Sunday, January 30, 2011

Miss El the Snow Queen

Miss El came over today to play in the snow.  She played all afternoon outside by herself, her mother says "she doesn't play by herself and she doesn't ever play outside".  Well I'm not sure who's little girl I got today but she looks a lot like Miss El. 

This photo was totally wrong, I forgot to check the settings on my camera when I moved to a different location but I love the effect I got. 

We went out for supper with Miss El and while driving there she is in the backseat with Adam and this is the conversation.

El - "Adam you look almost like Grandpa"
Adam - "what??"
El - "well you have a goatee"
Grandpa - "Hahahahahahaha, he wishes"
El - "Grandpa he does"
Adam - "I do not"
El - "Adam tomorrow morning look really, really close in the mirror and you'll see them, there are only a couple but you have hair on your chin, seriously"

She wasn't happy with me when I called her my Miss Pink again today.  She was all pink on the outside and all pink under those snow clothes.   It will take a long time for her to get through all her PINK clothes. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeling the love.....


Okay so which one of my wine drinking, loving girlfriends told me there was a new Raspberry Munson Bridge Wine? 

Yep there is a new Raspberry, and you all know that Raspberry Wine is my favorite and the fantastic part about this Raspberry Wine is there is chocolate with it.  Not even kidding.

So with me having to increase my fruit and vegetables per day, just because I think that I should.   Tonight I decided that drinking wine for supper would be a serving or TWO of fruit.  Right?

So to what wine drinking girlfriend do I owe the thanks for letting me know about this new flavor????

None of them, yep you heard me right.... no one told me.  I had to find this on the shelf of a local gift shop on my lunch hour and went HA (yep out load) a new wine.... I thought I was a case member????  And then to top it all off, IT'S THE ONLY ONE LEFT

(Yes this is a Women's Weekend Wine Glass from last year.   Sounds like a really good time is going to happen in 2011 so call and sign up now. ) 

Want some?  Come on over.... it's the last bottle.

heee heee heee  {snort, snort}

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Yummy snack for John and I. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yewwin' Shhhhhhhhhhhh

This isn't a football house, we watch when we have nothing else to do but the only thing we cheer for is if the end score works in our favor.  wink, wink 

So today Lynn and Jesse are here while the game is on and Jesse got a little loud in the 4th quarter and Mallory stops playing and says "Daddy yewwin', shhhhhhh" and she put her finger on the tip of her nose.

 One more just so you can see this cute little face.  She is starting to speak with more than one word and she is a repeater.  You talk to her and she repeats every word you say.  Doesn't matter what the word is she will say it.  She also likes to play ring around the rosie, tonight she was playing by herself in the kitchen and falls down.  Then Lynn starts to sing it and she gets a huge smile on her face and spins till "all fall down" and falls on her butt and laughs.  She loves to have books read to her, she sits there on your lap until you read every book in sight and when you've read 7 books and say "all done" she wiggles down and starts to head upstairs for more.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

More daylight

I'll take whatever daylight I can get and it's getting longer, not by much, but at least I can see the sun after work. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Grandpa Moon"

John has always had a thing for the moon, he looks for the moon just about every night and when it's getting close to a full moon he stalks it.  Well Miss Mally caught his moon obsession and we're not sure why.  She just started to notice the moon in the sky, in her books, in photos, on TV and she has to point out the moon and say "moon" a million times until you acknowledge the moon with her for 5 minutes.  Well tonight Lynn calls and wants her dad to talk to Mally on the phone about the moon because she is tired of hearing about it.  Mally is standing on a chair in the window "moon, moon, circle, circle, moon, moon, circle, circle".  So John talks to Miss Mally on the phone about the moon and she talks his ear off.  "Grandpa, moon, circle, Grandpa, moon, circle, Grandma, moon, circle, bye bye"  I get on the phone with her and she says "................"  that's right nothing.  I have tried to get that little girl to talk on the phone for months and she won't do it.  So we did a test.  I put Grandpa back on the phone with her and she starts to talk to him again, back to me..... nothing.  She does ask about Grandma when he talks to her but doesn't want to talk to me.  Little stinker is such a grandpa's girl.   Here is Miss M and Grandpa's moon tonight.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Self Portrait Once Again

I haven't taken a photo of myself or been in any other photos for some time now.  I decided to have bangs cut in again, why I took all that time to grow them out just to cut them back again....... urghhhh why does hair have to be such a big deal?  So far I'm loving the bangs but I can also tell that they will grow out and bug the crap out of me before my next appointment, oh well I like them now and there is always a scissors in the bathroom cabinet.  (just kidding Suzy)

So I needed to update my profile picture and John also told me to update my facebook photo so here's the night time attempt to run back and forth ten zillion times to get one photo that I don't have a million things to complain about. 

And for those of you that want me to smile, let me tell you a little something about myself....
"I hate my smile"
So this is what I came up with and yes that's my mom's hand on the end of MY arm. 

How did I do self portraits once a week for a year..... this is horrible.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Perkinstown Snowshoe Tramp 2011

What a beautiful day for a snowshoe race. 

Last night we got a couple inches of fresh snow, the sun was shining and the sound of 300 people coming at you was quite the way to start the day. 

Mr Perky you better get out of the way!!!!

