Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sharon's view from my eye

We arrived at my sister Sharon's and within the next few hours I was out scouting the views.  Here is her pond that is simply beautiful.  It's so clear and each and every rock is placed in the exact spot she wanted.  When she would come home to visit she loaded her truck down with rocks, these are all Wisconsin rocks.  She dug this pond with a shovel and a 5 gallon bucket.... she is one determined gardener.

Her brick path into the secret garden.

A weed that she hates..... we don't have weeds like this in Wisconsin

Her front porch

I only walked about 1/4 of the way down the driveway, they say it's pretty spooky at night.... well I'm thinking it's pretty spooky during the daylight.

Spooky tangled trees

The trees are just slightly turning colors there, they just had lots of rain to help with their drought season so it was pretty green.

There are lots of stories to tell about our trip but I'll save that for another post.

Ashley and Kevin's E-pics

Last week I left for a visit to my sister's house in southern Illinois.  It was a great trip with my dad, Joanne, Starla and Gayle...... safe travels and good company.
Friday afternoon I took engagement pictures of our beautiful god daughter Ashley and her fiancĂ©e Kevin.  Since it's fall and time for apples it felt right to include one in the photos with her e-ring.

Sharon has a beautiful yard and this is so Ashley with the bunnies in the background.  

Getting the chance to play with the evening light

Congratulation Ashley and Kevin, can't wait till May when we can do this all again. You are a beautiful couple.

Jonathan's Senior Photo Sneak Peek

These are really late getting out for a sneak peek but I've been a busy girl and continue to be through October.  Fall is a beautiful time of year and a great time for photos which makes my calendar full of ink.  Then throw a trip to my sisters in there and that makes for late sneak peeks.  

Thank you Jonathan for waiting :)

Such a great smile he has.

Love these shadows.....

Pretty cool in color too

Nice casual look

Jonathan likes his dress shirts and ties so of course we had to do a few of them too, such a handsome young man.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elly and Garrett

Friday night Garrett and Elly had a "sweep over" as Garrett calls it.  They were pretty tired and after a movie they got to sleep in Uncle Adam's bed..... treat!!  

Saturday morning we had lots to do before they were off to a birthday party so we braved the cold morning and took a couple pics so I can update my wall along with Max and Mally.  Elly likes to play dress up at my house and this is the dress she wears all the time.  When she is over she changes into all my dresses and high heels.  She walks around like it's normal to wear my clothes.  Grandpa just rolls his eyes at her and her girly stuff.

Garrett just likes his 4 wheeler rides and hanging out in the garage with Grandpa.

Love these two

Jesse and Lynn Sneak Peek

 Lynn is very good about getting her family photo taken every year and Jesse is one of those guys that does not mind at all.  We went to my sister's old barn and took a few casual shots.  Mallory was a melty mess when we were trying to get them ready at my house but the ride to Gayle's she turned into her sweet little self and did fantastic.  Max of course is always smiling.

Lynn wanted a vintage look for something fun so she is wearing my vintage lace dress and Mallory is wearing my 1st Communion dress and Lynn's shoes when she was little.

Lynn with Maxwell.  He was a bit restless so she starting reciting a favorite story to him and he calmed right down.  

Mallory is good at serious looks.   I totally LOVE this photo

Of course we can't forget dad's turn with Maxwell

And Mallory

I brought along old song books and of course these two had to take a break and read them.  Mallory reminds me so much of Ellyn, everytime she would see a book she would have to sit down and read it. One Halloween parade a local church handed out a book at the beginning of the parade and there Elly sat on the curb looking at the book and never paid any attention to the rest of the parade.  That is going to be Mallory this year so please do not hand out books at the parade :)

Maxwell being silly

My mom made that dress for me and she would be so proud to see Mallory wearing it even if it was only for pictures.  It is still in really good condition and still white :)

Couple more..... because these are very special people in my life :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

A few more ladies

A few more ladies sneak peeks tonight.