that matches my bedroom perfectly, an aqua vase (for the hallway) and a seafoamy/celedony green dish (for El's old room, just wait till I show you the make-over in there that I did. It's now the grandchildren's room). I also got a wood flag sign for outside, a small rake, a red vase, an Old Navy sweatshirt for El, and a blue hard case wallet that Jeannie promised me I will love. I'm gonna miss Thursdays.

The pillows and blanket were already on my bed, the new tan bedspread is a perfect match to them and it's silky and soft.... I love bedding.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have some news for you all.... I've been called back to work. I have been hearing rumors all week but it's finally a for real thing, I got the call and I report back to work next week. I have totally enjoyed my time off but I am a working girl at heart. I need my schedule, I need my brain time, my challenges, my career, my stress... yes I need stress in my life it's how I function I do well with work stress but not the stress that I have been having. I don't know how to deal with "no work stress". {insert happy dance here with a little yee-ha}

My friend "K" called on Monday and told me there was rumor I was coming back so I should finish up my projects this week..... WHAT? Me finish my projects, not a chance but I will give it a good try. This is my secret project that I haven't really told you about, I will have reflection in my garden real soon, the water is in but it's still a mess back there so you can't see the whole thing until it's done. I should have moved the orange shovel before taking this picture... oh well

My sister DiAnn came over this morning to check on our progress and left a message because I wasn't home. "Connie, pond is looking like a hole in the ground, you need more dirt" So later that day John and I worked on the pond in sweet voices with no yelling or calling each other names.... yeah right! I think DiAnn heard us from her house and came down to check on us. A few beers later DiAnn, John and I have considered it a working pond... a few more beers and the rocks moved around 16 more times and it's even better... a few more beers and this trickling of water has got to stop or we need a working toilet in the garden shed!! John and I have to go to the local tavern for pizza fries and DiAnn goes home to a burnt roast.... yep I think it's gonna be good addition to our gardens.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pencil Sketch

There is a filter in Photoshop to turn your photo into a pencil sketch but it just doesn't look right so I've never used it. Tonight I played around with photoshop and made my own pencil drawing and it looks so much better, almost printable wall hangable. Or it could just be the perfect subject.

This is the photo SOOC

Cropped, changed to black and white, changed to a negative, added another layer, changed to color dodge, added blur and adjust the radius... wha-la it's a pencil sketch.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Double Duty

Wanna make hubby and son mad.... use the ottoman as a coffee table. Damn girls and their decorating stuff, that's for my feet when I take a nap.

This tray came from the garage, there was no handle so we used a spindle and I painted it my fun summer apple green. The vase I just bought at a thrift store for 39 cents, the doily is made by John's grandmother, the edging is.... apple green and of course the remote doesn't stay put in here for very long.

If I'm off work much longer we may be replacing the carpet sooner than we figured.... when I work John is the one to vacuum and sweep the floors but now I have sucked and pushed more dirt in 6 weeks than I have in the last year. Our living room has been re-arranged a dozen times, anything that isn't nailed down has been spray painted, the finish is starting to wear off our dishes, our washing machine doesn't understand what it's like to NOT be running, my closet is scary organized, my weeds don't have a chance, the TV automatically turns on to HGTV when the first sprinkle starts, and John is starting to get spoiled with his wife here when he gets home.

I really am enjoying my time off but there are prices to pay for extra time. :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday drive

We took a Sunday drive to see a baby girl.... I was having Mallory withdrawals.... it's been 9 days!!! Between us and them is Quaker country, I love seeing them when they are going to church, they travel in packs.

I only teared up a bit when Mallory smiled and cooed with Grandpa and I. Where's the picture of Mallory you ask..... I get so wrapped up with her that I forget to take pictures, yep that's right "I forget to take pictures". I did take a few before we left, I may post them on Hemmer Happenings. I did have a long talk with Miss Mallory to get fussy while her Mommy is working because the plan is if she's too fussy Lynn will call me to come help her out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

All work and no play

So this was the weekend we had nothing going on so it's work weekend. We need to stain and varnish windows, lots of windows. Friday right after John get home from work we need to start this process to even come close to finishing the half of the half of the windows we have left. Re-cap for Friday.... looks like rain and the wind is coming from the west which is the side of the house we were going to start on. We better not chance it so we take a trip to the woods for a walk, watch a ball game in town, stay until it's dark, stop at the tavern before returning home for 1 drink.... wee hours of the morning we return home. Thank goodness I listened to the 1 drink rule, morning came real fast.

