Sunday, October 16, 2016

Melissa and Caiden

There was one day last week that was super cold, windy and rainy.... well with my fully booked fall schedule we have to fight the cold.... and these two heated up the park.  

I've taken pictures of Caiden for along time already.  His first photos were cowboy boots, jeans and no shirt.  During that time in his life that is how you would find him dressed.  I don't think that's the case anymore.

The park was beautiful for October and this one might be my favorite.

And when we're done we must sing and dance as we walk back to the car.  Caiden will be quite the ladies man with these dance moves.

Perfect night I'm glad we braved the weather and got some great colors.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Drive Home

On my drive home tonight I noticed dust happening in the field and could see the sun shining through it.  Then I got up closer and seen the tractor coming towards the road with the sunsetting beside it shining on the tractor and dust..... I've seen this one other time and didn't stop to photograph it.  This time I stopped and had 1.2 seconds to set the camera and shoot before he turned.  You can see the small amount of (I've never been in the farm life so whatever that is he's cutting).  

I wish I would have had more time but all I got was the 3 pictures.

Then as he turned around I got to change some settings and think more about including the sunset.

Now if you were the farmer one of these should be hanging in your house.

Baylee is Three

I meet Baylee and within a few minutes she was full of spunk and smiles. 

As soon as I looked at her I told her that her eyes were beautiful.  

She was quite the poser without directions from anyone.  

She got distracted often with anything pretty so why not use her pretties in the photos.

This moment happened for about 2 minutes........ she sat still!!

Three year olds can be so much fun....

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Thomas Annual Fall Photos

I've shared the fall season with the Thomas family for 6 years already and each year is better than the previous one.  Naomi started with not being able to let go of her dolly and didn't want to look at me.... a few years later she was getting to know me and got over that.  I've known Mindy for almost her whole life, she was friends with our daughter Lynn and she spent many hours at the Hemmer house. 

While we wait for dad to get ready I get to hang out with Naomi and Mindy in the front yard.  There is a surprise in the backyard that Naomi cannot wait to show me or she cannot wait for herself to get to go back there.

Mindy has the sweetest heart of anyone I know.  She is a lady with many comforting words, caring thoughts, loving actions, and she loves this little girl more than she could ever express.

After dad came out looking like a hippy complete with bandana wrapped around his head..... Mindy sent him back in and he got it right this time.  I was not quick enough with the camera to capture that moment but it still makes me laugh real loud.

Her favorite location is of the family on the front step to their home. 

I really had a hard time picking a few so get ready for photo overload......

A little lipstick on the cheek 

Doesn't this make your eyes hurt?

Fast forward a "few" years and Mindy is a student in my first Photography Class.  She was back for a second class and begged to be in a 3rd but I kicked her out.  She was on her way to knowing what she was doing and no longer needed "that" class.  

She became more than Lynn's classmate and friend she is my friend that I can talk photography, family, food, and our hardest subject is losing a parent (both in her case) and how you will never realize how hard that hurts until you're unfortunate to be a part of that club.  She has been there for me for many hard days and she's been there with me for lots of fun times.  If you know Mindy you know what I mean and it's hard to explain how sweet this family is, if you don't know them... you're missing out.  

No matter how old your baby gets sometimes we still need to be able to hold them....

I told Ryan he was the MAN!!  This was his reaction..... hahahahaha Love it.

These are his girls and he's so in LOVE with both of them.  

Just a few of the happy couple.

Whisper sweet nothings in Mindy's ear....

He's such a goofball.... how can you not smile at this photo

We lost Naomi during these.... she was in the backyard..... "this is taking forever" and she can't wait.  We did get her back for a few more.

Naomi had to let the family puppy dog out so she could be part of the family photos.

Finally we get to go to the backyard.  Mindy was all ready for a low key photoshoot this year.  Just a few by the house.  All we need is the fall leaves and sunshine.

Then I happened to message her a thought..... Mindy is my photo girl that loves capturing special moments like I do and setting up a fun scene I knew was right up her alley.  So I put a bug in her ear and said "what if we did this?"

Yep "this" happened just as the sun was starting to go down below the trees

Naomi couldn't wait to play with her mommy's Tierra from her wedding, put on her mommy's lipstick and touch her mommy's makeup.  This was a special moment for her and you could tell that normally this stuff is not to be played with.  

It was so fun to capture her playing and learning... 

Mom decided to read her a fairy tale in their fairy tale backyard. 

Oh NO!!

 OMGee this was hilarious.  Mr Wolf was a bit scary for the girls.

NOT funny at all.....

Mr Wolf primping in the mirror between shoots.

Naomi thought it was her turn so she told them what to do.  It was pretty precious

Mrs Wolf primping in the mirror.....

Naomi getting to wear mom's Veil and Tierra from their wedding.  I think she was feeling like a real princess for this special dress up day.

Changing her outfit.

While Naomi was entertaining me with cartwheels I did not realize what was happening to the left of me.

Mindy had put on her veil and tierra and walked up to Ryan for a special moment.  Dang I almost missed this but I was quick enough to capture the moment they met up.

Mindy and Ryan have a tough wedding story and this moment was sure to remind them of the love that helped them through that milestone.  

I missed the cartwheel..... sorry Naomi you'll have to do them again for me.

Mindy and Ryan invited John and I into their home after the shoot for drinks and supper....... it was fantastic and anyone who feeds John so I don't have to cook deserves all these pictures in a sneak peek.  LOVE YOU ALL