Monday, July 20, 2015

Jazzed Up Junk Sale

The Jazzed Up Junk Sale is coming quickly, it's WEDNESDAY!!  I'm usually working on lots of stuff at the end but this year is ridiculous.  I took Friday and Monday off of work to try to finish up some stuff and not make me look like too much of a slacker compared to the other girls in the sale.  It certainly helped me but it's also taken a lot out of me.  

While I was working today my mind was going as fast as my paintbrush and I was thinking of all the questions that I get asked about my HOBBY.  With that thought I sent out a Instagram and Facebook request for a list of questions that they wanted to know.

I started the question out

? - Am I nuts?
A - Yep pretty much, this hobby is hated by my husband more than anyone would guess, he hates it when I bring junk home and he really dislikes when his garage gets full of JUNK. It doesn't matter if the junk is ugly or pretty waiting to be loaded into the trailer, he hates it.  Since last Thursday I've painted my hands, legs, arms, clothes, garage floor (shhhhh don't tell John)  I cleaned it up don't worry dear you'll never even know where it was.  I stapled my finger, cut my finger on broken glass, and spent most of Saturday napping and feeling like I was going to throw up  (and I never, never, never nap).   But in my eyes it's all worth it, I really do enjoy this hobby.

My getting done pile for today.

Now some questions from those brave enough to ask me

? - Where do you get all your junk from?
A- I get a lot of my junk from second hand stores and garage sales.  I do get some stuff from family and friends that think it's burn pile material but know that I will be able to "fun" it up.  This year my sisters and I headed to Woodbury garage sales and found the mother load of junk..... had to buy straps  to come home.  Most of those items are done and ready for the sale.

? - How do you decide what colors to use?
A - Well I'm pretty much a Annie Sloan girl (brand of paint).  I really don't know how I decide on the color of each item, it just comes to me.  I watch style and decor blogs for upcoming trends and feed off them most of the time.  Right now blues and whites are very popular, and I have lots of those options for sale.  

? - Do you leave the spiders on the desks and chairs to maintain the character and charm of the objects?
A - Funny story - I picked up this one cabinet from a older gentleman and John was cranky about putting it in the truck but he did it anyway.  When we got this thing home it was full of mouse nests and poop.....  John threw it out of the garage and it sat in the rain for weeks before I finally emptied it all out from the old mans treasures and the mouses mess.  It's now a beautiful cabinet with the original chippy old white paint.  Probably one of my favorite items.  (Of course I didn't take a picture of it, sorry)

?-Are you feeling better?
A - Yes I am, thank you.  Nothing that sleeping all day  won't cure.

? - s the paint you use durable"life proof" and scrub proof?
A - Yes the paint is durable for minor cleaning.  When I need a scrub proof surface I will use a poly to coat it so it can be washed off many times.  Annie Sloan Chalkpaint is very durable outside but it cannot be waxed if used outside, I don't have many items for sale to put outside but I have quite a few planters of my own that have been outside in the rain all summer and still look great.  They should last forever, or until I'm sick of that color and paint it over again.

? - ill the leftovers be for sale the 15th of August?
A - August 15th is out family reunion and I'm thinking if there is anything left yes it will be going to the reunion for the auction and if everything is going, don't fear I have many items not done that I'm sure John would love to have done and out of the garage. 

How much for the arrow painting that is white?
A - Huh? - I don't know yet, part of the job that is not done.

? - should we leave work at noon?!
A - You can but the sale starts at 4:00 and that will be an awful long wait.  We stick to our no early sales to make it fair for everyone but we have ladies lining up by 3:00 usually to get the eye on the items they want to run for.  

? - Where do you get all your ideas/inspiration?
A - Oh boy I don't know, I guess a lot of Pinterest and blog stalking.  I don't usually copy what I see but use something from multiple people and make it my own.  This photo below was a picture of something ugly with an ugly frame and I painted the whole thing because "why not" and then thought.... now what..... and this happened.   When going through the second hand stores my mind is always thinking...... "I can paint that".

? - You love the last minute pressure RIGHT?
A - I am a last minute person, always has been and as much as I want that to change I don't think it will.  This year I've had so many things happen that distracted me from keeping ahead of my junk that I'm a bit be hinder (is that a word) than I'd like to be.  Vacation, Photoshoots, Kayaking, Leg Gross Stuff, Baby born, Cottage, Pontooning, Vacation.... I think my FUN stuff got in the way.  :)

 ? - Will you post more photos of your junk so we can all drool over them?
A - I have a few on my phone that I downloaded for this post but if you follow me on Instragram you have probably already seen them.  I don't do very well in the photo taking process of the junk.  I should be taking the before and after photos but NOPE I don't.  

