Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone. Adam still likes to carve pumpkins, they just aren't very cute anymore.

We had a few trick or treaters tonight. Shawna came over with the boys just in time to rescue Shan from having to take El. Shan is not a Halloween person so this trick or treating stuff with a 6 and 1 year old is stressful stuff. Now she can hang out here with us and El gets to have a great time trick or treating with the boys and also gets to go to the Halloween party at the hall.

Mallory also came trick or treating, they are all so cute. I'll try to get pics up on the Hemmer Happening Blog before I leave for the week. I have to take a trip to Mexico for work, don't get excited it's not the fun relaxing Mexico. Where I'm going they don't serve Margaritas and Guacamole on the beach. Instead I get to scream when I see rats bigger than small dogs running through the alleyways..... ummm yeah not a fun time.

Sassy Girl Miss El

Miss El got her hair cut. She got a sassy short cut that her mother thought was a better cut for her new hat. Have you ever gone into the beauty shop and ask the beautician to give you a cut that would make your new hat look cute??? Well Shan did, "H" thought it was a great idea and gave her a sassy short cut. She looks completely different and she loves it. She hated pony tails and getting her hair messed with everyday so this is just what she wanted for a long time.

Shan did the same thing to me when she was little.... "mom cut my hair short" so I did "mom I want my hair to my shoulders" I did and it was adorable. "mom I want my hair cut to my ears" and I did once again.

I tried to see if I could still get El's hair in a ponytail and she quickly jerks her head away and doesn't even let me try. I guess 6.5 years of having your hair pulled everyday gets a little tiring. It will take me awhile to get used to this short hair but she can sure pull off the new hat style. We like to call her El and now I think the name fits, no more grandma's little girl.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trash to Treasure

Old lamp shade turned decor

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another frost pic

With a new texture. Textures are so much fun, I'll probably look back at these photos in a few years and say "what was I thinking" but for today I love them.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

November Frost

I took a vacation day today to get some things done that seem to be creeping up on me... and I just wanted a day off. I looked at the weather last week during all the rain and gloom and seen the big sun on Tuesday so that is the day I picked. It couldn't have been a more gorgeous day. The fog was thick, the sun tried to burn it's way through and the frost was heavy.... and where was I? Outside taking lots of pictures, I was out there for so long that my fingers couldn't move the dial on my camera anymore, they were frozen but it was so worth it.

"Fallen leaves lying on the grass in November sun bring more happiness than the daffodils."
Cyril Connolly

Monday, October 26, 2009

When will it stop?

So this getting older stuff is for the birds. I don't mind any part of being over {four zero} except for the eyesight going and going and going.... when will it stop. I have had 20/20 vision my entire life so dealing with having to wear glasses to drive was a little hard to get used to, but I got myself a fun pair of sunglasses and a fun pair of regular glasses, they are in my truck for driving only and that's okay. I can't wear them all the time since I don't need them for normal vision and if I have them on I can't see to do things like walk or see peoples faces when I talk to them... just minor things like that.

Now since about August I have been having to wear cheaters to read small print and see other things that I used to be able to see without corrective lens. I would laugh at my sister Gayle for not being able to see things and having to wear her cheaters on top her head at all times.... no laughing anymore. I'm not quite that bad but I do wear them on my head at work and in the stores I may have to hold the box/bottle at arms distance to read the back directions (but I can still see it). When will this stop!!!

So I found at least one remedy for the eyesight going bad..... we bought a big TV.... I can see it now!! I can even read the guide without having to get up and stand directly in front of it. I'm not a TV person so it didn't really matter that we were watching a 19" screen from across the room (some computer screen that sit on your desk are 19") and sometimes I didn't even know what show was on unless I recognized the voice. Okay I'm kidding it really wasn't that bad but now with this huge monster in the house I get a tad seasick from all the motions happening and I certainly don't need glasses to see it. John and I like to point out things we never noticed before like the color is so much better, the focus is so clear, the background is noticeable, last night it looked like the bus on CSI's was coming right through the livingroom, the commercial has a big booming sound that echos through the house. We are probably way behind the times with getting a big TV and we probably would still be fine with the old one had we both not been getting OLD eyes!!

The first Hobbyist Photography Class is tomorrow night and I'm totally pumped with the response. I can't wait to share what I know and learn new things from everyone else. Besides the regular class subject (aperture), I will be teaching a photoshop trick, per request, the first trick will be adding a texture to your photo. Check out my latest texture.

