Monday, March 21, 2016

Ice and Water Up North

A few weekends back we were up north for a gorgeous day.  The sun and warmth started to melt the ice that was on the river.  Chucks would break loose and float down trying to fit through the open water.  

Some would make it some wouldn't.  When the ice would hit this section in front of us it would make this huge noise and start to pile up.  Very cool to sit in a lawn chairs wearing t-shirts and enjoying the break up.

By the end of the day all these small patches of snow were gone.

I thought it looked so cool with John standing down there.

In the afternoon we took a drive to the Rapids to see what was happening there.  Seeing this rushing water made me realize we were nuts last summer coming down this in kayaks.

But of course I'm ready to do it again...... 

We were kinda crazy this day too.  We are walking on ice from the river.  On a very warm day...

Here you can see the raging river and the ice John is standing on what looks like it should be part of the river.  It's not normally the river but I'm thinking in the spring it IS part of the river.

Some of the ice was broke and water was rushing under it.  We didn't walk there :)

We were still recovering from the flu so after a hike we needed to rest. 

Great weekend for some sunshine and heat.... just what the doctor ordered to help knock that flu bug out of us.  

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Andee 6 months + a few weeks

These grandchildren are growing faster than I can keep up with.  Andee was 6 months a few weeks back and today grandma took a few minutes to snap a few pictures of her.

She is a very happy baby and while grandma and her take pictures by the patio door, Jr is playing with his toys and grandpa is napping on the couch.  She doesn't care she just smiles at me.

She's pretty tiny yet but she still is sporting some baby rolls on those arms.

Grandpa says she has chubby cheeks...... I told him she's got such a tiny little face that any cheeks would look chubby on her.  

Oh miss poser girl she is.

She was now done with pictures.

She was such a good girl today, she felt warm most of the day and about 3 hours after they left Adam called and said they were on their way to the ER with her.  Scary high fever and just not herself.  Poor baby girl, she was so good even when she was sick.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Titus and a beautiful family

I love this family.  They are the cutest family and nailed their family picture. 

Madelyn and Bennet LOVE their little Titus

And the star of the show....... Mr Titus is 6 months old.

And full of smiles

He was so relaxed and still that when we laid him on his back he just laid there still as can be.  I wanted him to bend in half and play with his feet like most 6 monthers do.... No he waited to do that when they were putting his shirt back on to go home. 

Bennet wanted his shirt off just like Titus so he could show his muscles too.  He ran around without his shirt so of course I needed to get him back in front of the camera and Madelyn isn't far behind him.  She said she wasn't taking her shirt off though.  LOL