Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sister Sneak Peak

Saturday I helped someone to sneak in a few photos of the sisters to surprise their Mom and Dad for Christmas.  These girls were so excited for this day to come and yet they had no idea what was happening.  The middle girl has an interest in photography so she is constantly talking about taking photos and stealing the camera every moment she can.  When they found out I was coming over she squealed with delight and excitement.  I gave her homework to work on before I came and that was to find 5 poses that she wanted to do with her sisters and before she could be given the homework she was already done.   She picked out all their clothes..... well most of the clothes were hers so they shared.

The young photographer is the girl on the right in the pink, she totally ate the camera up on the other side too.  Of course all the girls did great.

We went outside to take a few of her shots and if it wasn't freezing out we might have been there an hour or so longer.  :)  This girl loves being in front of the camera as much as she does behind it.  The older sister and little sister didn't mind it either.  

Loving those big brown eyes sipping her hot chocolate after a cold walk outside.

Want some?

Love this one, it shows how much they were enjoying their treat after a cold shoot.  

I'm thinking mom and dad will be needing to clean off some wall space for a few new photos of 3 beautiful girls.  Mom and Dad don't go on the internet so sssssshhhhhhhhhh don't tell them till after Christmas.

Next time we'll take a walk with our cameras for a photography lesson, I would love that.  There is something about teaching a inspiring photographer a few things about getting their camera out of auto mode and into the world of Manual.  

We are never done learning, everyone has something to teach.

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