Friday, September 23, 2016

Photo Club Sky and Pumpkins

Guess blogging hasn't become a habit yet..... totally forgot about keeping this up.  

Last night the photo club girls plus some came over for a fun night of photos and painting.  We were supposed to have rain but for a split minute we got a fun sky to photograph.  

I challenged them to sun flair using the clouds.

One of the newbies said as she was taking pictures "this must be what heaven looks like"  
Heaven on earth that is and it's right out my door.

Then it was a lesson on exposure.  Exposing for the grass gives you this with sun flair right in the center of the lens.

And something totally different with it off to the side and a bit hidden in the clouds.  

Then I had a pumpkin painting project all ready for them.  I didn't take any pictures of us painting them but these are from a few weeks back with the grandkids helped paint some.

The grandkids and photo club girls had a blast painting them.  They are lovely in mass quantities.  

It was a great night with some amazing friends.  It's always nice to carve out some time from our busy schedules to enjoy the moments that make us who we are.  

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Farm Family

This family lives on a farm, works very hard and becomes more perfect everyday.

I've been photographing the kids since Madalyn was born.  It's been pretty close to every 6 months that I get to share in an hour or so of their lives.  

And that's not near enough time to spend catching up on what's happening with them.

This was an amazing night for the sunset so of course I needed to use it for some side and back lighting.

Shannon home schools her children so these are their school pictures as well.

Noticed the sunset making the barn look like it's on fire....... of course we need that.

L.O.V.E. this family

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sister's Day

My oldest sister lives away from us so we don't get the chance to all be together very often so this summer my sister Starla planned a sister's day complete with an agenda, timeline, lunch, maps and a surprise.  

We don't need much to entertain us..... if you remember from a few of my posts we like to pose with the mannequins in the store and there happen to be 5 of them.  We almost always are in order without even trying.   

We laughed so hard during this and stopped a lady to take our picture.... all of a sudden a head store person came and asked if she could take our picture for their website...... Oh no we're shy!!! 

Our surprise was changed to plan B surprise and it was a blast.   We usually end up buying the same things, liking the same stuff, paying for it with the same currency, eating the same stuff... we are so much alike it's scary.  We all laugh a lot, we are all goofy and talk a lot to people we don't even know. 

The girl who was helping us in the store was a chatterbug and blonde, she asked lots of questions about us and laughed just as loud as us.  We told her there were 11 of us and she immediately said "can I be number 12"  Yes, yes you can.

We referred to her as #12 the entire time.  

The store teaches you how to place your rubber bands to get the design you want and you get to chose the colors.  

#12 was a big help with picking colors for us.  There are so many it's hard to decide and know what should go with what.  #12 assured us you can't make a mistake.  

Our nephew's wedding reception was in a few weeks and he had a tye dye theme so the sweatshirt would be perfect for the chilling night by the fire pit.  

Any chance you can get a picture with all your sister do it....... it doesn't have to be perfect it's the memory you will have not that the exposure or focus was perfect.  Sometimes the most unperfect photos are the most treasured.  

You have to take your item home in plastic and wash it out in 24 hours so us sisters were not together for the washing out part but I can tell you our group messaging was blowing up that night.  I was taking newborn pics and I finally had to stop and silence my phone.

Here is mine fresh from the rinsing.

This Sunday Sharon came home again, her last trip until next year so we all bought our shirts and finally got our picture.  

Remember what I said about not perfect.... we sisters have a really hard time getting a picture with all of us looking, not acting goofy and in this case Gayle blinking.  This was the best one out of all of mine that my niece took. 

So being the Certified Head and Eye Swapper Surgeon I pulled her into photoshop and gave her Sharon's eyes.

Nope doens't do it.... 

I gave her my eyes.  

My head is way fatter than Gayles so I had to skinny them up on her...... I think I bust out laughing 20 times tonight and poor John thinks I might just be losing it.

Okay let's go with the non perfect memory photos.

Our brother Wally and his wife Elaine needed tyedye for their sons wedding so they headed to the store and had them create their wedding attire.  They chatted with the girl at the store and all of a sudden 
Store girl -  are you my brother?  
Wally - I don't think so
Store girl - no I think I'm sister #12
Wally - {confused}
Store girl explained the sisters trip that Wally didn't know about and Elaine sends all us sister a text with Wally met his other sister

I couldn't match up DiAnn's cell pictures for Gayles eyes because they are too different than mine but let's just say the non perfect happened again.

And again.....  This could go on for about 12 more but I won't make you suffer through them.

I love my non perfect sisters and even #12.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Flowers at the end of summer

My camera and I are having a disagreement lately so I need to show it who's boss.  It's been at the doctor more times than I want to admit and it blames me for dropping it..... It was only a little drop..... 

Flowers in the garden get less and less this time of year.

This one is Hot Lips Turtlehead

Beautiful Mountain Ash Berries that are now all gone, every last one of them was eaten by the birds.  I hope they are full!!

The night I was on my flower walk this happened.  

This posting may only have beautiful photos to look at and not much said but to tell you the truth I need to keep posting to make this a habit again.  So get used to random shit and I got a very busy fall with family and Senior photos so I'll throw them in there too if they so chose.  Happy Fall Ya'all it's coming quick.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Machon Family - Sneak Peek

It's been awhile since this family was in front of my lens.  Those years when I see babies every 3 or 6 months soon are replaced with once a year.... {insert sad face here}
Emmett and Owen have grown into fun little personalities.  Their smiles are contagious so don't say I didn't warn you this post will make you smile. 
Pictures were taken at Grandma and Grandpa Machon's house and there is certainly a lot to see and explore there.  Time for the smiles to start.....

Now who wouldn't treasure this photo in 5, 10, 20, 30 years?

Owen was my goofball this year but that is what makes this photo.....

Grandpa is a pilot and his airplane was in this shed.  Didn't think it would be a good idea for me to ask him to back it out..... maybe next time.


Dad's old truck is also parked there and that was backed out and used for some fun shots.  Boys were climbing around in the box so I got mom and dad and a bit of Owen's elbow, it's a cute little elbow though.

Spiderman was there too....

Now the sun has lowered a bit for a photo of the family in the truck with not so much sun flare.  It's amazing what 5 minutes will do.

I love this family and I treasure the friendship Tina and I have and that I can give her memories of her boys that she will have forever.