Sunday, November 27, 2011

Long Weekend - Over :(

Hunting season has come and gone already.  I look forward to it as much as the guys do.  I have many projects that I need to start, finish and then also just enjoy the "me" time while the boys were out hunting.  We won't go into details but my "me" time was slim this year, however I did get to spend almost everyday with at least one or all of the grandchildren which makes up for it.   I got many things marked off my list and even got a few fun craft projects done.  

We spent Thanksgiving at the Hunting Cabin with all the kids and some of the Hemmers.  It was a great time watching the kids play, they really love it out there.  There was way too much food and everything was delicious.  Tomorrow at the gym I'll be feeling those mashed potatoes and pumpkin bars..... chocolate chip cookies, Old Fashions, cheesy corn...... I did eat carrots, celery, grapes and cucumbers too.  :)

Good thing we took this photo before the feast.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving

Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Boy who thinks he's boss

This little boy tried to show his momma that he was boss by peeing on her and spitting up so she had to change herself and him before they even got to my house.  Then he continued to show me he was boss by not cooperating with anything that I wanted him to do.  He was not about to go to sleep and miss anything so we struggled with him trying to make him comfortable.  He had other plans, his plans included wiggling, snorting, grunting, but he never fussed.  He was warm, his tummy was full, his diaper was clean and he hated being naked so we kept a blanket on him but still no settling down.  He was boss and didn't want us to think differently.  I only took about 10 pictures in the first hour...... he was the boss.  

Then after some snuggle time and me giving into his ways we finally got a sleepy baby.

But not sleepy enough to do whatever I wanted he was still the boss if I tried any funny stuff.

He reminds me of the sleeping children in the Twas the Night Before Christmas, all snuggled with visions of sugar plums dancing in his head.  

This sweet little boy is the newest addition to the Emmerich family so snuggling with him was extra special.  I think he was just letting me know we needed to spend time together.  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sister Sneak Peak

Saturday I helped someone to sneak in a few photos of the sisters to surprise their Mom and Dad for Christmas.  These girls were so excited for this day to come and yet they had no idea what was happening.  The middle girl has an interest in photography so she is constantly talking about taking photos and stealing the camera every moment she can.  When they found out I was coming over she squealed with delight and excitement.  I gave her homework to work on before I came and that was to find 5 poses that she wanted to do with her sisters and before she could be given the homework she was already done.   She picked out all their clothes..... well most of the clothes were hers so they shared.

The young photographer is the girl on the right in the pink, she totally ate the camera up on the other side too.  Of course all the girls did great.

We went outside to take a few of her shots and if it wasn't freezing out we might have been there an hour or so longer.  :)  This girl loves being in front of the camera as much as she does behind it.  The older sister and little sister didn't mind it either.  

Loving those big brown eyes sipping her hot chocolate after a cold walk outside.

Want some?

Love this one, it shows how much they were enjoying their treat after a cold shoot.  

I'm thinking mom and dad will be needing to clean off some wall space for a few new photos of 3 beautiful girls.  Mom and Dad don't go on the internet so sssssshhhhhhhhhh don't tell them till after Christmas.

Next time we'll take a walk with our cameras for a photography lesson, I would love that.  There is something about teaching a inspiring photographer a few things about getting their camera out of auto mode and into the world of Manual.  

We are never done learning, everyone has something to teach.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Garrett the Tool Boy

Garrett-Man had his 3 year photos taken in the most natural Garrett look ever.  If you go over to his house he's wearing his safety goggles pretending to use his tools on anything he can find.  I'm not sure where he gets his love for carpentry tools but Grandma is hoping it continues.  I could really use a carpenter that would do anything for his grandma and maybe, just maybe he'll have a love for junk too.  A girl can dream right?

There's my Garrett-Man with his big ole' smile.  After we were done and he was given the 10 minute warning I said "wanna snuggle with grandma until you have to go?" and he hopped right up into my arms and we snuggled on the couch.  He is my snuggler but you have to be able to snuggle in burst cuz he's a mover too.

He sat up on this chair, which I found on one of my adventures for FREE, and told me a story about the new baby at daycare.  I really love taking photos of my own grandkids because it gives me time with just them.  Usually they are all together or in groups of two so when it's one on one it's a special time for them with Grandma.

And during our time together I tried to teach him how to make fish lips.  This is as close as we got... gotta love a monkey boy with fish lips.

He's also getting to be Grandpa's little boy, he'll follow Grandpa everywhere.  They have already had a couple of adventures out to the hunting shack (without mommy) and that's amazing and doesn't happen with anyone.  Momma is a little sad that it's happening but Grandpa is lovin' it.

Love you my little G-Man.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sports Family Sneak Peek

We are back to normal around here and it's time for more sneak peeks.   This family likes their sports and running from one practice to another and trying to attend all the games is lots of hard work and dedication from everyone with lots of cold sandwich suppers and take out pizza.

They really do get along this well, I didn't have to bribe at all.  I really had to work for true smiles and not because there weren't any....... their smiles are too big. 

The little guy had the biggest smile and his eyes would squeeze shut so trying to keep them open with a true smile took a little game of..... "serious" or the "ABC game".  "No smiles I want serious faces....." and I'd get this.   It makes me giggle still to look at them.  They would be doing great and I'd put the camera up to my face and they would giggle.

