Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday G-Man

Mr G-Man turned 3 on the 1st so we celebrated today with his Owl cupcakes and presents.    He walks in the door and says "Happy Birthday Me".  He brought along Owl cupcakes and they drove him crazy.  He had to have them on the table so he could look directly at them.  It was awhile before we were going to eat so he just sat there and stared at them.  Shan is a germ-a-phobi so that drove her crazy that he was breathing on everyone else's cupcake.  So grandma put his very own Owl on his very own plate...... that was bad news too because then he thought he could eat it.  

We finally finished eating, way to long of a process for a new 3 year old.  So we lit the 3 candles and sang Happy Birthday to him.  This is what he did the whole time.... he is not taking his eyes off that Owl.  G-Man takes after his pretty mommy...... red cheeks in a toasty warm house.  

Then it was finally time to blow out the candles.  Brace yourself with both hands and blow!!!!

And then FINALLY eat them.   That is all he wanted, after that he was as good as gold.

Such a cute little boy with those red cheeks, we love our little Garrett.  Today was also our 29th Wedding Anniversary and couldn't have been more special sharing it with all the kids.  Even with a ripped up house we made the best of it and only got 1 child stuck frozen on a tack strip.  Only 1 more week!!

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