Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Day

And what would be better than a picture of a leap. Easier said than taken, this is the only 1 of the 50 that was worth playing with. I tried to take them with the remote myself.... I would leap and then it would take, I would wait to leap and it missed my feet totally, it would catch me in mid-air and it was so blurry you couldn't tell they were feet.

Lots of different patterns going on here, not sure what I think about all of them together... the rug, the couch, the socks (note - I love these socks they are SmartWools), the footstool behind me, the carpet, my jeans.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursdays with El

Thursdays I pick up El from Daycare and it's our time. The bad thing is by Thursday she's tuckered out and usually falls asleep on the way home and get crabby when I wake her. Here she is all snuggled on the couch. Of course I couldn't resist playing with the picture in Photoshop

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today's picture was taken by John while trying to figure out my wireless remote. I really like the reflection on the table and knew right away it was going to be the POTD.

This picture is summed up with one of two words and I wasn’t sure which one to use.

I chose Reflection but it really is the simple things that we should reflect on.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Grandma

Self Portrait Tuesday....

Someone gets a little jealous after I get home from work and greeted John with a kiss first and not her. Elly crawls in between our legs and pushes as hard as she can and chants "My Grandma". You can tell by the look on her face that she's not very happy.

Played around with one of the photos abit and I loved the look so I had to add another one. She turns around and pushes with her back on Grandpa until we are so far apart that she wins. I thinks it's really cute but Elly doesn't, it's serious stuff to her.
Now that I look at it in here I cropped it against all photographers rules.... never crop off someone at the wrist, knees, or NECK.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Boring night for picture taking. I picked up these color cards a long time ago, still haven't painted anything yet.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


This is what I found today when I went to unload the washer... and yes there was more than one shirt in there. A little upside down but pretty amazing. I love my new washer and dryer, I wash everything unless it's stapled or nailed down, and it smells so clean. Not sure why I waited so long to replace my old ones. I love the picture advertisement below the port window so I haven't removed it yet, I'm gonna take a picture like that some day. And it is correct you can wash 12 pair of adult jeans in one load, I've done it and they still come out clean.

Here's a closer look inside the port window.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My furniture find

John and I went livingroom furniture shopping last Saturday. We can't decide what we want but I found this treasure and I had to have it. Not sure where it will end up in the house for sure but for right now it's found a home in the diningroom. What's not to love, peeling green paint, curved legs, glass knobs, solid structure and only $45.
Next thing to go is that tulip border.... what was I thinking 12 years ago? I already painted the wallpaper on the lower half now I'll have to tear it all down and start over... hummm more color choices.

Snow and more snow

Friday's picture (I really took it on Friday after work just no time to post)

Where are we gonna put the snow that is forecasted for Monday and Tuesday? Here's the pile left behind by the snowplow. A nice sunglare on the side of the house. What a slime green color my house is.... it used to be a moss green and the sun has faded it to what I call slime green. This spring it's getting a facelift, I can't wait. We went to price windows on Friday.... oh my gosh!! I talked John into letting me get a fancy front door, now I have to decide on colors.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It's not very often you will see a sunrise picture from me.... not a morning person! I couldn't help but notice the mornings are getting lighter earlier and I love that. This morning when I was opening up the curtains to let the light shine in all day while we are at work I noticed this beautiful site. I was late already and had a meeting first thing but I just had to stop and take the picture, it was calling me. I had to take it right through the window since the front door has about 3 feet of snow in front of it that I couldn't even get it opened. Speaking of snow, I am really ready for winter to be done, speaking of done it was -17 this morning and I of course go from the house to the truck without even stepping outside so I don't feel the morning cold until I get to work and walk across the parking lot. Well I got there this morning forgetting it was cold I hop out of my truck, remember I was in a hurry so for some reason I sucked in a huge breath of cold air and my lungs are now frozen, I start coughing because I can't get another breath in.... I think... breath through your nose... oh yeah....that didn't work very well.... I sucked in a big ole' inhale and my nostrils froze instantly; I pinch my nose because it hurt and they seriously froze shut (no more breathing through my nose). So now I think to myself... I'm gonna turn blue due to lack of air before I can make it to the door and of course I'm later than usual due to the picture taking session so no one else is walking in with me, can they see me out the windows to call for help?? I'm no dummy.... no comments please.... Anyway I stick my head in my jacket as close to my armpit as I can to warm up my frozen nostrils and lungs... it works I come busting through the door with snow flying off my shoes slipped on the floor almost fell on my butt. Now since I'm inside and my nostrils unfroze and popped back out, my lungs are no longer two ice chunks, I didn't fall on my butt and I'm not laying in the middle of the parking lot as a human snurd.... I think "I hope no one seen me ". I'm ready for winter to be done.
Enjoy my sunrise even if my story was a little exagerated.... wink, wink
SNURD - incase you are wondering is the stuff that builds up behind your car tires. My cousin Patty and I named these many, many years ago at Earl's one Jalopy Ride afternoon. They are "Snow Turds" but SNURDS sounded better. Patty if you are reading this your gonna laugh remembering that day, we had a blast... I miss you and the fun we had.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What do I call it?