Saturday it looks like rain, it doesn't look like rain... it does, it doesn't.... The windows to the east and south come out anyway. I swear I heard "it won't rain for long" 7 times during the day. Each time the rain didn't last for long and came at the right time (drying time). Half of the windows we planned to do are done and they look incredible. I don't remember doing this the last time we put all new windows in this house, I must have been playing Mommy to 3 small children and didn't have time to help.

Something else was busy building his/her house today and John insisted I take a picture.... yuck it creeps me out. You can even see the raindrops that got into her house at the bottom left.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last Game

El had her last game of soccer, she was ready to be done. El is a girly girl and soccer was beginning to be a contact sport that involved someone else's elbow against her nose and eye socket resulting in tears, loud crying and even a little blood but we won't tell her about the bloody nose she would freak. She did however go back in the game but was more of a "ball must find me and make contact with my foot" kinda player. I don't think this was the green mass she got hurt in but it was one just like it with lots of kicking and bumping going on. We are going to miss these weekly game nights, hopefully she will forget the injuries by next year and we'll be back.

I know Adam would want me to tell you his t-ball days story so I will. When Adam was 4 going on 5 "I" wanted him to play t-ball so I lied about his birthday and said he would be 5 before the cut off date. He was on the team and he was a very, very small kid so he looked a little young but they let him play anyway. His first game he got up to bat and hit the ball but the other team got someone else out and that was the 3rd out..... Adam didn't know or understand what was happening so he stood on 1st base just as proud as could be..... until all the other team's kids ran to their dugout which was right in line with 1st base and they plowed him over, he was trampled on and smashed in the dirt. It reminded me of a cartoon where the dust is flying and the kid is rolling somersaults. I of course am too busy talking that I don't see my poor baby getting stampeded on until he's crying and blood is coming from every hole in his face. The next game the coach tried to talk Adam into playing but he would not, he sat on the bench with us and was not about to go back out there. The coach promised him that he could hit and he wouldn't get hurt, he went for it and got all the way home on the next kids hit. He ran so fast and had to go potty that he ran for the bathroom..... tripped on the concrete and had another run in with the dirt and more blood.... that was the beginning and the end of his t-ball career, he was never playing again. We did sign him up again the next year, when he WAS old enough, and he did just fine. He now watches Josh and Jake play ball and wishes he could go back out there again with them.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evening Sun

The beauty of evening sun. Look at the warm tones in the backlighting..... next time your taking a walk while the sun is setting take a look around and see how it warms everything up with it's golden color. Love the shadows and textures the sun gave me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tired Puppy

Some days you just get tired and need to lay down wherever you are and take a nap, or at least Zoe does. She'll be napping a lot for the next two days but I think she keeps Kristi company in-between.

Thanks for the visit, drive careful, no smokin', no drinkin' and wear your seat belt.
We miss you already.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Up North Again???

So this morning I went back "up north" for the day.... didn't I just get back from here last night? Oh well it was a great day for a ride. Kristi, Starla, Elly, Zoe and I all traveled up to eat lunch. To Elly's surprise she got to have lunch with Grandpa Roger, Grandma Susie, Grandpa Earl, and Grandma Joanne a little girl can never have too many grandparents.

At the fire pit are these fantastic chairs that I want to take home. Joanne said they found them at the end of someones driveway waiting for the trash man, they snatched them up and have been at the pit ever since. I drool over them every time I'm there. Joanne showed me one of them is in the woods a little broken but I can have it, shhhhhh don't tell John but in August when we come back up I'll be bringing it home with me, nothing is ever that broken!!

Since I already bought one of these chairs a few years ago, rust and all, I gave $25 for it. So With my calculations they have about $125 sitting here, some peoples trash is others treasures.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Party Girl Mallow

That's what we were today.... "Party Girl" is the name of this plant but also is a name for us today. We were coming home from "Up North" and seen a live band playing on the deck near the waters edge so we stopped to check it out...... 4 hours later we finally found the way back on the open road, so much for spending Sunday at home.