Love this cow's pink eyes, he looks so sad.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Miss Mallory and "K"

On Saturday Lynn and Mallory came over, "K" was still there and was "in love" with the baby. She had to hold her and she gave her kisses a couple times. She kept pointing to the baby and begging for her mom's attention to see her holding "the baby". BUT don't let her mommy or daddy hold the baby.... that was not good. She would crawl up on their lap and flick her hand towards Mallory like she wanted to push her off.

Lynn and Jody were so close while they were growing up it was fun to see their children together. I think when they grow up they will also play "classroom" or maybe "grocery store checkout" or just sit and write out receipts. ;)

These girls are not carrying the Hemmer gene at all, if they did there might be some resemblance. Mallory is a Emmerich and "K" is her daddy.

Even profiles are different.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Miss "K"

Remember "Little K"? here she was back for some more pictures, she has grown so much in the last 6 months. She has the same beautiful brown eyes and those eyelashes are so black and long. She is a cutie pie, we enjoyed our time with her and her mommy and daddy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

House Update

John has been working on the trim since I gave him a dead line. Now I'm not that impatient.... remember the living room has been done and ready for trim for almost 1 year. As a matter of fact I've been more than patient :) The dead line was "before hunting season or he couldn't go". That was only about 2 weeks ago and it's done already with a month to spare. I cannot tell you how finished it makes the house look, it gives the Tuscan decorating an even warmer feel. I wanted the chunky trim with rough cuts and edges and that is exactly what I got. Now I have to decide on curtains and rods... that could take me awhile I suck at window treatments. Then new furniture and flooring and lighting and end tables and coffee table and a new lens.... where did that come from.... did I say that in my outside voice?

I came home from work tonight to a finished downstairs.... No more insulation sticking out around the windows, now what can I use to get the upstairs trim finished???

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's all about the details....

Last weekend Jeannie and I were out shopping and I spotted this lamp at a second hand store, then moments later Jeannie spotted this leopard shade with beading. I can't have leopard in my house.... why not?? Okay so what's a couple bucks for a mustard yellow lamp and fun shade, if it doesn't look good I'll find a new home for it.

It's all in the details girls.... small pops of color will brighten your look and make your house a home.

I think she was meant to be here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feeling the emotions

Part of taking pictures is being able to feel the moment in them.
If you can capture the feelings in your photos you have a winning photo.

To accomplish this it takes creativity, practice and patience.

The crop of the photo immediately takes your eye to Mally's face (rule of thirds) and continues down Lynn's hair which appears super long (crop of the photo) and stops at the button detail on her jacket. All of which help you to view the entire photo.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Naughty Boy

GarBear is only a few weeks away from being 1 year and he's already picking on the girls. When we put them down to take pictures on Sunday he felt the need to throw leaves at Mally and Elly thought it was so funny. Garrett is still carrying his toothbrush, it's in his other hand.

I put the kids into a funky chunky frame, it's hard to get the size just right for these darn openings and you don't ever, ever, ever.... did I say ever... want to stretch the photo one way and not the other to make it fit.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sneak peek from busy weekend

First another photo for Miss "K" Love the urban look

Then "B" How bout' those fall leaves, we were there so early that no one had walked on them yet. You can even see the red leaf spot on the ground from the one red tree above. A sea of yellow/orange with the red, how can you not love fall.

Then "A" Such a fun personality this boy has and it shows all in one photo.

Then lastly "J" with more fall leaves.

Thank you boys for all the interesting conversations and the unique ways to make you smile.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family Pics

No tails or snouts growing on anyone here (swine flu) so we decided to set the date for pictures again. I am very pleased with the shots we got and can't wait to print them for my bare walls.

I bought these for a different reason but forgot to use them, I was so mad when I realized it. I decided to use them today and can't help but laugh at the results.

Thank you Shawna for being at the woods and able to help me take these, it gets really hard running back and forth while in self-timer mode. I really, really appreciated it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh no!

