Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tamaracks in Fall Colors

I never knew the Tamarack Trees turned such a pretty yellow in the fall until last year when we drove up north for the weekend and they were everywhere, the next weekend they were gone.  So this year when I seen them so yellow and pretty last weekend I thought it would be too late to capture them during the trip up.  I'm not sure why but they were just as pretty this weekend as they were last weekend.  John had went up before me so I was by myself and it may have taken me 2.5 hours to drive a normal 1 hour trip.  

It was a cloudy day so that made them even more stunning.  

This weekend was a wood making weekend.  John did that all by himself too since I was still not feeling very well.  I did help unload and stack for a bit but then it was time for a rest.  

Saturday I felt so much better and Sunday was even better yet.  

Sunday was a perfect fall day, warm and sunny while we sat outside enjoying the fall air.  Soon we'll be looking at ice so we will take these sunny warm days when we can.  It was hard to come home today.

Leaf Weekend Up North

Last Friday we headed up north for leaf weekend.  With all the trees we lost it shouldn't be as bad as the last few years but there are still plenty of leaves to rake up.  

On our way up I wasn't feeling the best but this is what I seen when we rounded one corner of our dead end road.  STOP!!

I've never had this ring around my sunset photos before but once the sun hit a certain spot I couldn't get it to go away.   

So if it doesn't go away you might as well make it work.

I finally got back into the truck and when we got to the cottage the sky was light up in pink stripes.  

So now fast forward through the night with not feeling very well and visiting the bathroom frequently  I went to bed early.  A few hours later after many more trips to the bathroom (I will save you the details) and just say that I scared the hell out of my husband and myself.  When I finally came to on the bathroom floor I requested a trip to the ER.  John knew that it was serious, I don't ever want to go to the doctor and I can always wait till morning and make an appointment.  Not this time, I was scared and so was he.  It took a bit for us to get me in an upright position without passing out again but we got there.  A few blood test, heart monitors, examinations, bags of fluids...... I have the flu.  The next 3.5 hours we dozed on and off waiting for the fluids to hydrate my body.  They released me to go home with a blood pressure of 55/32...... ummmmm really?   

The rest of the weekend was about the same as Friday.  I wandered outside for a few pictures of the pretty fall but quickly returned inside from exhaustion.  

On Saturday afternoon I thought I was better to take a drive and get photos of the tamarack trees all in yellow.

That lasted about 10 minutes.... and I was exhausted again.

Let's try this again on Sunday

Sunday I did get to wander down by the water for a bit longer but quickly found myself back inside the cottage.

John had to rake and pick up all the leaves this year, I didn't help one bit.  I laid around and slept and watched movies all weekend.  

The doctor in the ER predicted John would get this flu before the weekend was over.... nope he was wrong.  John never got it and I was struggling to get better.  Finally after 1 week I ate a bowl of Chicken Dumpling Soup and it tasted good.  I think I might be on the mend finally.  My prediction....this wasn't the flu but instead I got food poisoning..... nasty, nasty sickness.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Honor Flight Welcome Home

Last Monday John's brothers went on the Honor Flight to Washington.  They are Vietnam Veterans and I can't begin to think I can talk for any of them.  The night was very emotional for everyone that was there.  If you thought you could have dry eyes you were sadly mistaken.  John's niece went on the flight as her dad's Guardian.  She takes lots of photos so I knew she would want the photos from the welcome home.  I did my best to wiggle around and get some shots for her.  We stood shoulder to shoulder for a couple hours.  You moved you lost your spot and I lost my spot many times but I knew there were many other important family members that needed to see their hero walk down that isle. 

I bought John's mom a flag for each of her sons.  This photos still brings tears to my eyes..... a mom that had to be in her shoes.  

The plane has landed and it's time to find a hole.......  I am on the floor so my shots are from below. 

 The first veteran to walk down the isle.  I'm not going to type a word from here, the pictures of these men and their wives will speak for themselves.