Monday, October 31, 2011

Not looking very pretty in here

 It's not been looking very pretty here and it seems to be just getting worse.  I should have known when this project started that it was going to be a long process.  It took me 2 weeks of picking up samples, dropping them off, hating everything, picking up more, not liking them either, picking up more.... okay maybe, calling nieces, daughters and sisters to stop and look, dropping them off, going back for a "are you sure" and then ending up with the my first choice.  

 Every weekend we find one more thing to repair and then tear apart another one.  We started with replacing the carpet which turned into replacing the vinyl which means the entire main floor of our house is torn apart.  Well except the bathroom which I could venture into that room and name a bizzillion things we need to replace but that's for another time.  

Here is how we are living, well we moved the couch, chair and pellet stove back in for now but that's it. I pulled staples from the middle of the floor so we wouldn't step on them and after 1 hour I was done with the middle.  There is still a row of them around the outside of the room to pull yet.

We don't have to pull up the linoleum they are just going over the top (thank goodness) so everything is thrown in there for now while we prep the livingroom, steps and hallway.  When they start laying the flooring it will be 2 days to lay it,1 day to grout and another day for the carpet.  All appliances and everything else will have to be moved into the garage.  I'm really torn up about not being able to make suppers during that time...... hahahahaha   I already have a list of suppers we can have (chips and salsa, popcorn, oreo's and for a special treat gum).  

When we moved into this house there was a railing with big chunky columns on the open staircase.  Yeah well we ripped them out and haven't looked back....... until the other night.  Here is our conversation

Me - So John if a guy wanted to put a railing and chunky columns on the stairs would a guy do it before or after the carpet?  (guys always talk in the "if a guy wanted to" slang so I thought I'd throw that in to help my case)
John - {staring at the TV and never blinked} Doesn't matter we're not doing it
Me - WHAT?  You didn't even think about it and I was just talking if a guy wanted to
Me - So would it be before or after?
John - Doesn't matter it ain't happening
Me - Remember when we moved in and there was a railing with a chunky column just like we put in the rest of the house?
John - Yeah so?
Me - Well let's put it back to the original, just like restoring an old historic building
John - No
Me - Whatever happened to those columns?
John - I don't know and I don't care
Me - So what if I wanted this done what would I have to do?
John - Call a carpenter
Me - Okay!!

One more project to add to the list of just replacing the carpet.

See all those spots on the steps?  Those are all staples that I either leaned on with my knee, hand, stepped on with my foot or sat on while I was painting the edges that may or may not be covered with the new carpet.  I said "ouch" "SOB" and "dammit" so many times that I was afraid to drink water thinking I might leak.  

This weekend I painted the kitchen entry door which lead to new trim which lead to replacing all the trim in the kitchen and laundry room....... yep we are only replacing the carpet!!   


Lynn said...

Hahaha! You can't ever sit still and need project after project! But they do... one project leads into another and into another. We were just getting the roof replaced on our house and that led to new siding which led to a new front entrance which led to new front steps which lead to redoing the back patio... good thing it is going to snow soon! : ) However next spring it will lead to new flowerbeds and plants... so don't make any projects for your house! Because that project leads into... needs Mom's help at Lynn's house!

Anonymous said...

ok first off oreos are not a food group..they are the devil.. and second- why were there so many staples in that carpet on the stairs.. were did you think they were going?/ and third Lynn is right.. you will never be done w/projects.....