Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Boy who thinks he's boss

This little boy tried to show his momma that he was boss by peeing on her and spitting up so she had to change herself and him before they even got to my house.  Then he continued to show me he was boss by not cooperating with anything that I wanted him to do.  He was not about to go to sleep and miss anything so we struggled with him trying to make him comfortable.  He had other plans, his plans included wiggling, snorting, grunting, but he never fussed.  He was warm, his tummy was full, his diaper was clean and he hated being naked so we kept a blanket on him but still no settling down.  He was boss and didn't want us to think differently.  I only took about 10 pictures in the first hour...... he was the boss.  

Then after some snuggle time and me giving into his ways we finally got a sleepy baby.

But not sleepy enough to do whatever I wanted he was still the boss if I tried any funny stuff.

He reminds me of the sleeping children in the Twas the Night Before Christmas, all snuggled with visions of sugar plums dancing in his head.  

This sweet little boy is the newest addition to the Emmerich family so snuggling with him was extra special.  I think he was just letting me know we needed to spend time together.  


Anonymous said...

Connie, these pictures are amazing-I LOVE them! You can't even tell he was being a stinker! Sara

Anonymous said...

These are some awesome pictures. For being the boss, he still looks really darn cute.