Sunday, November 13, 2011


The floor is finished and I am lost for words.  They are so beautiful and I so don't deserve them.  I walked into the house on Thursday night and just stood there for about 5 minutes circling around in amazement and they were only 1/2 done.  

Friday they finished and again I was stunned when walking in the house.  We still have quite a bit of stuff to do yet to finish this project but we're on the downward slide.  Friday night we spent cleaning and sitting on the floor admiring it.  I waited until Saturday morning to take some photos so you could see them in natural light.

Trim is going in next and then new countertops.

After a long morning of these boys helping us move everything back inside Shawna had them playing a minute to win it game.  They are trying to get a cracker from their forehead into their mouth without using their hands.  They were so funny..... Adam won and Brad came in 2nd but I think using his shoulder and sweatshirt is called cheating.  John and Skyler just ended up with me having to sweep again.

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arturlington said...

I love the color! You make me want to add flare to my house! Wyoming is still waiting for you....