Today I spent my morning taking Senior pics of "B". I had my little 50mm lens in my jacket pocket. I switched the lens on my camera to my little lens and placed the really expensive bigger lens in my jacket pocket so nothing would happen to it. I bent down to take his picture and crash my lens fell onto the sidewalk. No harm done, it was in one piece and didn't fall far since I was bent down. I used the 50mm for some time and then switched back to the bigger lens.... it wouldn't focus. I checked the settings to make sure something didn't get bumped in my pocket and tried it again. It took a picture, I looked at my screen and said "oh no" I took another pic just to confirm and more than oh no escaped from my lips. All I can say is thank goodness for insurance. I got home in time for John, I, Paul and Kathy to take a trip to EC to make a visit to the camera doctor. I kissed this little bugger goodbye and told him to be good and get well "I will see you in 2 weeks". Tears streamed from my eyes as I left the counter so John immediately took me over to the new lens sitting on the shelves waiting for someone to buy them. I fell in love with another one, and another one and another one.... oh I can't stop. I learned a lot about them and just how much dough I need to save in two weeks so when I pick up my lens maybe we can buy him a brother.... or a sister. A girl can never have too many lens (the sales guy like that).

This is SOOC, since there is no help for this photo but it will show you why those nasty words came from my mouth.

While in EC we ate at a Mexican restaurant that Lynn recommended, it was delish!! We took a trip to the mall.... the guys gave us 35 minutes as they drank 2 beers. We also piled into a photo machine for those funny photos in a strip, Paul says you can get 7 people in there but I'm not sure how. We had a blast despite my poor big lens being broken. Two weeks is gonna last forever. FYI - I do have 3 other lens but they just aren't the same. A good piece of "glass" (another name for a lens) makes all the difference.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My friend and her family

After 1 cancellation due to drenching cold downpour, another day of snow, sleet, rain, we see a break of sun shine. I wrap up my session with customers and we make a break for the outside. As we're driving down the road it starts to rain and sleet..... I'm in the car ahead of "K" and I should have heard her yell...... "ARE YOU KIDDING ME". We start the session at the local tavern drinking bottled beverages.

My friend "K" and her family were so much fun tonight, they made me laugh right along with them and even though they didn't know it, I felt the love between all of them. They sang "Chicken Fried" and "Kum-ba-ya" while I took their pictures, it was a live concert for just me, okay so maybe they were singing for each other but it felt like a concert for me.

"K" is a beautiful person on the outside and on the inside, she laughs with me, she listens when I need her, we can finish each others sentences, she cries with me, she is my life-saver and I can't imagine my days without her. Her and I have been through a horrible year of ups and downs but through all of it we have had each other. I am honored to take pictures of her family and can't wait to share them all with her, but until I have time to go through them here is a sneak peek.

"K" I love you! You have a wonderful family, I'll listen to a live concert anytime just let me know the time and place.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More to come

I believe we have more of this in our near future, I really hope we get more warm days.

Here is a photo I took of the same bush with the same barn at the same time last year.
Click Here
Some of you may already be very familiar with this one since it's the photo for October on the calendar I gave away last year. Hard to believe the year is almost over, where does the time go.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Plastic Surgery Computer Style

I'm not sure why I'm showing you these horrible photos of me but I needed a wrinkly rough textured face to try out my plastic surgery computer style and what better face than my own on a day with no make-up, no shower, and a couple hours of working outside in the cold and wind. This face was a great subject for a little smoothing, now I'm not a magician so the hair was gonna have to stay "gross non-showered". I am not a no-shower girl nor am I a no make up girl, I have to take a shower everyday and I must put on at least eye liner, (no eye liner on the pic either) can you remind me why I'm doing this? Come on girls I know there is one make up item that if you must leave the house you have to put it on. Oh and eye brows must be tweased everyday... bad pic of me but nice eyebrows!!

Here is the bad pic of me with wrinkly rough skin, a.k.a. - no Bare Minerals Baby!! (SOOC)

Here is the same pic with plastic surgery to smooth the rough skin into a youthful complextion... now how do I get that every morning in real life? No other processing besides a closer crop.... wow what a difference huh, especially the eyes even without eye-liner.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Neighbor's Horse

Today we got a couple inches of snow, it's a little early but it was still very pretty. I'm sure it will melt again and we will have some nice days, we can't get to upset about it. Adam was home sick today and I left work a bit early. The drive home was very pretty with all the fall leaves covered in white snow, the cows and horses grazing in the snow covered fields. It's just an early glimpse of many months to come.

Mr Horse was standing right next to the road just begging for me to stop and take his photo, sick and all I stopped to snap a few. He was pleased, so glad I could make his day and mine.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

11 months and 6 1/2 years

Okay so yesterday was Mallory day and today was Garrett and Elly day. Garrett is walking, on Tuesday when I seen him he was taking about 10 steps and then down on his butt. Today he is walking everywhere, along with his toothbrush. Shan said he won't go anywhere without it and for the three hours that I was there his toothbrush never left his grip and if you tried to take it away he'd scream. Elly took him for a walk down the driveway.