The band was fabulous, really, really loud (I still can't hear) and watching the people there was even better. One girl had a Margarita in one hand and a mug of beer in the other the entire time and she drank them until she had a hard time keeping the liquid in the glass while dancing. Her boyfriend/husband was in the band and when they played a slow song she would go in front of him and sway, spill her drink, and yell.... "I love you".... he was so impressed. :) Another girl had really big boots.... yeap I said boots, the boys never did see her boots they got lost higher up.... she had to be hot in that black very tight, very small black t-shirt. Another girl was super, super cute in her little shorts and had a little black bra trouble.... the guys didn't see that either.... yeah right!! Oh and one more, one girl who looked like a very average girl, like someone I could have a conversation with and instantly liked..... then she danced with her boyfriend/husband..... I'm thinking she was a stripper before and if not she could have been...... wow So much fun, the un-expected good times are the best.

Here is "Party Girl Mallow"

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weekend Up North

Where is Up North??? Any place that you can relax, spend time with friends or family, enjoy the outdoors and feel the peace in the world. We are "Up North" this weekend with some very good friends.

We went to "Art-a-rama" today...... I'm very, very jealous of the beautiful photography that was for sale, it makes me want to work even harder at this out-of-control hobby. Since we were up north all the photographers had photos of nature, some of those photographers had to sit in the woods for hours to get those shots, but I would have to say the time was well worth it. I heard one of the wives talking to someone about her husband and how they have to sit in the same place for hours just waiting. All the "Artist" booths were very interesting to me, I am a very creative artistic person so I get into that stuff.... all way to pricey for me but so much fun to look at.... I mean stare at.

Friday, July 17, 2009

First K-9 pics

My niece Kristi was home from New York so I took pictures of her and her best friend Zoe. She was my first 4 legged shoot ever, I'm not a animal person so this could have been a hard thing but it really was very easy. Zoe was a perfect little girl and did everything I (umm Kristi) asked her to do. The day was very drizzly so we had to keep undercover but we found lots a cool locations. Kristi, Zoe and I had a fun time hanging out, thank you Kristi for letting me take your pictures, I certainly loved the practice.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Paint fume ramblings

What's a outside always gardening girl to do when we've had 2 days of uncontrollable wind, (makes me consider getting a buzz cut) going to do in the house. It's summertime I do hate.... ohhh strong word, dislike being in the house but I can't take it anymore out there. We live on the prairie so any small amount of wind gushes through the yard so these 90mph winds we've been having practically rip my clothes right off me and I'd hate to scare the neighbors so I'll find something to do in the house. Hummmm clean closets, eat my 3 servings of calcium so Shannnon stops hounding me, wash clothes, dust, vacuum, bake cookies, sweep.... how about painting!! The ceilings in the living room and breakfast nook still need a coat of paint to finish my project... hey it's gardening season.... Yeah I know it drives my sister crazy that I can stop a project without it being finished but that's how I roll.

Who knew that if your up on a ladder and the ceiling fan blade was in your way that if you gave it a big ole' spin that the next blade would hit you in the back of the head and knock you off the ladder? Don't even try to tell me that you knew it would happen.... ouch!! Good thing it was a new sturdy fan, the old one would have came crashing to the floor with me. I tried to get a picture of me all curled up on the floor but I couldn't find my "help I can't get up" alarm necklace so you get a photo of the light fixture that John needs to fix when he gets home.

I'm just kidding.... I didn't fall to the floor but my head still hurts where that blade hit me, so let this be a teaching post for you.... DO NOT spin the blades of a ceiling fan when you head is between them!! There now I feel better that you all learned something from my Lea moment. That's what we call those times we do things really silly... my mother was the queen of doing some really silly things, too bad I wasn't old enough to appreciate most of them before she died.

Okay so as long as I think I'm teaching you something for your future painting reference let's talk about this..... So I had 2 gallons of ceiling paint, mixed at the same time so when I started this project I cleaned up the first gallon and started the 2nd, should be fine right? Well no it wasn't, the 2nd gallon was a different type of base paint, seriously..... why would they mix me two different types of base paint, are you kidding me I don't get my paint at Walmart, I really do shop at a PAINT STORE.... anyway the sheen was different so a quarter of my first living room ceiling (separated by a beam) looked different than the rest so I had to re-paint everything I did with the 1st gallon. URGHHH now I was on the floor beating my head against the carpet since I already removed all my painters tape and have to redo it.....knowing that they tell you to start a new gallon on a new wall or a separated by a big ole' black wood beam, who ever believes that???? they just say that to make you use more paint!!

I'm okay really, I think the inside air is effecting me or it could be all the paint fumes. Since the ceiling paint is really boring here's a fun painting I did. Can tomorrow be winding too I'm back in the painting mood and I don't think I've sniffed enough fumes yet.

It's really bright but I like it and that little aqua glass I got at a garage sale, it was made to be there. Check out the shelf before paint here

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hugs no matter where you are....

