Friday, October 7, 2016

Beau's Senior Photos

Another nephew from the Emmerich side this time.  My brother Randy and I are what you could call close... we rarely see each other but I have a bond with him.  It could be that he is only 2 years younger than me so he was the first person I would blame when mom asked what happened.  It was never my fault and it was always for sure Randy's fault or he started it.  Randy is probably the most kind hearted of our brothers.  He is so quiet and will still take the blame if something happens, I taught him well.  :)

His youngest is Beau and he's the spitting image of Randy.  I love this kid not only for his personality but just because he's Randy's son.  He can't do much wrong in my book, which I'm sure his mother and father think differently.  

Beau's not a big smiler, he is pretty reserved and has the Emmerich dry sense of humor.

This one is really like looking back at when Randy and I were growing up.  This is how I remember Randy, gosh this kid is cute.

So trying to get smiles from him is really easy UNTIL you bring up your camera.  Then all natural smiles disappear.  So I had to be a dork and say and do things that were going to embarrass my poor nephew.  He brought it on himself so don't feel bad for him.... but every time he laughed at my stupidness he would look at his dad.  That's okay I kinda like the looking away pose.

Got you smiling Beau and you're looking at me..... huh I can crack just about anybody!!

Total RANDY here.... or my uncle Hayseed.  

FYI - Hayseed's not his real name, we weren't that much of a redneck family but we called him Hayseed since I could talk and we still call him Hayseed so Hayseed it will always be.

I love you Beau but I don't love that you've grown up like the rest of the nieces and nephews. 

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