Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week Two Posing Plan

Week two is all about planning a posing guide.  There are so many tips for posing and paying attention to the magazine ads, billboards, and other places of advertisements.  Those places are the experts in the field and paying attention to every detail has certainly helped.  This Senior girl did a great job listening to the posing that helps to make the human body look more natural, how to lose 10 pounds in one simple shift, and most importantly how to be herself.  

This is the very first photo that I took after explaining the "do's" and "try to stay away from's".

She loves her sunsets so the night before I timed my locations, wrote them down and created a minute by minute plan.  Since my husband and son, Adam, knew of my time study I get a text message from Adam at one minute earlier than my plan "you better get here" just as we're rounding the driveway.   
Darn kid.... what didn't he understand about a time study?  LOL

We had to keep telling her that the sunset was beautiful since she didn't get to watch it.  

The last stop was in a flat hayfield with the orange sun glowing behind her..... Gorgeous!!  and her mom found a four leaf clover while she was standing there.  Who finds a four leaf clover in the middle of a field when it's getting dark???  I guess we call that "Good Luck".  We took photos of Britt with her clover just so she could flatten it and frame it with her photo.  

Thank you Britt for spending your Sunday with me. 

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Marissa Lynn said...

Great job using the posing suggestions from Brooke I think you did a great job!!