Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sleeping outside

September 29th 2011..... my mom would have been 80 today.  80...... I can't even imagine that.  In my mind she'll always be 61 and I'll never have the vision of her getting older.   So to honor mom's 80th birthday my sisters and I went to the bar after work and had a Manhattan.  That was mom drink of choice, she wasn't a big drinker but when she had a drink there was no messing around with fu-fu sissy drinks.  The bartender whips one up, we all take a sip..... we have her add cherry juice......another sip...... we have her add bitters......... now it's a Man-fashion......another sip....... add a splash of 7-up...... another sip........... Let's pass this around the bar and share with everyone else.  We tried, we really tried. 

Happy Birthday Mom

After the couple drinks with my sisters I have date night with John.  We shared some supper and listened to an amazing singer.  His name is Brad Emanuel and it you ever get a chance to see him it's a must.  We listened to him until 1:30am.  So now with 1/4 of a Man-fashion and a few 64's in me we head for home.    I drove so I put the key in the door, unlocked it, gave it a pull and nothing.  I unlocked it again, I must have had more to drink than I thought, nope door doesn't open.  Of course John thinks I'm doing it wrong (like I haven't ever unlocked the house door before) so he tries, nope doesn't work for him either. Well the deadbolt is locked, Adam got home before us and is so used to being the last one home that he dead-bolted the door.  Now in case you didn't know, years ago we got broken into while we were sleeping so when our doors are locked that's it, you aren't getting in unless you break a door or window.  Waking up to a robber walking around in your house, coming up your stairs is enough to scare you forever.  So there is John and I standing in the garage freezing and I'm crabby and he's giggling.  Really John.... giggling?  Where is my husband, my husband doesn't giggle about things like this.  I have to pee really bad, I'm tried and cold.  I call Adam's cell phone.... nothing.... I call the house phone..... nothing.... I text Adam..... nothing..... I call him again.... nothing..... I beg him on the answering machine to wake up and let us in..... nothing.  

John - "I guess we have to sleep in the garage"  
Me - "What?, really?, but I have to pee"
John - "unless you want to sleep outside, we aren't getting in"
Me - "But I have to pee"
John - "you'll have to pee outside"
Me - "OMG"

We get into the garage and there is my craftroom upstairs that has turned into John hunting room that has a futon with the mattress not on it.  The mattress is in the other room and I'm too tired to put it on the futon so I drag that heavy beast to the room and put it on the floor.  Now for blankets, I have 1 quilt that is from when I was like 5.  John and I have to share this thin little quilt and no pillows.  Oh and did I mention there is no heat up there.  John says we could sleep downstairs where the heat is but we'd have to sleep in lawn chairs.   He turns the heat on anyway hoping that it would rise and turns the lights off..... it's pitch black up there and I'm still trying to get the bed ready to sleep in.  He comes with a tiny little flashlight that he found in his truck.  We both lay down and then since I'm so mad I get the giggles, I can't stop and we laugh for about 10 minutes.  Thank goodness we could get into the garage, sleep happens but I'm not sure how since my teeth were chattering so loud.  I wake up at 4:45, my normal getting up time and I have to pee so bad that I again have to go outside.  By now I am frozen and so is John but we have another hour to go.  We finally hear Adam start his truck and we are scrambling to run for the house.  I get a text from Adam..... 
I'm sorry :-(  
Now how could I be mad at that?

Our house never felt so good, our bed was never that comfortable and the blankets were never that warm.  I am getting that room set up for sleeping along with plenty of blankets and pillows, you never know when this will happen again.  


Lynn said...

Are you kidding me right now??! So funny!! I've got the giggles just thinking about you guys really doing this!! Jesse says he would of got a ladder and started banging on his window. LOL!

jules said...

I am impressed! I don't think I could have slept there! Maybe a key for the dead bolt would be a good idea. :-)