My favorite

Love this one too.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


The floor is finished and I am lost for words.  They are so beautiful and I so don't deserve them.  I walked into the house on Thursday night and just stood there for about 5 minutes circling around in amazement and they were only 1/2 done.  

Friday they finished and again I was stunned when walking in the house.  We still have quite a bit of stuff to do yet to finish this project but we're on the downward slide.  Friday night we spent cleaning and sitting on the floor admiring it.  I waited until Saturday morning to take some photos so you could see them in natural light.

Trim is going in next and then new countertops.

After a long morning of these boys helping us move everything back inside Shawna had them playing a minute to win it game.  They are trying to get a cracker from their forehead into their mouth without using their hands.  They were so funny..... Adam won and Brad came in 2nd but I think using his shoulder and sweatshirt is called cheating.  John and Skyler just ended up with me having to sweep again.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


On more than one occasion my father has said "your blog is kinda boring for me lately"  well dad my life is not boring, it's somewhat crazy, hence the boringness you're seeing lately.  I know you like to see pictures of me and the kids and you like to read stories of what is happening around here.  I'll get back to that soon I promise.  Love you dad and I love that you read my blog.  :)

As I was painting today I had many random thoughts so let's see if you all think I'm a dork.

Kenny Chesney is hot - even without his hat.  I love that guy

I scrubbed my floor on my hands and knees yesterday just because I didn't want the tile guys to see a dirty floor.

I want to hang a sign in my closet "dear tile guys..... I know this closet needs to be painted and I'll do that after your done I just didn't have time to get it done before you came.  Please don't judge me by my scuffed up walls in there.  I can't see them when all my junk is shoved in here.  Love the home owner"

Why did Lynn laugh at me last night when I said I was going to paint behind the stove and refrigerator because now that they are gone it's bugging me?

Is there anything wrong with having your frig in the bathroom?  Last night we couldn't get it out the door so I said "let's put it in the bathroom"  they guys almost wet themselves...... it's in the garage by some miracle and a scuffed up door.  Thanks now I have to re-paint that...... I'll wait until you bring it back in. I didn't think there was anything wrong with packing your lunch while peeing.

Why am I such a dork?  Yesterday we had customers and during a meeting when I'm running the presentation on the laptop a co-worker is whispering to me (trying not to interrupt the customer's conversation).  He says "Connie pull up the twins"  Me {looking at him like..... are you kidding me and then looking down at my shirt} "what?" {in a slight whisper with frowned eyebrows}  Him "pull up the Minnesota Twins presentation"  Me - {getting all red in the face because my mind was not thinking baseball or presentation} "okay".    Sometimes those things just hit your brain the wrong way!!

Okay so I'll stop embarrassing myself and show you what I did today.

I painted my laundry room.  I went to the paint store whom I trust totally.  I went with a "let's paint a safe color" attitude.  A safe color to me is a light gray, well I came home with a aqua.   I am not a pastel person at all and I love aqua and I've been introducing it into my home with candles, plates, jars, pillows but they have all been the bright dark aqua.  This aqua is a light pale aqua...... okay so I'll trust her and see what happens.  It matches the plum colored walls from the kitchen and entranceway.  

My first thought was "oh boy what am I doing"  then it turned into "I want to take pictures in here" and now I love it.  Can't wait to add the details.   Not much plum hitting it here but you can see the contrast and the metal tile hanging on the door also has aqua in it.

In the laundry room looking out to the plum entrance.

Of course I have an aqua bag that hangs there and holds the summertime lotions, bug spray and can coolers.  I guess I can switch it to our gloves and hats now.

Here is what it looks like in here........ these lawn chairs and barstool is the only thing in the main floor of our house.  I'm getting almost done with this.  Hopefully it's over soon.

No stove or frig started the going out to eat diet but there is no time so we had cheese and sausage with wine.  

John has been spending a lot of time at the hunting shack..... I wonder why?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday G-Man

Mr G-Man turned 3 on the 1st so we celebrated today with his Owl cupcakes and presents.    He walks in the door and says "Happy Birthday Me".  He brought along Owl cupcakes and they drove him crazy.  He had to have them on the table so he could look directly at them.  It was awhile before we were going to eat so he just sat there and stared at them.  Shan is a germ-a-phobi so that drove her crazy that he was breathing on everyone else's cupcake.  So grandma put his very own Owl on his very own plate...... that was bad news too because then he thought he could eat it.  

We finally finished eating, way to long of a process for a new 3 year old.  So we lit the 3 candles and sang Happy Birthday to him.  This is what he did the whole time.... he is not taking his eyes off that Owl.  G-Man takes after his pretty mommy...... red cheeks in a toasty warm house.  

Then it was finally time to blow out the candles.  Brace yourself with both hands and blow!!!!

And then FINALLY eat them.   That is all he wanted, after that he was as good as gold.

Such a cute little boy with those red cheeks, we love our little Garrett.  Today was also our 29th Wedding Anniversary and couldn't have been more special sharing it with all the kids.  Even with a ripped up house we made the best of it and only got 1 child stuck frozen on a tack strip.  Only 1 more week!!