Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Peek

Another rainy day for photos so we opted for inside the home.  This little Miss is so cute, she has those high pig tail and those perfect little lips and skin.  Her grandma came over as the smile maker.  As soon as she walked in the door they started to chase and play.  Grandma was certainly the smile maker, this little girl LOVES her grandma.

She did take a break to snap a few photos, Love this little stern look.

Little Miss knows this book all too well.  I'm thinking Mom and Dad read to her often.

Daddy and her share apples in the backyard.  She has to get a really big bite.  It was cold but the rain had stopped for a short time so we took advantage of it.

More Packer fans here.

The front door says everything about you.  This is where you welcome your friends and family, this is where you greet total strangers.  This is what people see as they drive by your home.... the front door is your way to bring your inside personality to the outside.... why not capture it to remember this moment forever.

By the time we got her cute little hat and jacket on she was D.O.N.E. with photos but this one was still cute with mom's new mums.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Planning Homework #1

My photo session this weekend was used as a homework assignment.  My homework was to find a new location and plan (on paper) a shooting guide.  I settled on a location that I’ve been to often but tried to find something different that I was overlooking.  The only reason I didn't go somewhere else totally new is due to the weatherman calling for rain, rain, rain so I knew I had to find locations that would work for shelter from the mist/downpours that might happen as well.  Another challenge that presented itself was the fact that a Packer fan was involved in the session so time was a huge factor.  I couldn’t find a location that involved a TV so I needed to get him done and back home before kickoff.  My planning came in extremely well for this situation.  He was probably home, changed into his lucky shirt and cracking a beer before the game started.  All of that with a pretty fabulous family resulted in some pretty fabulous photos. 

These images are a few of my favorites.

This location looks a little rough but I kinda like the small porch with it's rustic look.  I could do without the air conditioner.  This family does so well with falling right into place.  The kids are very active and huge explorers of new surrounding but when they are called over they know right what to do and they do it fast so they can get back to exploring. 

I love this brick building with the white front but to get the view I wanted the family is really small but I kinda like it that way.  

Another location from a view I don't usually shoot.  The early fall look is perfect with the river in the back.  

This time the kids continued to explore and Miss Ella noticed an otter swimming in the water. I love this one because it shows the true personality of the 3 younger children, mom is also looking away because she always acknowledges what they find and then will continue to request what she needs.

All locations were hit between rain (downpour) showers but as soon as we let dad loose the rain started and forced us under bridges and inside.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Shower Photobooth

This weekend I had a baby shower photobooth.  Of course I can't just use a plain ole' backdrop so I decided to hang the baby's gifts.  Now that's screams little baby boy!!

The new mommy and daddy had to start us off.  They took Dorothy and Gary with them for comfort.  They all did very well and the line started to form.

Grandma and Grandpa also got in on the action.

I'm not sure I would leave the new baby with his uncles just yet, and daddy is prepared for those stinky diapers.  

The other grandparents got in on some action with Big Brother Preston.  

My brother Brian brought along his quite new girlfriend....... from this look I'm not sure she thinks too much of our humor.  Sorry Brian, I'm sure she loved it even though you {forgot} didn't mention there would be photos at the party.  :)

Sara is so little and her belly is tiny, she only has a month and a half left.  Sara you are way cute and I can't wait to meet your son.  Oh, Marcus you are cute too.

All these fun photos plus about 300 more will go into the baby scrapbook for tons of laughter in the years to come.  This baby will know everyone that was at his shower and the good time we had in capturing this special day.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mr Mad Max

Saturday Mallory and Max came over to spend the night while Mommy and Daddy attended her class reunion.  I'm not old enough for my kids to be going to class reunions am I??  

Let's just say my night consisted of walking every inch of my house, bounced my arm until I thought it would fall off, rocked back and forth all night long and nothing was helping Mr Mad Max.  After about 5 hours, him and I spent some bonding time together when he finally got rid of his tummy ache, he laid on my chest sleeping away snuggling up to my chin, smelling like a baby, snoring just a little bit, while I watched him sleep and rested my tired back.  Maxwell is allergic to dairy and Lynn has been so good at not eating any dairy but a few sips from a cappuccino that morning put poor baby Max in a not so good mood.  I felt so bad for him and could feel his pain as I am also allergic to dairy and those tummy aches are not fun.  

Tonight I was going through his pictures and could just eat him up.  
Happy Max or Mad Max I love him to pieces.  

And of course Miss Mallory is so tolerant of Max's crying it doesn't bother her one bit.  She was snuggling on the couch with Grandpa.  They are moon lovers so she's just about to sleep and Grandpa picks her up for a walk to the window to see the pretty moon.  Are you kidding me!!  Well it was worth it because when she woke up in the morning she ran to the window and said "where's my moon?"

Here is another shot of Miss Mallory that I just love. 