And a photo of their faces. I don't think they look alike at all but they both look like Shannon now how does that work? Elly has dark hair, darker skin and Garrett is white but they are both sooooo cute. Elly is turning into a beautiful little girl, no more baby/toddler left in her. She read 2 books to me while I was there, she loves her books, always has and now that she can read them she just starts to read anywhere anytime, just like her mommy did.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

4 months

Mallory is 4 months old already and getting cuter every day. Lynn and Mally came over this morning for Josh's football game, it was freezing out there so when we got home we cranked up the pellet stove and soaked up the heat. Mally got a little warm so we had to strip her down to a diaper and of course her new hat and take lots of pictures.

Here is Miss Mallory sporting her new winter hat

Miss Elly and Garrett are feeling much better today. El called me up tonight and said "Grandma I had a super duper headache but now it's gone, can I come over tomorrow"? Shan thinks they had reactions to the flu shots, they got this week, because both are better today.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Inside Green Thumb and Happy Birthday Shannon

I may have a green thumb when it comes to outdoor plants, I can grow those suckers taller and wider than any of my sisters. I can have a flower that grows everywhere and I can't get rid of it and my sisters have one little controlled flower they got from me and that's all they get. But now that it's getting cooler outside I'm not ready for all my favorite plants that are in pots to die yet so I bring them in the house. Now I kill any house plant in a matter of weeks so why I insist on doing this every year is beyond me. I just killed my Great Grandmothers African Violet Plant that I have had for over 25 years, yep I killed it, that was my last house plant I had.

I got this fern at the beginning of summer and it's a monster fern now. I didn't do anything special to it but it got huge, it must have liked the cooler weather we had. So now I brought this monster fern in the house to slowly watch it die instead of all at one time as soon as the frost hits the patio. Tonight I swept up a heaping dustpan full of leaves and it's still a monster... do you think I need to water it, I mean like watering every 2 weeks isn't enough? That's my problem I forget to water my plants (urrrr my one house plant that I had).

Even if the monster fern will be dead in less than 2 months it sure looks great with my Italian decor now, I think tomorrow I'm gonna paint the pot black... or maybe red... or maybe black with a red stripe. I'll have to pay attention to it like I did when it was outside cuz it's perfect in this space.

I posted the recipe of the cake I made last night on the other blog.... wow it was fantastic. Go check it out here and lick the beaters, it's fantastic.

Happy Birthday to Shannon today, she used to love it when her birthday was on Homecoming weekend. Today she was taking Elly and Garrett to the parade and I was going to meet her there. I called this morning early to wish her a happy birthday and she is home with 2 sick kids. Elly didn't go to school, slept all day and cries that she can't see Grandma. Garrett is just crabby. We had plans for birthday supper this weekend and now that plan has changed, let's hope they get better soon. Elly tries to tell Shan she feels fine and she's all better just so she can come over and then 10 minutes later she is sleeping or crying because her head hurts. Poor Shan, what a way to spend your birthday but that is what a mom does and Shan is a wonderful mom. Happy Birthday sweetie, we love you and I will make your birthday supper next weekend.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Licking the beaters

It's been so long since I baked and even longer since I licked the beaters..... how fun is that!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apple Pickin'

Fall is the time for apple pickin'. Mom and Dad had lots of apple trees planted when we were little and finally after all those years they started to produce more than one or two apples. There was one tree that needed to wait until after the first hard frost before you picked them. I remember all of us kids picked them and ate them all before mom had any to bake with. I'm sure those trees now are producing more apples than that family who moved into our home can eat. The family has lots of kids and people tell me all the time how funny it is to see the school bus stop at the house while all those kids pile out just like when we lived there. I live on the other side of the tracks now and do not have to drive by our home where we grew up, thank goodness because I'm not sure that I could get used to seeing it change.

