Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Owen - 3 month Sneak Peeks

I'm not sure how it could be time for Owen's 3 months photos but it is.  This little man has grown so much and get cuter every time I see him. 

This time daddy joined us.

I love little boy shots with their daddy's, there's something about them that shows the bond between them. 

This one cracked me up, it's so cute and I love daddy's hand.

Owen's face is so cute on here, he looks so relaxed.

After about a 3 minute cat nap and I seriously mean 3 minutes he was all smiles. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

More Jazzed Up Junk

Our sale is 1 month and a day away.  There has been lots of work happening with Jeannie and I.  Let's all pray for good weather because the garage isn't big enough to hold everything that we have.  Here are some fun items to show you. 

Curbside found table - Jazzed Up (Was in pieces)

A fun book rack for a little girls room

A piano bench for the music lovers - The inside is hot pink - Jazzed

Jazzed Up side table with candy dish and vase

Jazzed Up Bench

Pink and Lime Green Outdoor Drink and Picnic Supply Cart - Curbside item

Dresser with Hutch

Another Dresser with Vanity Mirror

Inside the vanity with a fun suitcase

Jazzed Up Coasters

That's all for now..... there is lots more that I will show you for the next month.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beautiful Summer Night

Tonight was a cloudy day but not much wind and it was warm so that's a plus in my book.  We had a weekend with not much going on.  Friday night my sister Sharon and her son Jarrod were here for a visit with Jarrod's girlfriend Ellyn.  We all met up and had a great visit, it's been since last summer when they were here so it was great catching up.  Got home late and up early this morning, working in the flower beds and on some Jazzed Up Junk all day..... I loved it.  I painted until it was too dark to see anymore, John was willing to set up a spotlight by the fire so i could continue.... I didn't take him up on the offer but it would have been nice.  

I walked back to the pond and seen the solar lights and had to grab my camera for some dark shots.  I loved how they turned out.  The shutter was open for about 3 minutes but it was worth it.

This is a bit closer shot.

And one more of another light

Beautiful lights, beautiful summer night.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

After the storms

The winds have hit us once again.  I swear we live in a wind tunnel when it's bad weather.  Tuesday morning as my alarm is going off at 4:43am (yes those 2 minutes make a difference) the radio is saying there are storm warnings for the following counties...... TAYLOR.  Yep only one county is under watch, I look outside and there is nothing happening.  They've been wrong before so I get up to head to the gym.  The warnings keep coming.... strong winds, hail, thunder, lighting.... oh well what's the difference if I'm home with the storm or at the gym.  I back out of the garage and look at the sky.... hummmmm that don't look very good but I'll try it, I haven't been to the gym for a week due to my audit and much needed vacation so I really wanted to go.  I am driving into the dark sky and my cell rings, it's Gayle from the gym.... she says they are all heading home they don't want to stay there and risk the cars getting hail damage.  So I turn around and come home.  Now I try to exercise at home but the text messages keep coming in about how bad it is by Gayle.... nothing here yet.  

Then it hit and it hit hard.  I wandered from window to window to look out and see what was happening.  I thought maybe a few times I should be in the basement or at least move my face away from the windows but I didn't.  I can't see a thing outside the windows with the rain and wind, the stuff that is blowing around is unbelievable, we might find our patio furniture in the neighbors field if we're lucky.  Now the lightning is so bad how am I going to take a shower?  I waited until the lightning was a little bit less frequent and then showered real quick, I've already been struck by lighting and they say it doesn't strike the same thing twice so I should be safe, right?

After the storm and before I went to work I took a little walk to see the damages.   1st tree with a huge limb down, and hammock flipped around a bit.

Everything from the porch was on one side.

Another limb

The scar on the tree, there is another one just like this on the other side.

This limb came down and flew about 8 feet from the tree.

It also took down my flower crab tree right at ground level and split one of our cedar trees in three pieces.  It's been clean up around here for 2 days and then another storm hits again last night.  Two of the trees that are standing can no longer stand up straight, they are leaning over.... not sure how long they will be standing.

Guess they weren't wrong with the forecast this time :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden Photos

It's been awhile since I showed you photos from my gardens so today after the rain everything was so vibrant I decided to walk around with my camera.

This is my red pin cushion flower, he's everywhere, I throw tons of these away every summer.

Red Poppies are starting and I guess I throw tons of these away too.

My fern is finally taking off, it's huge and I finally shared some of him this spring.

We got a new pump in the pond this year, not sure if I like it yet.

The Clematis is finally taken off in it's new spot.  

The Lilies are starting to bloom.

I took more but that's all I'll share tonight.  The flowers are doing very well this year.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Jazzed chalkboards

A hot item for this year is chalkboards and I already love them so I'm making a few for Jazzed Up Junk sale.  I have been collecting tons of frames and when John said "you need to get rid of some of this junk" I knew just what to do with them....... CHALK BOARDS!!  Here is one that I love and will have a hard time taking out of my house to sell.  Don't worry there are many more that will be there.  I have this one set on the breakfast bar along with my celery salt shaker (aka vase) and our very special angel. Everyone that comes into the house comments on how fun it is.  

Save the date for JAZZED UP JUNK  July 25th 4:00 and again on Thursday July 26th.  If you want to see some fun stuff you better be there.  I'm done with my audit at work so it's back to junking this week and I'll try to get more photos up on the blog for you to see what's coming in the sale.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fence Friday

This is my view out my patio door that I see just about every day.  My flower beds are just gorgeous this year, there is so much color and no room for weeds (that's the best part).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family sneak peek

 This family came back for Rylee's 6 month photos and had a few fun shots while they were here.  Wyatt and his daddy were first up while Rylee got comfortable.  

