Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Up North in the Fall

We've been up north a lot this year and there is something about fall that makes me bring out my camera.  If you've seen pictures like this last year and the year before I'm sorry you're either going to have to look at them again or just skip this post.

This spring we put a fire pit down by the river, it's the perfect place for relaxing so Friday night this was our hang out until dark when we moved to the middle fire pit.  Yep we have 3 fire pits.... that's why we are known as "The Smoke People"

We can't see the sunset due to the trees but we can certainly see the pink skies in the reflection on the river.

Trees are starting to turn

Saturday morning was a foggy one so out the door I went for more pictures down by the water.

John had a work day on Friday and got lots of odd jobs done.  One of his jobs was to get the carpet stapled down, what a great improvement.  It's getting so comfy we hate to leave.

I painted these owl lamps for a cottage feel.  You'll have to check out the post on The Painted Photographer blog.  

I said I wasn't planting any flowers up north so it wouldn't be a "job" to do when I was there but I did break down and planted a few in this little spot and they've done very well so far.  

Beautiful weekend to the start of the FALL season.  

Ali Senior Photos

I met Ali when she was about 2 years old, her mom was friends with my friend.  We met a few times and instantly had a connection with kids, family, scrapbooking and her laughter.  She died when Ali was about 3.  Ali was one of her 4 children that she left behind, it was a sad few months as her mom fought to not leave her children but as we all know God has other plans for all of us and his plan for her was to find her place in heaven.  

Today I met up with Ali again for her Senior pictures, she looks just like I remember her mom and now since I heard Ali laugh tonight I can hear Suzanne all over again.  

When I seen Ali I screamed "oh my gosh perfect boho-chic style"..... Suzanne good friend Lisa who has been there for Ali says "what the heck is boho?"  This my friend is perfect boho style..... on a pretty young lady.

Ali wanted a picture with her mom's photo so we incorporated it into her session.  

Hard to take pictures when your eyes are all watery.

As we were at this spot the cops were surrounding the building with sirens and lights.  
Ummmmm should we find a new location?  

Ali is a hunter and can still pull off the boho look.

Such a great night with Ali and Lisa.  Suzanne your daughter is pretty amazing, just like you.  

The Bohn Family

I really like it when the same families come back for pictures, the kids get to know me and they start to have a little fun right at the first shot.

So many more favorites that I had and I think Mom thought we didn't get any that night.