Elly only has a few more games of soccer left and we haven't missed a one of them. They are so fun to watch and they have learned so much since the beginning. If you know Elly at all she is a girl with lots of hugs and this is what happens when you see your new friend on the opposite team while the game is happening...... you give her a hug.... and another one.... and another one..... and another.... finally the coach takes El out of the game, neither one of them would pay attention.

We've all done this ourselves and all of our children have done this..... after the game was done both girls come up to Shannon and say "Can I spend the night at her house?"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something New

I learned something new with Photoshop tonight, I'm not so sure I like it or maybe it's just the wrong photos to try it with but, because I said at the beginning of the year that I would learn new things for Photoshop Tuesday, I have to show you. Now that I figured out how to do it I'll have to hunt for the right photo. I uploaded two different ones that I tried it on.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Red Bee Balm

The red Bee Balm "Monarda" is just starting to bloom and it cracks me up with it's random spikes, it reminds me of a jokers hat. When the big clump of this is in full bloom it is a stunning sight with the bright red blooms. The hummingbirds and butterflies really like it too.

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful comments lately, I really like hearing from you. For the 19 months of doing a POTD I have learned so much, I can see the improvement in my photos and the way I look at everything and it has all happened because of you. You challenge me to improve in every photo I take, for that I thank you again.

I have also had a few verbal requests to teach a photography class to help them with some of the basic tips to use their camera and get better photos and also a photoshop class to teach you how to do some of the fun stuff I've learned. I tried this about 2 years ago and didn't get any willing participants, maybe it's time for me to think of giving it a try again. I'm certainly no expert but when you have a group of people with a passion for the same thing, you learn from each other. Hummmmm do I have time for this? Did I really say this out loud? I'm still in the thinking... planning.... stage, let me know what you think.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sneak Peek

I took pictures for a friend today. Such a fun couple, a great way to spend a few hours this afternoon. I'm torn between the sepia and the color so I'll sneak peek both.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Keepin' it real

I think weeds grow 3 feet tall while we sleep. John asked me if I was keeping this picker for a reason.... now how in the heck did this sucker get this big without me seeing it? I can usually pull pickers without gloves, but not this one.

Friday, July 10, 2009

June's Color

I forgot to do a color for June - How bout' Orange

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mallory is 1 Month Old

Miss Mallory was a month on Tuesday, today I spent the day garage saleing, shopping, eating lunch, and of course taking her month pictures. We didn't take very many, I had the idea and Lynn had the baby... together we made an amazing photo.

Remember Garrett's 1 Month Photo? Here
These darn grandbabies are growing way to fast. sniff, sniff

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photo Contest Decisions

I'm really late for getting my photos in for a garden photo contest, why do I think I need to take more photos instead of using the 1,000's I already have. I can submit 4 photos in each category..... it would be great if I could decide on which four and if I thought the ones I have taken were worthy of a contest. I can't win if I don't enter..... it's going to be a very long night.

So here's a new one as of today.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mallory's Annoucement

Lynn and I took Mallory's announcement pictures, they got sent out Monday so I can now post for those of you that won't see them.
Mallory was such a sleepy baby that she made our job really easy.

I also did the photo in sepia and added the pink color back. I'm not a big fan of this action but I think it works for this photo.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Grandma Day

Today was a Grandma day for Garrett and Elly and was also my first official day of unemployment (since Lynn was 1 year old) up until today I have been using my vacation time. My friend "K" who was laid off with me was in what her husband calls "Panic Mode" the first week we had off, I finally got there this week. It's funny how everyone says you'll go through stages and without even knowing it you follow the pattern. I've went through the sad, mad, crying, useless, and now worry..... if I only had a crystal ball and could see what the future is going to bring I would feel so much better.

But today I had Garrett Man and Elly over and I have to say this was the best day we have ever had. I have taken vacation days before to help Shan out with days her sitter needs off and when I'm watching the kids I am trying to enjoy my day off with doing laundry, cleaning, gardening, and whatever needs to be done. Today I did nothing (well almost nothing) but play with the kids and give them my whole attention. It was such a fun day and Elly even played by herself for about 2 hours, she never does that here, she tries so hard to get my attention that she sticks to me like glue. Garrett is crawling and pulling himself up on furniture and is so stinkin' cute as he spins himself in circles crawling and sitting. He used my leg as a chew toy and a place to yell and bob his mouth up and down on making a bob bob bob bob bob noise. Lesson for today....stop and enjoy the day.

