Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Owen is ONE

A special little boy turns one today.  It hardly seems possible that's it's been a year since this little man took his first breath.  He can't get any cuter and I love that I get to see him grow up.  

I love this one of him, he's so relaxed and just a nice little smile..... looks a bit like he's in trouble.

Little boys need their shirts off with blue jeans and bare feet

Add sepia and it's pure love.

He's not liking pictures right now we those eyes are a bit teary.  There were toys to play with and Mr Owen is all about playing toys.  He is "all boy" trucks, planes, tractors, wheels, bugs..... he likes them all.  There is no time for snuggling.

His little face lights up with momma plays games with him.   Everyday his Grandma plays "momma's home" with him and they search until he finds her.  

Of course we get little grins when he knows he's doing something naughty.

Owen's grandpa flew his own airplane so of course it's time to start them young to fly.

Love you little Owen and Happy 1st Birthday

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Tina said...

This mommy couldn't be prouder! I'm glad you were able to capture some good shots of Owen even though he was too busy playing to care about looking handsome for the camera. Thanks for documenting Owen's various stages over the past year. I love being able to share his new experiences with you.