John noticed this bird out the window and he knew right away it was to be my POTD.
So as I'm loading up the picture tonight I ask him WHAT DO I CALL IT?

Don't read below until you name it!!!

Did you name it yet?

I'm thinking "Morning Flower", "Bird of Winterize", "M.Dove Plant".
And John says....
"Bird with a stick up his butt"????
I didn't even think of that. Now I don't even like the picture anymore. How long do you think he could sit up there or was he stuck? ROTFLOL

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh.....

Torture Tuesday is here again. I had a very stressful day at work today and thought all day long about the package of cookies I bought for Adam......
Adam get out of my way.... Adam stop taking my cookies, Adam leave them here, Adam I can have another one, Adam I didn't just buy them just for you, Adam I can eat them all I bought them, Adam you don't need anymore, Adam!!!!!!
I love this cookie, that is why I don't buy them. I even look guilty in the picture or trying to scare off Adam

Oh, Oh, Oh, ice cold milk and an Oreo Cookie.
They forever go together, what a classic combination.
When a dark, delicious cookie meets an icy cold sensation.
Like the one and only creamy, crunchy, chocolate,

While searching for the Oreo Jingle I found a recipie for Oreo Cookies so I thought I would share, I may have to try these this weekend..... darn another reason to buy Oreos.

Oreo Cookies
makes 18 medium sized cookies

5 T Earth Balance margarine

5 T granulated sugar

5 T light brown sugar

1 t vanilla

1 Ener-g egg replacer

1 cup AP flour [scooped up & leveled, not spooned]

1/2 t baking soda

pinch sea salt

1/2 t baking powder

1/4 t cream of tartar

5 oreo-style cookies cut in half, then cut in thirds

2 T semisweet chocolate chips

preheat oven to 350F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
beat margarine and sugars together until creamy. add “egg”, vanilla, beat until smooth.
in a separate bowl, sift together flour, baking powder, baking soda, cream of tartar, and salt.
add flour mix to margarine mix, combine well. Add oreo pieces and chocolate chips with your hands, being careful not to crush oreo pieces too much. Form into balls, 1 1/2 T worth of dough per cookie. don’t flatten your cookies. Place on baking sheet. bake for 10 minutes, or until the edges are brown. Let cool on sheet for a few minutes before attempting to remove. place on cooling rack.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Yeah Nascar.....

Yesterday was the start of another race season. This is the one sport we enjoy watching at this house. Adam's driver has been Mark Martin since he's been old enough to walk and talk, the season he switched from Valvoline to Viagra was difficult to explain to him why we couldn't buy him anymore t-shirts to wear. The year we painted and decorated Adam's room with Mark Martin blue he switched to the Army car in yellow and black. I'm not re-painting the room! This year Mark is part time driving for DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc.) and Adam is still a fan, even though his uncles tease him about liking the old guy!!

Yesterday's Daytona 500 winner is Ryan Newman. Now for the next several months we all know where John will be on Sunday afternoons!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

8 day catch up

8 days/photos to play catch up for my POTD.

Here's the entrance to the market we went to. I have always wanted a picture of a bum guy and we were standing right on top of him but I didn't want to upset him so I couldn't take a picture. Then I got to looking at him and realized how totally not clean he was, his shoes were worn right off his feet, then I noticed he didn't use a bathroom like you and I do..... this is where we decided to stop and figure out the next plan for the day and I was inching down the street to try to get away. Then our taxi (golf cart) drove right by my bum guy and I got a quick shot of him. I like the whole Mexican shopping feel to the photo.

The red flag on the beach means the water is dangerous, it could have meant the water is freezing!

Man - Hey lady.... you wanna buy a basket?

Me - No thank you

Man - Almost free today

Me - No

Man - cheaper than K-mart

Me - (Look away, ignore him)

Man - Cheapo People

Me - Giggle :)

It wouldn't be right if I didn't share with you an absolute perfect view during our wonderful vacation.

For my Tuesday Self Photo - Anyone for flying over the front of the ship like on the Titanic?

We went to a Fiesta one night and this guy was comfy right on the end of our table watching the show. His photo tells a story all by it's self.

The sunset from our cruise boat.

And for the last photo... our friend by the pool. He was sunning himself everyday. I caught him swimming and climbing up the rock wall but not on my camera.

We had a great time and I'll be posting more pictures on my other blog sometime this week.

We're Home

Just one picture for now to show you a little glimpse of sunshine and tropical eye candy. I'm sorting through 400+ pictures so it may take a while to post.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Most important item for vacation

Aren't flip flops the most important item for vacation? That is why they are in my carry on along with 1 swimsuit (don't tell John but I am taking 6 swimsuits and leaving 4 here) YIKES! to continue... 1 pair of shorts, shirt, sunscreen, swimdress, visor, sunglasses, trailmix, and M&M's. So my POTD....