We picked apples on Monday night from a tree that reminded me of the tree we couldn't pick before a frost. I didn't need or want many apples but I couldn't stop now I have to do something with them. Besides take pictures!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Collage

Collages are difficult for me to figure out the correct width and height but I'm determined to master them. This one I tried to have only horizontal pics but it didn't look right so I enlarged the canvas size and finished it with a vertical pic. Much better

Pictures are all cropped to a 2x7 size Horizontal and the vertical is a 2x10, and since I didn't have a border around the photos the canvas size is a 10x9 with a 2" black border. If you like collages and want to learn how, I could possibly be teach you during the photography hobbyist class.... see Monday's post to sign up now

I took these pictures on my nature walk while John, Ken and David tracked his deer Saturday night. I walked around the woods until it was getting kinda dark and the woods was starting to come alive.... I ran back to the shack where it was warm and safe, I am not a hunter or a brave girl!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Project Mallory and Hobbyist Class Update

Mallory was my subject for a practice session in low light using no flash and achieving catchlights. With winter fast approaching I have to accomplish indoor lighting, I am not a big fan and I think I suck at it. The Mallory project was at 5:45 but already my camera thought it needed to use the flash so I had to tell it otherwise. I needed lots more time and practice but every time I tried to hold Mally, play with Mally, take pictures of Mally she had other plans. She cried, the phone was for me, daddy stole her, Grandpa stole her, she filled her pants.... I finally gave up with my project and just snuggled with her and put her right to sleep. That was more fun anyway and I did get to learn abit of information from the pics I did get.

First picture taken at 5:43 in Auto Mode with flash creates flash dots in Mallory's eyes. Cute picture of Mallory but not what I want, her eyes are not pulling me in.

Second picture taken at 5:44 in Manual Mode with no flash creates catchlights in Mallory's eyes, richer skin tones and a brighter pink blanket with more texture due to the natural light coming through the window instead of a bright light drowning out the shadows. My focus is too soft so I needed to do some more adjustments but Miss Mallory thought that was enough. These eyes even being soft pull me right into her.

I am by far no expert or professional and do not claim to be, I am just a hobbyist trying to learn and share my passion.... and show off a few pics of the grandchillens once in awhile.

Speaking of sharing I am in the final stages of planning a photography class for hobbyist to learn and share with each other. What I know so far is the class will be held on Tuesday nights at, I'm thinking 6:00 or 6:30. It will be in town "M" close to the hospital area and start Oct 20th or 27th. Co-taught by myself and my niece Shawna. 12 or 6 weeks??? Everyweek or everyother week???? Now I need anyone interested in joining us to send me an e-mail at The class will start out with composition, flowing into your style, and learning the functions of your camera. There will be homework and I'd like to find a day to use models and practice what we learn. The class is not all about teaching and grading but more about sharing with each other and learning while having fun. Shawna and I are working on the

Send me an e-mail if your interested and also send me an e-mail if you would like to join us but the date, time, location doesn't work for you we'll pool the results and go from there. I'm excited about this and I think you will all have loads of fun and learn how to take better pictures while doing it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

He's Big, He's Wide, He's Mine Connie

They found him in less than 30 minutes and he's got gray ears and nose!

John climbed into his tree for the first time this bow hunting season at 4:00 yesterday and was finished with this nice 8 pointer by 4:20, shortest hunting season he has ever had.
He is big and he is wide and he's gray.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall means Football Games and Bow Hunting

A crisp fall morning at the football game with no rain..... what can be better than that? I practiced with my big zoom lens again, this is the crop right out of the camera. I felt like I was on the field with them. Our great nephew Josh played a great game and even got slugged in the leg by a blue guy after Josh tackled him.

Then late afternoon a wide eyed, fast driving camouflaged hunter screeched up to the house to blurt out the news of "he's big, he's wide, he's mine..... he's big Connie, he's big". We ventured back out to the shack and had a few beers waiting for an hour to pass by. "he's big, he's wide, he's big Connie" Did he mention that once already? If you don't have a hunter in your family you have no idea how many times they can repeat a hunting story in one hour and how excited and nervous they are until they find that deer. While we waited these two little ones came to check out the excitement.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Cute Girl

This cute girl "T" had a hard time not smiling but I forced her to cop an attitude and I love the results. After a very busy week of work and decorating I finally finished this shoot and made her mom really happy. Now if only I could get Elly to give me this look.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First day of October

It's October 1st already. Where does the time go, Garrett is 11 months today, that's unreal.

I secretly like fall, I like summer better but fall is probably my second favorite season. I like that Greys is on again on Thursday nights, I like the crisp mornings (as long as they warm up during the day), I like to walk in the woods without bugs, I like to wear boots, I like fall colors like brown and orange, eggplant purple and red, I like wearing jeans with layers of shirts, I like to snuggle with a blanket on the couch, and I love my pellet stove. Tonight maybe I loved my stove too much.... I get home from work and I was cold so I turned up the stove with a push of the button.... John comes home looks at the temp in the house and thinks I should be melting the paint off the walls. ahhhhhh fall.... it's here