John and I are very blessed with our beautiful family, they are our entire world and I would walk the floors every night for anyone of them.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My weekend find

This weekend there was an estate sale at a local deceased doctors home.  Jeannie and I went after putting the finishing touches on the wedding we were decorating for.  The doctors house was something I have always wanted to see and to be able to possibly buy some treasures would be a bonus.  Well the house was, let's just say interesting.  I would have loved to start ripping and tearing to re-moldel that house, it has some very unique characteristics.  The treasure were pretty pricey but we did happen to find a few items of interest.  Then the doctors kitchen table started to haunt me, it got my mind thinking and dreaming of that perfect patio table I have been looking for all summer.  I wasn't willing to pay what they were asking for it so I made an offer...... they came back a little higher.  I walked away without the table.  As I was driving home my mind could think of nothing else, I love iron tables, I love unique pieces, I love a big table for more people to sit around, I can paint it, I can re-cover the seats, I can make that table darn cute.  So was it worth it to give them what they wanted or wait until the morning to see if it was still there?????  

I talked John into going back to look at it with me and....... of course someone to help me put it in the truck.  We looked at it, I showed John the unique layout of the house, I pointed out lots of fun details about the house and yard.  I basically wanted to move in and keep the table there.  But since the house is sold and they probably didn't want me living with them I bought the table and it's now MINE.

Look at it all comfy and cozy on my patio.

I will paint it but not till next summer so we'll have to look at it all worn out white for the rest of this year.  I washed up the chairs on Saturday and as I washed it I thought about many things.  I have the table of the doctor that delivered me, and John and just about everyone else in this little town.  He would have delivered my babies too had he not been out of town for 2 of them and the 3rd one he promised he would be there...... he was, but Adam was a little stubborn and the surgeon had to cut him out.  

I'm not sure how many babies this man did deliver but I'm sure he sat in these chairs and talked about the beautiful babies he brought into this world.  

Take a look at the details

This table makes me happy!  I'll try to remember to show you a photo again next summer when it's all painted up and cute.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Snack Time

We love summer at this house and we spend all day outside.  The grandkids know that when they come to Grandma and Grandpa's house that they will be outside the whole time and they love it.  Friday night they came over while their mommies went shopping.  I usually give them snacks on the patio but lately I've been making a fun little dining area for them.  Friday night I set it up on the other side of the house so it would be just for them and made it a little more special than usual.  (of course I had photos in mind).  I left this set up all weekend and loved to just look at it empty, too bad John had to mow lawn.

I hauled them over to their dining area in my Grandma's old red wagon and Elly got to pour their drinks and serve their cookies.  Mally and Garrett wait so good for her.  They had to bring along their dollies too, which I didn't mind at all.


They all love to play dress up and house so they played out here for a long time, I think they liked being all alone like big kids.

At about 10:00 our phone rang and it was the neighbor (about half a mile away) and he says "aren't those kids ready for bed yet"  He could hear them all night and they were just sitting by their fire listening to them giggle and play.  They love the sound of little ones just about as much as we do.  Saturday night we decided to go up by them and let the kids run in their yard.  They had a blast falling in the grass and pretending they couldn't get up so Paul would have to run over and pick them up of course with a big ole swing in the air.  

Love summer nights.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mallory and Maxwell

Mallory isn't a fan of getting her picture taken by Grandma but it was time for her to finally get her 2 year photos taken and Mr Maxwell is already 4 months old so he was also overdue.  Maxwell has the cutest spiky hair and even though it's getting longer it still stands straight up and has a tinge of red.  The only thing longer than his spiky hair is his extremely long eyelashes.  

Miss Mally in her serious look :)

Mally tricked me with books.  She said she would smile if I got her a book to read.  Well I got her a stack of books and about an hour of "no lookin' at the camera grandma, I'm readin"

Mr Maximum got sleepy with all that reading so we made him a nest.   

Lynn loves sidewalk chalk so she made Max a prop.  She wrote it so big I had to stand on a 8' ladder (yep I stood on the top step with the warning that says DO NOT STAND ON THIS STEP) to get the whole thing in the frame.  I go through great danger for these kids.

Mally was all smiles when we told her she could stand on the box and jump.  I had to restrain myself as this aqua box looked like it was set out for the garbage man.  Had I known for sure that they were throwing it out it would have come home with me.  

Ask Mally to smile and you will get a big ole' grin with squinty eyes, but oh so cuteness.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Senior Sneak Peek

This senior boy loves his music so of course we needed to get everything into one photo.  

And a different look.

Such a handsome young man he is.  

Every year for his high school photos he wore this red shirt so of course we had to take a couple, we can't ruin a tradition.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Jazzed Up Junk

Shannon wanted a few items for her house and of course she thought Mom could make them look more fun than they were so she brought over a side table, sewing cabinet and requested a room divider so Miss El couldn't watch tv while doing her homework.  

I didn't take a picture of the table before, it was a boring tan with a stain on the top. Here it is after I got done with it.  Shan is a yellow girl and it's going in her bedroom so she she got yellow all right.  I thought it was kinda bright but after it was done I could have kept it.

Now the room divider I thought would be a challenge but the first garage sale I went to I found this.

Not really my style and not near as Jazzing as Miss El wanted.   Here is the divider all jazzed up in Elly colors with her blue desk for doing homework and her fun chair.   It looks perfect in their toy/homework room.  The table was missing handles so I used fun ribbons, that totally makes the desk fun.  I didn't take a picture of the desk before either but that was brown gross wood that was totally beat up as well.

You might recognized the backless chair from the treasure hunt post from last night.  Just a little sanding and a coat of wax and it was too cute.

All these treasures were delivered on Monday, which makes room for more projects...... what's next??