Sunday, March 31, 2013

Miss Allie - 9 months

Miss Allie is 9 months already.  She is a snuggly, jabbery, lovable little girl.  She came over all dressed for summer....

And she found her ability to move around at a quick little pace.  
There is no keeping her in one spot anymore.

Unless you give her things to distract her.  She loves the eggs because she knows momma hides puffs in them but that grass is another story.  She didn't like that stuff at all.

Some play time with Momma.  Momma tickles those cubby thighs until Allie is uncontrollably giggling, it's the best sound ever.

Grandma came with so of course we had to get the three of them together. 
I love Allie's pose on this one, she is just too cute.

Grandma is a good friend of mine and is one beautiful lady.  
Doesn't look much like a grandma to me :)

Allie the Easter Bunny

Allie and her pretty momma

A game of peek-a-boo

And Allie is telling me she is tired of this.

Good friends, great company and one special little girl...... prefect way to spend time with them.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Someone's a bit blue

Today is Lynn's birthday.  I e-mailed to wish her a Happy Birthday and all I got on the reply was tears. Well not really tears but you could tell by her reply that this wasn't a happy day.  See Lynn is 30 today and she's not handling 30 very well at all.  So I call her and she is crying like real tears, she's been crying all morning.  I tell her..... "what do you have to be crying about, I should be the one crying, my daughter is turning 30!!"

I check on her later in the day and still tears....... 

Lynn comes to town on Wednesday's so I ask what her plans are for when Mally is at church.  She is going to feed the ducks and take a walk with Max.  I finally talk her into coming by us so we can help her with the sadness in her day.  I'm feeling terrible that she is so upset so I chill a bottle of wine.

She gets there and it's worse than I thought.... I snapped a quick picture while she mopes around drinking her wine.

Yep she's a mess.

Will we ever see that bubbly happy girl again?

Let's try chocolate.

It might be working, there's a little smile.

Happy 30th Birthday Lynn

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Photo Club - Perkins Place

March Photo Club went to Perkins Place Art Gallery and Center for Learning.  Some of us would say it's the best place we have visited yet.  I of course love art so it's by far my favorite.  Just walking in and seeing the stained glass and pottery I was sold.  Then a visit to his workshop room and all the wood shavings are cluttering up the workbench and he apologizes for the mess..... ha I say, this is cool.
I have driven by this place a couple hundred times but have never went in, I admire the art work in the yard but didn't ever take the time to check out the inside.  Nathan gives us a quick tour and a bit of history about the gallery, all the products, and artist that contribute.  Each one having their own medium and talent beyond my dreams.   

There are two galleries that cannot be accessed to each other from inside.  The only way to enter is through the outside which was going to prove to be a bit difficult for giving directions for our missions for the night.  Instead of having free range of both galleries we split our group into two groups and did the 3 missions twice, that also helped to cut down on the amount of people in each room.  I would give the first group their mission, set the timer and run to the other gallery to give the directions to that group.  

I grabbed a shot of the outside quickly before my timer was telling me to move onto the next mission.

I didn't have much time to complete the missions until I the second round through when I increased the amount of time.  The girls were having too much fun and wanted to stretch it out.  Of course I didn't mind because I could grab the camera and join them.

Oil painting......... yummmmmm I love oil paints, I could have sniffed it all night long.  Lynn and I can spend hours drooling over the oil paint aisle at Michael's. 

Pottery.... my second love.

Nathan's work room.

He had two tables that he hand carved the roses. 

An unfinished owl on the work bench with the shavings...... such a mess huh?  
To me a very interesting mess.

Using the oil painting as a background.  My two loves in one photo

One of the missions was to stand in the same place and photograph the same item for 5 minutes.  If I would have had the opportunity to do this I would have chose one of these paintings.  My 3rd love.

They don't even look like paintings do they?  

Had to try a black and white with this one.

There were so many unique items in the gallery and very reasonably priced.  I loved these hand sewn eggs.  If I decorated for the holidays these might have to come home with me.   If I remember correctly these are made by Nathan's mother.  I think it's super sweet that he has his mom contribute her talents to his gallery.  

More pottery in some fun designs.

These are flat trays and they could have come with me too.

Even the curtains are pretty

We spent a few hours there and Nathan shared his awesome homemade bread with us at the end of the night.  The girls are all in one room now sharing stories, talking about everything they want to take home, where we are going next month, where we are going for drinks.......and talking Nathan out of his secret bread recipe.

I went for another shot of the gallery in the dark.

And a couple through the windows.

I hope you've made it to the end of this post and enjoyed the art I've captured.  All of these artist are very talented and deserve lots of praise.  If you find the time to stop in and visit Nathan's gallery you will not leave disappointed.

Thank you Nathan for a wonderful location for our March meeting.  I hope you enjoyed listening to us as much as we enjoyed photographing your talent.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Baby A (aka JR, Jr., AJ)

Baby A is home from the hospital and I have to admit I cannot get enough of him.  He is the calmest little baby I have ever held.  He lays so still when he's sleeping or when he's awake.  

It doesn't matter if he's got his arms stretched out above his head or his toes curled up under his butt....... I love this little boy.  

When you set his hands free they go right to his mouth....

Looking for that thumb.

Adam sucked his thumb lots.  I don't remember if he did it quite this young but he was a thumb sucker and liked tags.  He would curl his finger around any tag he could find.  When someone would hold him I always had to give the warning.... "he's going to put his hand in your shirt and move it around your neck until he gets the tag on your shirt between his fingers".  If we were shopping and he got crabby I would push the shopping cart into a rack of clothes so he could find the tags and he was good as gold.  

Adam Jr. is just like his daddy..... loving that thumb.

Monica bought bunny ears for Jr. so of course we had to try them on.  He makes the cutest little Easter bunny ever.

Oh I can't get enough of him.  Love the curve in his belly and the tilted head.

Them is Adam's lips.  

Oh I think Momma and Daddy love this little boy more than they ever thought they could.  And Baby A is adjusting quite well to the outside world.  We can't wait to snuggle him again.