Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We interrupt this marathon to bring you......

My crazy family.  

I have been giving you a Marathon of Sneak Peeks and still have many more to come but this post cannot wait.  This is my crazy family and they will hunt me down and say nasty things about me and to me if I don't get these pics downloaded and sent to them.  That's just how they are, anyone feel bad for me?  Don't worry I'm used to it and I'm sometimes the ring leader :)

First let me tell you that none of them WANT their picture taken, none of them hurry to the location, none of them stop talking long enough to get in order..... But my dad said he wanted a photo of all of us because it's been years since we have all been in the same building. {poor other people in this building, I'm really sorry you had to put up with this crazy family}.  Anyway we finally rounded up the troop, took attendance {yep we have to take attendance to make sure everyone is there}, everyone just lines up in order of birth {Dad and Joanne.....Sharon, Starla, Danny, Gayle, Wally, Rusty, DiAnn, Connie, Randy, Brian and Terry} and then the poor person who we chose to take the pictures was Shannon.  

Don't ever try to pose us or make us look normal.   We can't do it, there are too many of us and we all have to keep talking and all of us want to be the leader.... this family is a group of strong extraverts and it has no introverts, no followers, and no quiet people.  

At first we are all kinda bored waiting for everyone to get in order.  If we're not moving or talking we might as well be sleeping.

Then some lose interest and others start to leave...

Then Shannon finally gets us all looking and being kinda normal....

Then there's "big eyes"...... Gayle we said big eyes not close your eyes!!  Everyone always said that Randy and I look alike...... I see it here, I finally see it!!!  I guess we have to make big eyes and have our mouth hanging open to look alike but maybe that's how others always see us. {just a note..... in case you don't know which one is me or Randy just pick out two people cuz we all look alike}

  We all have long fingers just like our mother did so we show the "jazz hands".  

Now it's time for the Out-laws to get into the photo but that hallway wasn't going to work.  We all gathered around.   Shannon had enough so now Lynn got to stand on top of a bar stool to get us all in.  

See how we all just settle down when our spouses are around.   :)

Okay maybe not.  There are 23 of us and if we could get all the generations of grandkids in there would be 53 more, now that's why we meet at a bowling alley.

What a fun time we had and my dad just soaks this all up.  He loves every minute of it and you can just see how proud he is when we're all together.  I love being a part of a big family and can't imagine it any other way. 

Our mother is looking down on this crew saying "oh you crazy kids". 


wendy b said...

yes, that is EXACTLY what your mom would say....miss you....awesome blog!!!

Lynn Frey said...

Do you see that Grandpa Earl has a drink in his hand... hmmm... maybe this is why he looks so proud...