"Today was Tomorrow Yesterday"

Drooly gus, someday he'll get teeth.....Yep that's my other shoe laying way over there, I had a woodtick on Thursday morning attached to my ankle so John pulled him off with a tweezers as I freaked out. I have not had a woodtick attached to me in 20 years and I hate woodticks. Well where the little bugger was attached is all swollen and itches like crazy so I put some stuff on it to hopefully help with the swelling and itching. The best part of this whole story.... John dropped the stinkin' thing on the floor after he pulled him out and we couldn't find him.... are you all crawly now??? I still am.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Perfect summer day

We both love summer days that start with a fire in the pit as soon as you wake up, all your meals eaten outside, radio playing on every side of the house, jobs getting done, 3:00 break, body aching in every joint at the end of the day.... Yeap it was a great day at home.

This is a photo of us from yesterday, I'm pretty sure if I would have taken a photo today we wouldn't have been this clean.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

Every year since 2003 we have a 4th of July pool party at Ed and Jeannie's and I think every year it rains at some time during the day. Jeannie gets everything decorated so cute and festive and then we all rush to put everything in the garage. This year the weather was sunny and warm, with a short RAIN shower that chased us to the garage.... of course.

Elly swam all day long, she didn't care that her fingers were wrinkled or that no-one else was swimming so I sat by the pool all day watching her remember where she left off with her swimming skills from last summer. By the time we bribed her out of the water with a brownie she was back to her swimming and floating.

Check out Miss El in her glory.

Later we seen her up at the park for the fireworks and I guess I forgot to put the sunscreen under her eyes.... oops bad grandma.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Not quick enough... darn Poppies

I needed to pull all the poppies out of the gardens before they bloomed, I made up my mind this year that I wouldn't go through this poppy overload another year...... I wasn't quick enough, the first one bloomed yesterday and now this morning there are about 8 more. I went to the back gardens and they weren't blooming yet so I pulled them all up and got rid of them before I changed my mind. I threw away about 10 wheelbarrow loads of these so far this summer. Now the only ones left are by the front patio that are blooming so I'll have to time them just right before they go to seed and cause me the same problems next year.

Here is the dangerous red poppy, it's about 8 inches wide and really silky..... could you pull this up and throw it away when it's blooming?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Old diningroom light - New garden decor

Our old dining room light has been sitting in the garage for almost a year and I didn't know what to do with the outdated shiny gold fixture. I didn't take it to a second hand store or throw it, John doesn't throw anything away!! John also hates when I paint things but he left me alone today and I happen to have a can of Caribbean Blue spray paint. Our old bright gold light fixture turned Caribbean Blue Garden Decor. John thinks it doesn't match the house but if it matched you wouldn't see it, I like it. As soon as we get summer I'll put candles in it and take another picture for you.

My dad says we did have summer.... it was the two days last week.

Caribbean Blue..... makes you just think of warm summer nights, toes in the sand, bottle of Miller 64, staying up late, early morning walks.... okay now that your in the mood you might like it too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Strawberries + Salesguy

Made Strawberries for ice cream and a Strawberry Rhubarb Dessert today. Yummy!!

This morning on the news they talked about a guy going around selling children's books..... and then he asks to use your bathroom and steals your prescription drugs out of your medicine cabinet. This guy was here last week, he sorta startled me when he knocked on the front door, first of all no one comes in the front door and second I was standing right next to it sweeping the floor so it started off jumpy. I opened the door and he said his name and that he talked with a couple of my neighbors about children's books and wanted to know if I had all young children or were some teenagers. I told him my youngest graduated last month from High School.... he laughed a big ole' belly laugh (how rude) and said well then I don't need to waste your time. He turned to walk away and turned back around and walked back up to the door and said "One more thing.... I love the car" (Adam's white Pontiac with the hundreds of stickers, deer horns and the 20+ antennas) he even wrote it down on his clipboard "Cool Car in yard", he showed me and then walked to his car. Now that we know the story of the guy it's kinda creepy. John thinks he was on drugs since he thought Adam's car was cool!!

I have another salesmen story, about 6 years ago a sales guy came to the door and tried to sell me steaks.

Me - "I don't eat steaks"
Sales guy - "yeah right"
Me - "I really don't, I don't like them"
Sales guy - "You fat &^$# _itch"
(Seriously, not even kidding, he really did say that)
Me - "You think I'm fat now... you should have seen me before Weight Watchers"