The sound of this is incredible

Oh crap IIIIIIiiiiii better get out of the waaaaaaaay!!!!

This smile is from my sister Starla crossing the finish line..... it says it all for those that came out to run the race and finished within their own goals.  I give Starla lots of credit for running this race and doing sooooo well.   We timed her with the timestamp on my camera as I shot her at the cross of the start line and again at the cross of the finish line. 

These are two hot bunnies

And my niece Megan, she's still running after the finish line.

Our WADAL Plastics Team...... yeah!!!

And the Weather Shield Team Photo, gotta love the excitement they are sharing within themselves and each other.

Okay time to walk 1 mile to the truck as I can't feel my finger or toes.....

Feeling kinda guilty for not running the race after almost a year in the gym,
maybe that's my goal for next year.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Girls Basketball Poster

This basketball project has been so much fun.  The girls brought me the vision of what they wanted, with their saying and from there the end project was created.  I sent my proof to the team along with a stack of post-it notes to make any changes for the final and much to my surprise there was only 1 change.  Yeah!!!

The team got to pick up the posters and just in time for Parents night.  Unfortunately they lost tonight, but it was a close game.

And now for the poster which I am soooooo proud of, it looks fantastic.  
I could not have done it without these fantastic girls.  All their parents and the coaches should be very proud of them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter is Pretty

Even if it's cold and I'm tired of wearing layers.  There is only one thing better than a warm cozy cabin in the winter-time..... A cabin by a lake when it's 90 degrees.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grandkids with Ornaments

Every year I buy the grand kids an ornament for their tree.  I take their photo and hopefully someday I can provide them with all the years of ornaments from Grandma and Grandpa in a book.  Usually the ornament means something about their year but each year it's getting harder to do.  I shopped at many stores and thought their ornaments were ugly and when I'd get to the next store they were uglier than the last.  After many stores and many shopping days I finally found the perfect 3 and then the day before Christmas I dropped Mallory's and it broke all over my bedroom floor...... I did manage to find her another one that was more like her anyway.

Elly starts out the photos with her BLUE ornament.  I used to buy her pink everything and I finally decided to buy Elly an ornament to match her favorite color.  She loved it. 

But notice the pink ring on her finger (it's from Grandma, I can't de-pink her totally)

Next up is Garrett-Man, he is all about the dinosaurs.  I'm not usually into the cutesy ornaments but Grandpa was shopping with me on this day and he picked this one out, it screamed Garrett at him.  I Love the purple glittery feet.

Bringing up the end for this year is Miss Mallory with her crystal sliver ornament.  She is our glitzy girl that loves to play in the dirt and get dirty. 

I don't normally try to get all 3 in the same photo as it's a lot of work getting them all to sit still and be nice to each other for the 2 minutes but we tried it tonight.  Mr Garrett is the card of the bunch, he would do a big grin, I'd snap the camera and he'd run.  ALL DONE!!  I asked him to be a big boy and hold onto Mallory thinking he might last a little longer..... he held onto her but as before only 1 click of the shutter and he was gone.

I did happen to get a few that were cute and they were all looking.  

 I loved my day with everyone here, it's a great way to start a new week.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Wedding Wonderland

Our bride wanted her wedding to be a winter wonderland.  She didn't care about any of the decoration details because she knew we would take care of everything.  Her words were "I love bling" and bling is what she got.  I wish I could have seen her face when she walked into that hall on Saturday afternoon, it was a beautiful silver and aqua winter wonderland.

And their were tons of cupcakes..... we had to have two cake areas and then the head table was lined with cupcakes with 2 huge boxes still in the kitchen.  I dropped one while putting them out and ohhhhh they tasted heavenly.

My favorite wedding decorations are the winter themes, it's a bit cold during the loading and un-loading but the results are totally worth it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Teamwork gets the job done.

These girls are on fire...... they won again last night.  They are very impressive with their team ability both on and off the court.  Down to earth type of girls, great sportsmanship and full of RESPECT. 

Thank you girls for the opportunity to work with all of you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby-love Part 2

 Get ready moms here are these cute little baby girls again. 

Miss M is first to start the baby love

Then it's Miss G in all her cuteness.

If these girls don't give you the baby blues no one will. 

April better hurry grandma can't wait for a baby to snuggle.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Babies sharing the blog space tonight.

I have two babies that will share the blog space tonight and then they will share again tomorrow night.  I couldn't decide which baby to post and I loved both of them, and their parents, so I thought sharing would be the best choice for all of us.

Miss G is 6 months and a joy to her mommy and daddy. 

Miss M is 3 months old and she is her mommy and daddy's pride and joy...... and I think Miss M kinda likes her Grandma too.

Miss M is wearing the same dress that Grandma had for all 5 of her daughters.

Miss G wearing the hat Grandma requested.

Miss G with Mommy and Daddy

And Miss M getting a little downtime with Mommy

Loved the baby time this weekend, now we're back to 5 day work weeks...... I haven't worked 5 days since November, this could be a loooooooong week.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1.1.11

Starting out the new year with a cute baby girl.  I will have another post with more of her photos this next week.  It's a busy weekend of photo work, decorating work, parties, and taking lots of photo memories.  

Now I'm on my way to a house party to watch the Badgers...... not sure who they are but I'll go and drink the Old Fashions :)

Here's to a safe and healthy 2011