Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Class

It's been awhile since I've taught photography classes.  Well I have decided to teach a 5 week photography class this spring. Are you interested in learning your camera? Do you want to take better photos? Maybe you want to buy a SLR camera and you need to know what to look for. Whatever your needs are, if photography interest you and you have/want or can borrow a SLR camera you will benefit from this class. 
Email me for details, space is limited.  connie.hemmer{at}gmail{dot}com
A few of the many comments I've received after taking my class.
Hey Connie -
I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thanks so much for putting on this class - in two sessions I have learned in leaps and bounds how to put my camera to better use. I honestly thought that so much of what we are learning was in the post production editing not in the actual camera settings! I am not yet to the point that I can't sleep at night because I am thinking of what I want to take pictures of but everywhere I go I am looking at things differently!
I hope you have a great weekend and am looking forward to next week! 

Just a quick good luck for your class tonight - I know you will do great and I am excited for all of your new students. Their minds will be blown by how much they will learn in such a short time and it is just such a great learning experience. I know I've said it a lot but I really do mean it that you have a great gift for teaching and sharing and our little photography community is so lucky to have you.

Hope to get lots and lots of practicing in this week:) After last week I was a little frustrated but I think you answered some questions for me last night so I'm hoping for GREAT pictures this week! If I don't get the perfect picture after a few tries I get frustrated but after hearing your experiences it makes me feel better. Thanks for your patience! 

I am totally hooked, I would take pictures of everything, sometimes I do. Everything seems interesting in it's own way when I look at it. I have always been one for quantity and need to now focus on quality and slow down. I will be driving and all I think is what a great picture that could be. Believe me when I leave your class and the sun is setting I am this close to stopping and snapping some pix, last night the sun was setting on a field just up from your place and the dandelions had seeded and the sunset illuminated them in the field and I'm still kicking myself for NOT stopping. Or driving into Stetsonville and the top of the church peeking through the top of the tree with the road going into to town and a road sign off to the right of the road slightly crooked........I totally understand the obsession and the love for photography! thanks again for sharing your knowledge in a fun environment and helping me learn to understand my camera! 

And a post about photography wouldn't be the same without pretty photos to look at. The sunset tonight was amazing.