Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My favorite family

We had a family baby shower this last weekend and it was Shannon's birthday so I decided it was time again for a big family photo.  I didn't care if anyone was posed, smiling, looking at the camera and they didn't even have to smell good.  I just wanted us all in the same photo.  So after weeks of preparing the boys that this was going to happen the day finally came and now I'm not sure why I would ever put other families through this.  Taking a family photo is hard work and I'm not talking the actual time in front or behind the camera I'm talking prep time with many people in the house taking showers, changing clothes, needed to eat, wanting a snack, I need a juicebox, where's my shoes, I can't find my belt, grandma can you paint my nails, why do I have to wear this, Adam you're taking a shower, I gotta go potty, Grandpa I want a four wheeler ride..... 
Wow I'm not sure how we pulled this off but here are the photos 
in what we like........ everyday us, at our favorite summer hangout.

The hunting shack was too beautiful to pass up with the backlighting so we did some more photos, even though I told them I only wanted one location.   I lied!!

One thing harder than getting everyone to look at the person taking the photo is getting everyone to look at a camera on a tripod with no one standing there.  I keep telling the kids to look pretty while clicking the remote.  This family is getting big, the last time we had a family photo taken I had a 16x20 made and when it came in the mail it made me cry.  Then I knew it wasn't just me cuz when John got home and seen it on the table he had tears in his eyes too.  This is us, all of us and it couldn't be more wonderful.  

Crazy kids, I might not have gotten them all to agree to sitting down but at least they are all in one spot.

Once again Shan you had gorgeous weather for you birthday.  Hard to believe we had 2 inches of snow the year you were born.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart.


Natalie said...

I love every single one of these pictures! They are sooo good and you have such a beautiful family :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for getting some sneak peeks up! Wow, you can really see the difference from the last family pic; I guess I can say that I'm glad we took a new one!! :)