Monday, October 17, 2011

Miss M's is 1 year old - Sneak Peek

It was such an honor to spend time with this family and being able to watch their little girl grow.  She is now 1 year old and continues to rock the camera.  Dad and Mom own their own farm and the places we explored for Miss M's 1 year photos were so unique.  We placed her on old rusty tractors, in fun old dusty trucks and on just about every garden bench in the yard but she would not sit on this tire so Mom tried to make her more comfortable with it.  I'm sure in a few years she will be climbing all over these tires.  :)

Miss M and her mommy sitting on the porch of their new home.

Miss M is a girl of many smiles but as soon as we went to the farm and got out the calf that was named after Miss M she became serious and the calf wanted to snuggle.  

Here is mom and Miss M walking calf M back into the barn.

Miss M is not walking yet but while we were chatting on the porch she decides to walk across the porch.  I happen to still have my camera on me and snapped a few.  I love that she is holding a flower that her little cousin gave her and her pants are too long so it's hard to walk and the shadow behind her.......perfect.  

Dad was working but happen to come in from the fields for a minute so we snapped a photo of all three of them.  Some people want to wait until they look their best but we really should capture the photos of who we really are.  This is one photo that represents a very hard working daddy who loves his wife and little girl more than anything.

I have taken photos for 3 other sisters and one of the sisters lives in the old farm house so she brought out some of the photos that she had framed.  I will admit this brought me to tears, I have frozen time for these families and the photos framed in these beautiful tin and wood frames are gorgeous.   

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