Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Sneak Peek

I met a family at their home for some family photos.  As much as the weather tried to stop us we got through them.  When I arrived it was cold and windy and we needed a serious wind break.  Gayle walked me around the property and I found lots of fun areas but with the wind we had to narrow the locations down.  The first space I seen was the covered area under the hayloft.  When we were kids we called that the thrash floor so I say "ohhhh the thrash floor will work perfect for lighting and wind break" Gayle says "what's a thrash floor"?  Okay so everyone doesn't call it that?  I felt kinda silly but I think this area has a new name for this family.  Of course I couldn't resist taking photos of the cows.

The thrash floor :)

Trying to watch for hair flying and moving a cow into the right location for a photo was somewhat difficult.  Love him peeking around the fence.

My absolute favorite of the day, if I lived on a hobby farm and this was my family I'd have to enlarge into a 16x20 and hanging in the entrance of my home.  

Thank you all for bringing back the memories I have of living on a hobby farm. 


Anonymous said...

one word...BEAUTIFUL!!!


jules said...

Yep, that's a thrash floor to me too...