Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sports Family Sneak Peek

We are back to normal around here and it's time for more sneak peeks.   This family likes their sports and running from one practice to another and trying to attend all the games is lots of hard work and dedication from everyone with lots of cold sandwich suppers and take out pizza.

They really do get along this well, I didn't have to bribe at all.  I really had to work for true smiles and not because there weren't any....... their smiles are too big. 

The little guy had the biggest smile and his eyes would squeeze shut so trying to keep them open with a true smile took a little game of..... "serious" or the "ABC game".  "No smiles I want serious faces....." and I'd get this.   It makes me giggle still to look at them.  They would be doing great and I'd put the camera up to my face and they would giggle.

My favorite

Love this one too.

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