How could you not love a shot like this.... Wyatt will treasure this photo forever.

Rylee was ready to shine, well kinda.  Last time she came she was so sick and didn't enjoy her pictures at all.  This time she was curious about everything and made us work for every little smile.  

Momma loving up on her little girl.  Such a smily little girl when she's in mommas arms.  Look at that glow.

She was smiling at Daddy as he "I'm gonna hufffff and pufffffff and bloooooowwwww your house in" she loved it and would giggle like crazy.  

This family was so fun and the kids were great, no tears at all.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Singing Stars and I am my mother

Saturday was Mallory's birthday party and she is all about music.  Anything that has to do with music she wants it.  She wanted a guitar for her birthday in the worst way.... so of course Grandma found her a pink guitar.  Lynn and Jesse got her a Karaoke machine with two microphones and her other grandparents got her a expensive speaker system with a microphone.  Some of her other gifts were CD's, recorders, and books.  She had to break out the mics right away and put in the Lady Antebellum CD.  She is a very shy little girl but not with a mic in her hand.  She sang that entire CD and knows every song and every word to every song.  El knew 3 of the songs so she sang with her for those but the rest she was the dancer.  We sat in lawn chairs and listened to her for at least 2 times through the CD, some of the neighbors even stopped what they were doing to watch and listen to her.  I took video on Lynn's camera so maybe she will post one of them.  It was the coolest thing ever to see a little 3 year old singing on the mic and know every word to the songs.  This Grandma had tears during Mallory's first outdoor concert.

Here is Mallory with El as her sign language interpreter  :)

Mallory was giving me the look that she didn't want her picture taken but she just can't stop singing to tell me.  

She stood like this almost the whole time with her leg bent and heel up.   Such a poser for the stage already. 

So I have a very embarrassing story for you all.  I am my mother and I can't stop it.... as much as I try and as crazy as I knew my mother was I just can't stop doing stupid stuff.  WHY???  I'll tell you why..... because I am my mother.  It's not my fault that I do this stuff and the worst part..... since I'm so much like my mother I share these embarrassing stories with you.  I could save myself the embarrassment and keep them to myself but NOOOOOO I can't.   So if you don't want to know the stupid stuff about me you can close this post now... don't read on.

This weekend I got sunburned again, I put on sunscreen but I still burn and I hate it.  So I need to buy some lotion to hopefully keep my skin not looking like an old ladys that was in the sun too much.  I'm at the gym this morning and after my shower I got out my new lotion and rubbed it all over my arms, stomach, legs, shoulders, feet but this new lotion is really thick and white so it takes a bit more rubbing than normal lotion..... hummmm must be some good stuff I bought since it's for toning and I need all the help I can get so if lotion tones what the heck right?  I even had to take my towel and wipe some of the lotion off my arms because I couldn't rub it all in.  So I put my shirt on, do my make up, comb my hair and all the while I'm thinking... hummmm this lotion is really wet feeling.  Now I have my hair products in and for some reason I glanced into my gym bag and see the lotion bottle and the label hit me......... it wasn't lotion it was body SOAP.  Yes I rubbed soap all over my dry body and now I have a thick layer of yuck that will turn into bubbles with the slightest sweat I might muster up with my first day of a 3 day audit.  Well since I had my make up done and my hair products in another shower was out of the question so I tried to rub off the soap with a towel, it's not working.  The next best thing is to use the sink in the bathroom of the locker room and wash it off.  So off comes my shirt and I start to lather up in the sink like a bird in a birdbath.  Water splashing everywhere since I'm now in a hurry to not be late for work.  I have my upper body washed off but need to do my legs so I throw a leg up onto the sink and begin washing off the soap and of course during all this I didn't shut the bathroom door because no one ever comes in the locker room with me for the 3 years that I've been going there.  But of course today I hear the door open up and YEAH I'm standing there leg in the sink dripping wet in my bra and underwear.   How on earth do you explain this????  You don't you just smile at the little old lady who came in for her sweatshirt and say..... Have a good day when she leaves, and she turns around and smiles at me.   I think she knew my mother :)

All day I could feel my wet yucky skin touching my clothes, body wash doesn't get dry just in case you ever want to try this.  The good part of this..... I won't have to use soap in the shower tomorrow morning and it's a good thing it's my day off from the gym or I'd have bubbles dripping off me during boot camp.  

Note:  I woke up this morning and thought oh I have a point that makes me not feel quite as silly.  When I bought the lotion I read the bottle for the moisturizing and right next to it was the bottle for toning and after reading the lotion bottle I walked away with it but then thought - I like the color of the toning bottle better and toning sounds like it can't be a bad thing.... it's lotion so it has to moisturize and if I can get both in a prettier bottle what the heck..... so I went back and without reading it replaced it with the bottle in my hand.  AND John was sitting outside in the Jeep waiting for me so I couldn't waste the time to read a second bottle......right?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brooke's Sneak Peeks

Brooke needs her photo taken for a singing competition that she is attending at Disney Land.  If she can win on personality she has nothing to worry about.  This young lady is the sweetest girl and I wish her so much luck for her upcoming competition.

For her competition she needs a headshot to show her as she is, nothing special, nothing photoshopped.... just the natural sweet girl that she is.  And she did just that.   
I absolutely love those curls!!  

Of course we were done and had to do a few fun photos just for Brooke. 

Thank you Brooke and Jill, I can't wait to hear how you do.