Thursday, April 23, 2015

Briar 2 years

Briar is 2

This little man is the cutest little guy.  He has such a fun personality and loves his big sister more than anything.  He gave me 2 seconds to snap a photo before he was on the go from where I asked him to sit.  If I couldn't get the photo in 1 second the moment was over, he was on the go.

This week was not good weather for being outside so we had to capture his personality indoors but I think we nailed it........ in 2 second bursts

I might have bribed him to look at me......    but it worked :)

I love this family and as always a pleasure to capture these moments forever.

Joschimsen Family

I didn't realize I forgot to post these pictures, so they are a bit late but still worth the bragging rights to some pretty fine family photos.  

Large family photos during the spring is tough.  You don't know what kind of day you will get.... snow, rain, wind...... oh the wind is horrible and girls with hair do not do well getting pictures taken with lots of twisty wind...

We had a couple calm burst that we snuck in a few.

Moving to a different location was even better.  The lack of leaves and green worked well for these photos, the sun kissing the edges made me squeal with satisfaction.  

Looking into the sun certainly isn't easy for the people in front of the camera so the best way to deal with direct overhead sun is place the sun to their back if possible.  The sun directly on their back would be a background of the road so the next best for me was the sun to the side.  

Cousin LOVE

It was fun to give this family questions to answer as they walked towards me.  The kids might have thought my questions were ridiculous but Tom thought I was totally nuts, and I might be..... but they get more natural smiles and actions when I'm nuts.  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Golden hour

The photography club that I lead or maybe I beg for them to do challenges with me throughout the months so I'm not alone in this addiction of taking hundreds of photos a week...... anyway this month was the golden hour and how it can change the look just by moving your feet.   It might have caused me to burn up a few hundred photos in one night.  

The morning started out like this.  Those clouds were just amazing.

Then fast forward to night time about an hour before sunset.  Looking into the sun and took the photo.

Then moving to the other side of the grass and taking the photo with the sun to my back.   Pretty amazing how it can look so different just by moving my feet.

When I was walking out into the field I noticed the reflection in the soggy field with the farm in the background.   There is a farm to the east of us and the west and I've probably got millions of photos from both of them.

Sun in front of me

Sun behind me

Sun in front of me

and another one

And who can resist photos of an old bike with a dreamy golden hour background..... not me.

Then the sun behind me........ no longer looks as fun

Just a little golden hour practice.....  enjoy.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Tischendorf Family

Teaching photography classes has given me the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people who have the same passion as I do.  Ability to capture their loved ones and understanding what all those buttons and settings are on their fancy cameras do.  Why have a SLR camera if you're not going to learn what it can do for you.  

During my first class Jennifer was pregnant with Gracie and pretty quiet, I didn't realize I was sweating her out of the room for 6 weeks..... pregnant momma was hot but she was determined to learn her camera.  I slowly got to know Jennifer when she took my 6 week photography course for the 2nd time.  This time she was not pregnant and knowing a little about the settings from the first class she was fired up and challenged me with lots of questions which I absolutely love.  The best part about teaching mommies is when you see them lighten up with the "ah ha" moment.  Jennifer was one of many that took the class twice and when they got it they all got it.  

Jennifer is now a close friend of mine, when she's with me she makes me laugh non-stop.  She makes me think with her many questions but I wouldn't want her any other way.  She makes Photo Club so much fun.  

Jennifer set up a family photo session for when her sister was home and we prayed for a nice day.... and then sickness hit Jennifer's daughters so she had to cancel the shoot.  We tried for a different date but nothing was lining up with our schedules so Jennifer dressed up those girls, did their hair, got herself put together and we did them in the afternoon.  The girls did so well considering they didn't feel so well.

While we set up the girls had jackets and blankets to cover up with and a puke bucket :)  When I was ready they took the coats and blankets off and I ran them to the side.  

Baby Haddie thought everyone else was more interesting to look at than me but that's the chance you take with little ones.  :)

This was a much warmer location so we got to do a few in a row without jackets.  

Jennifer and Stan even found their smiles after fighting sick little girls all weekend.  The girls might not have big smiles but they did so good and the puke bucket stayed empty.  :)

Jennifer I love you and your little family.  You are an amazing mommy and friend.   

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

This is going to be a photo overload but it was such a fun day I had to capture all the joys we shared.  

The day was forecasted to be snowy and colder, but we got sunshine and partly warm.  The table was set and waiting for the kids to get here.

Used my Fiesta for fun colors on the table.

An old shutter I painted with pastel colors is the perfect overhead view.

A look through the passthrough window

Yes I had to make a bunny trail

Jr comes over and all the toys come out.

He's not big enough to peddle so someone has to push him

Who will be brave enough to capture this egg..... her name is Alli she will make her home up north by the river.

Of course Mallory is the first one to jump on the 4 wheeler.

The big kids ready to hunt the eggs

Elly has to find all the high ones

There is something about pictures of little ones hunting eggs that I love.

Then it was time for baskets, they are in the house

The girls went back out to take care of the money that was found.

Bunny hopping to track where he went

It was time for a wheeler ride and Jr would rather drive

And the rest would rather ride 

Everyone likes to rough play with Uncle Adam

Another game of kickball.... girls against boys

It was getting cold out so Melanie got to watch from the van

The best part of the game.... teaching the kids sportsmanship

Girl huddle

I know this picture is blurry but I love it.... the boys think we're dumb

Part of the sportsmanship is teaching the official sign for loser..... right?

What a wonderful day playing and being all together.  So much fun with the kids getting older and loving the outside as much as we do.  Happy Easter