Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elly 9 year photos

Our little Elly girl is growing up.  She turned 9 at the end of May and reminds us everyday that she is not a little girl anymore.  She came over on Saturday for her 9 year pictures and we all know that she hates her picture being taken.  I'm not sure why she does because the camera is very good to her.  After our first 5 pictures her comment "are we done yet"...... "no El we are not done"

She got her haircut awhile back and looks so darn cute with it.

Even though she doesn't like her picture taken she is a poser and she knows how to do it.  Every time she hears my shutter she strikes a different pose, she's so cute.   I think it's all the hours she spends watching Top Model with her mother.

She's tall and of course a skinny little thing.

I love her serious face, she can pull it off without looking cranky...... again Top Model freak

Had to play with this one since it's my favorite

This one is more who Elly is, bright eyes and smiles.

"Are we done now Grandma, can we go play"..... "Yes, Miss El we are done"

Hard to believe our little girl is NINE.

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