Wednesday, November 9, 2011


On more than one occasion my father has said "your blog is kinda boring for me lately"  well dad my life is not boring, it's somewhat crazy, hence the boringness you're seeing lately.  I know you like to see pictures of me and the kids and you like to read stories of what is happening around here.  I'll get back to that soon I promise.  Love you dad and I love that you read my blog.  :)

As I was painting today I had many random thoughts so let's see if you all think I'm a dork.

Kenny Chesney is hot - even without his hat.  I love that guy

I scrubbed my floor on my hands and knees yesterday just because I didn't want the tile guys to see a dirty floor.

I want to hang a sign in my closet "dear tile guys..... I know this closet needs to be painted and I'll do that after your done I just didn't have time to get it done before you came.  Please don't judge me by my scuffed up walls in there.  I can't see them when all my junk is shoved in here.  Love the home owner"

Why did Lynn laugh at me last night when I said I was going to paint behind the stove and refrigerator because now that they are gone it's bugging me?

Is there anything wrong with having your frig in the bathroom?  Last night we couldn't get it out the door so I said "let's put it in the bathroom"  they guys almost wet themselves...... it's in the garage by some miracle and a scuffed up door.  Thanks now I have to re-paint that...... I'll wait until you bring it back in. I didn't think there was anything wrong with packing your lunch while peeing.

Why am I such a dork?  Yesterday we had customers and during a meeting when I'm running the presentation on the laptop a co-worker is whispering to me (trying not to interrupt the customer's conversation).  He says "Connie pull up the twins"  Me {looking at him like..... are you kidding me and then looking down at my shirt} "what?" {in a slight whisper with frowned eyebrows}  Him "pull up the Minnesota Twins presentation"  Me - {getting all red in the face because my mind was not thinking baseball or presentation} "okay".    Sometimes those things just hit your brain the wrong way!!

Okay so I'll stop embarrassing myself and show you what I did today.

I painted my laundry room.  I went to the paint store whom I trust totally.  I went with a "let's paint a safe color" attitude.  A safe color to me is a light gray, well I came home with a aqua.   I am not a pastel person at all and I love aqua and I've been introducing it into my home with candles, plates, jars, pillows but they have all been the bright dark aqua.  This aqua is a light pale aqua...... okay so I'll trust her and see what happens.  It matches the plum colored walls from the kitchen and entranceway.  

My first thought was "oh boy what am I doing"  then it turned into "I want to take pictures in here" and now I love it.  Can't wait to add the details.   Not much plum hitting it here but you can see the contrast and the metal tile hanging on the door also has aqua in it.

In the laundry room looking out to the plum entrance.

Of course I have an aqua bag that hangs there and holds the summertime lotions, bug spray and can coolers.  I guess I can switch it to our gloves and hats now.

Here is what it looks like in here........ these lawn chairs and barstool is the only thing in the main floor of our house.  I'm getting almost done with this.  Hopefully it's over soon.

No stove or frig started the going out to eat diet but there is no time so we had cheese and sausage with wine.  

John has been spending a lot of time at the hunting shack..... I wonder why?

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Lynn said...

Jesse said last night as Kenny is singing on the CMAs... Kenny is getting old. Bahahahahaa!