Monday, October 24, 2011

Sisters Sneak Peak

I know I'm way behind in the sneak peaks, life has gotten terribly busy and I'm slowly finding my way out so thank you all for being so patient.  Not only am I up busy at work and taking photos we're also very busy trying to clean up the gardens for winter and preparing the entire main level of our home for new flooring.  I have emptied the house (shoved everything we own into closets, bedrooms and garages).  Torn out all the old flooring and in the process of pulling 1 million, 32 thousand, 6 hundred and 52 staples from the floor.  If you happen to hear a "ouch with a bloody scream" about 4am that is John hitting a tack strip on his way down the steps, if it's at 5am that's me hitting a tack strip and at 5:30am..... Adam hitting the tack strip...... we have to leave them in and they are on 3 sides of the steps and there are about 200 staples per the time the flooring is installed it's going to be a bloody stained stairway, just in time for Halloween.  It's not a pretty site around here.  I've taken photos of the entire process so far but these sisters are more important. 

Changed this one of the family into an old antique look just for fun.

Miss Paige needed a break so big sister read her a story (my favorite)

Miss Paige by herself, such a cutie.  Love those dark brown eyes.  

Miss Kelsey chilling the only way she knows how.  She planned her photos by herself and this is what she wanted.  I had a hard time getting her to look up from her book but once she did "snap" and she was back to reading.  

One quick shot of mom and dad.  Wow aren't they stunning?

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