Friday, April 8, 2016

New life signs when one life dies.....

Today my niece, by marriage, was welcomed into heaven.  She fought a short battle with cancer and we watched cancer win once again.  

Cancer is not new to this family and watching it take someone we all love brings back those same signs, those patterns that you try to forget but you can't.  Beth was a young wife and mother, we all know there are reasons God took her but at this time it's hard to know what they are. 

My nephew has been down a long road and now has a different road to travel, he's strong and smart and has more kindness and love than anyone I know.  His heart is big, his smile melts your heart, and his sorrow weighs on my mind.  

The kids have seen a lot in the last year, more than some of us have ever been in as adults. 

Spring brings us new life but not without tears.  These photos capture the life that is still here on the earth and the tears we shed as we say goodbye to Beth.  

Beth is HOME...... As her 6 year old daughter says "My mom is going to be an angel".  Beth will make a perfect angel.  Mike was 16 when my mom (his grandma) died so mom never met Beth but by now I'm sure she has.  Mom welcomed her in, showed her around and sewed her up a beautiful pair of pink angel wings with sparkles..... just like Beth would want.  

Don't cry for our family, we are doing enough of that ourselves.  Instead listen to your body when it's not feeling well.  Challenge those doctors to find out why and never give up.  

Our lives move on too quickly, it's hard to say it's okay to laugh and smile again.  It's hard to work, it's hard to play, it's hard to share the news of Beth's passing but Beth would want us all to laugh and smile just like she would.  We won't cry for her long, instead we will celebrate her new HOME and know that she got to put her arms around Him as He lifted her up this morning from all her pain.  

God Bless you Beth and God Bless you Mike and kids..... you're an amazing family and being apart of this family all we know how to do is LOVE each other and use each other for support.  We are here as your support.