I will take a POTD everyday that I am gone, take care and we'll be back sooner than we want.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Getting ready for vacation

I'm packing tonight for vacation so I thought we might like a picture of the snow and cold to help me get in the mood for 80+ degree weather, sand, ocean, beaches, margaritas, shrimp (oops I mean no shrimp)... did you know that where we are going is the best place to eat shrimp? Oh so back on subject here.... pool, swimsuits, sunshine, relaxing, sleeping in, staying out late, salsa dancing, bright colors, fresh fruit (yum coconut), chips and guacamole, however this is my slice of Mexico in my backyard all summer long.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Haircut

Today is torture tuesday and I'm really stepping out on a limb here. I do not like pictures of me, I can think of a dozen things that I don't like in just one picture. But on Saturday I went to my neices baby shower and her aunt came up to me at the end and continued to tell me how she loved my haircut. She knew the instant that I walked into the room that she wanted my cut, she asked if I could send her pictures so she could take them to her gal for the same cut. As shocked as I was about someone liking my hair I was shocked that I was gonna have to send a picture of me. So I decided tonight that I would use one of my haircut pictures for my Tuesday pic and list the 12 things I like about the picture. So what the hell am I doing, I mean this is such good therapy I'm giving myself. So first here's the picture of me on Saturday (taken by Lynn)

Then here is the dozen things I like about this picture

1. - Love the hair color

2. - Nice tan (thanks to the tanning bed right now)

3. - I like the layers "S" gave me with the last cut

4. - High cheekbones are sexy (or so I've been told)

5. - No double chin

6. - I look like my mother

7. - I don't look 42 (creeping real close to 43)

8. - I'm wearing earrings (lia sophia)

9. - My hair is getting long (I'm growing it out, but man it takes forever)

10. - I'm still able to give the "hey babe" look

11. - My husband likes it, HE thinks I look damn cute :) I love him

12. - I look like I feel...... enjoying my life everyday

Okay you don't know how hard that was, I could have done the 12 bad in a heartbeat. I struggled between 2 pictures tonight and as always John gets to make the final decision for which one I post. So I'm telling him that I have to make a list he asks.... would all 12 things apply to the other picture?

I think they do.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Light show

I got Elly a new night light for her room for Christmas.... guess what? I forgot to give it to her! I found it yesterday so I gave it to her tonight, she really liked it but could not understand why it kept switching colors. She sat in the dark computer room and watched it, this will be interesting when she has to go to sleep while it displays a light show on her wall. After she left I took my camera on the tripod and sat in the dark taking pictures of it. The shutter speed was so low and no flash that the camera sat there for at least 3 minutes with the shutter closed before it took the picture. They turned out really cool.

I couldn't just give you one since they are all so different. The next two I took the picture with the focus close and then turned it back while the shutter was shut, that is why you have the two different focus points of the lights (one close and one far).

Blogger is being weird tonight so I had to save these pictures at a smaller size so they would load up. Hope they look okay.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


As Rachael Ray would say.... YUM-O!!

Here is my favorite meal when we go out for dinner. BBQ Ribs at Pot Belly. If you haven't ever been to the Pot Belly you wouldn't think this would be a place to get food. The bar is a small place with a once very un-level floor, the worst sponge painting job I ever seen in the bathroom and the clientel is a bunch of fisherman, hunters or snowmobilers all ready to tell their stories until your bored to tears (female opinion). But the ribs are out of this world, their soup comes in second and then their variety basket is next. The servings are huge so you always have enough to bring home for another meal the next day.

A picture of my most favorite meal..... AFTER. Do you think they were done?

We're watching the XLII Super Bowl tonight. I asked John to get me something and he said "Can you wait 21 seconds until the 1st quater is over?"

I have to switch the laundry around and I have to wait until the commercials are done!
The Planters Nut Commercial so far is my favorite. The pink girl having guys fall all over for her and it's because she uses Cashews for her fragrance. LOL Doritos has some pretty good ones too.... the big mouse comes out of the wall and attacks the guy with the doritos. And the Budweiser horses are always a good.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Purchase

Lynn and I went shopping this morning at the Treasure Chest..... I bought some beads, coffee and a candle for a new centerpiece. It looks pretty cool and I love the green with the brown.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Here is how I spent my lunch today... eating a fat free pudding (love it). Checking the other blogs I check often on my lunch to see what they are doing, and just wishing this Friday would go faster.
Notice the DIET Mt Dew.... I'm trying to make the switch but I really like the bottle of the regular better (really it's not the taste just the pretty bottle that makes me drink it). That is why I have a green water cup so I like to drink water here too. (most of the time that doesn't work so well, but it is today). And the medicine bottle for the sinus infection that I do have.... and today is probably my worst day, hence the reason I didn't post last night.... slept on couch all night long!! These pills better kick in soon or I will be one miserable white girl in Mexico (7 days till we leave). John tells me to call in sick but if you know me I can't do that.
I did poster edges on this photo so it wasn't so boring for you all.