Enjoy a few more of the sweetness....

As busy as I was I still needed to sneak away and go visit our new little snuggle bunny, she is the tiniest little thing and I can't wait to get her in front of my real camera cuz a baby this cute on a iPhone will be adorable for the real thing.   As soon as this sale is done she is coming to Grandmas house.

She might just be perfect :)

It's late and I'm running on little sleep so see you all on Wednesday.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Andee Lea has arrived

This morning when my eyes popped open I began to worry.... worry is what I do.

Having babies is hard work for everyone and grandma's were meant to worry so while I got ready for work I watched the clock and knew their every movement..... I bet they are packing up the truck..... Jr has to be dropped off by now...... they should be walking in the hospital..... it went on like this all morning in my mind.  I kept my cell phone on me until I heard something from Adam.  8:00 I was starting to check the phone to see if for some reason I didn't get the message.... 8:30 I had a meeting and (don't tell on me) but I don't think I heard a word that was said.... 9:00 I had others asking if I heard anything, emails were starting to pile in..... and no I hadn't heard anything yet.  Text message beeps...... just concerned family members letting us know they are thinking of them..... Time is dragging but at 9:16 a text comes in.  Now if you don't know Adam he is guy of not many words and is dyslexic so sometimes they are hard to read.  But his message was Andee is here 6.11 and 19.5.

I rattle on and on with a two page message asking tons of questions and I get a "Yap tired" back..... Yap is for baby is health and tired is for how's momma doing.  Now for most this would't be enough but for me coming from Adam this is heaven for my eyes. 

So of course I couldn't stay at work and actually pay attention so I took a early 20 minute lunch just so I could sneak a peek of our new little baby girl.  

I get to the hospital and momma is eating a breakfast sandwich = she's good.  Monica was so sick through this whole pregnancy so when she was hungry and could eat it meant she felt good.  Daddy was eating too and baby A was sleeping peacefully.  I snuck a peek at her and looked at her name tag on her little bed.  Her name is Andee Lea.  We knew her first name but not her middle name and when I seen it I choked up and tears came.  My mom would have loved to hold this baby and know that she shared her name.  Mom would always be the first person in the hospital to visit a baby (guess that's where I get it from) but she would have to run in and sit on the floor so she didn't faint.  She hated hospitals and the floor was the coldest place.  She held them babies right on the floor.

John snuck a visit in after he was done with work too.... he wasn't going to wait for me to get home.  And then we went back again at 6 with Grandma Great.  She was waiting all day to visit this new little baby girl.  

Grandpa holding his baby girl while she tries to suck her thumb.  

Lynn sent a message yesterday that said "good thing we are having another baby tomorrow cuz this little girl is standing up in the middle of the room trying to walk"  {crying ugly tears}...... my response   "push her over"  problem solved!!

Pretty baby all in pink - even her little cheeks

Jr was having a tough time, he didn't want to sit by momma, she had an IV and air socks on along with too many other things that made him point and say "hurt".... he was sad his momma was hurting and I think he didn't want to hurt her.  We finally got him to sit on daddy's lap so we could get them all in the same photo for the first time.

He was curious about baby and had to peek at her every once in awhile.

This was his little sad face... Damn he's a little cutie

Andee getting undressed for a wake up time.... didn't work she was tired and sleepy.  

Jr points to Andee...... hurt????

Monday, July 13, 2015

The night before Baby Girl A

We're back from vacation and I have lots of adventures to share with you but more important stuff is happening before I do that.

Tomorrow is the day we get to meet our 7th grandchild.  The day and time are planned so of course this grandma can pop in and do a mini photoshoot of the last night as a family of three.  Jr has seemed so big lately, he certainly is a smart little man and follows right in his daddy's footsteps.   I do like his smile but I also like his stern face.  It started to rain as soon as I got there so the garage door will have to do.

His little smile melts my heart.

Their happiness is showing through in their faces as they prepare for baby girl.

We had to wait out another rain storm so I used the garage door opening again but this time I was in the garage and blew out the opening while Jr and Monica played in the puddle under the gutters.

Another break in the storm and there was raspberry picking.

One more time we got pelted with rain but after this one the sun came out and helped to give this momma her pre-baby glow.

Stay tuned for the details and I'm sure lots of photos of baby girl A.