Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Flowers at the end of summer

My camera and I are having a disagreement lately so I need to show it who's boss.  It's been at the doctor more times than I want to admit and it blames me for dropping it..... It was only a little drop..... 

Flowers in the garden get less and less this time of year.

This one is Hot Lips Turtlehead

Beautiful Mountain Ash Berries that are now all gone, every last one of them was eaten by the birds.  I hope they are full!!

The night I was on my flower walk this happened.  

This posting may only have beautiful photos to look at and not much said but to tell you the truth I need to keep posting to make this a habit again.  So get used to random shit and I got a very busy fall with family and Senior photos so I'll throw them in there too if they so chose.  Happy Fall Ya'all it's coming quick.

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