Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Moon

I've been trying to get good shots of the Super Moon the last couple of nights.  I suck at moon shots... my lens isn't long enough, it's usually cold outside and dark.... and I just stink at it.

Here are my attempts at the Super Moon

Shot on Sunday night

Then Monday morning on my way to work I see this.... I back up and go grab my camera and tripod.

Monday night it was cloudy so we didn't get to see the moon.  But Tuesdays sunset was pretty darn amazing and my camera happened to still be in my car.

Sunsets this time of year aren't by my favorite barn so I had to find something else to make it a bit interesting.  

BUT on Tuesday morning my camera was still in my car, I thought it was cloudy and foggy so I never looked for the moon that morning.  I seen it as I drove out of my driveway and stopped in the middle of the road in the dark to take a few shots.  

Can you say amazing!!!!!  I can almost see the craters and it looks very unreal but it's real alright and if you think I can do it again on the 1st try...... guess again.  The moon is tough to get but after 500 shots I got a few that I could show you.