Wednesday, February 26, 2014

POTW 9 - Words

Week 9 - words

I have a favorite chalkboard and I like to update it with what's happening around me.  This last week it was a snow day and I enjoyed it so much I had to write it down.  

My sister Sharon is very talented with everything.  She can paint anything and make it look like a stencil.  When we visited her last spring I picked out one of her many signs that she's done.  

I knew the sign was washed out with the blown out window and I wanted to get a bit of the blue sky too so I changed my settings and shot it again. 

While editing photos on my computer I looked over and this tag caught my eye.  Gotta love when something says Made in USA

The book shelf upstairs still holds all the books from the girls.  I like the way they look and it reminds me of their nights trying to pick out a new book to read…. but in Shannon's case this was a nightly routine, she read ALL THE TIME.  I bet she's read every book on these 3 shelves….. twice.

Lynn and Jesse got Ely this book when she was born.  It fit perfectly from where we were at in life at that time of surprise.  She needed to know that God thinks she's wonderful and we needed to know that as much as she did.  Someday I will give this book to her again but for now it's safe at Grandma's house.  However, I do find this book and the pink bible on my dresser every time the girls are here playing.  I think they are already building memories with them.

As I walked past Adam's room this sign hanging on his wall was screaming at me since it was Daytona weekend.  

And one of his hubcaps that hangs on the wall as well.  Gotta love circles with design and FORD

Words was really easy and I loved it, I could have taken tons more but time wasn't on my side this weekend.  It maybe something we touch again sometime later.  Go out and capture your WORDS.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Day

They have been predicting the worst snow storm of the season for the last 3-4 days.  It didn't start out so bad but as soon as I got home from work the snow started to fall.

Like 10 inches of snow fell during the night and then 50 mph winds happened.  Well living out here on the prairie…. wind is not good mixed with new snow.  When John got up for work the driveway was clear so he had no reason to hurry his routine and clean the yard.  He was about ready to leave and the driveway in front of my garage door was filling up fast.  Now he leaves 2 hours before me so in that 2 hours it could be plugged tight so he tries to move me to his garage which is clear.  Then after he goes out there the end of the driveway is filling up, he has no idea if he'll make it out.  
He takes a run at it and makes it…. half way to work he wonders why he's going.  Total whiteout at that time of the morning and no plows have been out yet.  He calls when he gets to work and advises me not to go to work.   SNOW DAY!!
I really, really enjoyed my day at home, I must have needed it.  I don't get much alone time in my house  during the daylight hours and I crave it.  

Of course I had to take photos of the big storm as it was happening.   
This is the view from my front door.

This is the view from my front looking over the drift.  You can see that wind still blowing the snow around.  

Another view of the deck and the intersection

We might eat our breakfast out on the deck by June. 

 Remember the 1st photo in this post of the deck…… I took only 12 hours ago. 

Here is the view out the patio door as the snow plow goes through. 

The bottom of the door was packed tight 

John got home safe and sound but getting in the driveway was another story.  He parked on the road and when he was walking in someone got stuck on the corner so he walks down to see if he could help her.  The corner is plugged up tight.  

Her husband was coming to get her so John walked back home.

The wind is crazy and it's dang cold out too.

So now he needs to plow the driveway to get his pick-up off the road.  I decide I'm going to ride with him. 
Before we get started the neighbors husband is coming in to ask for a chain to pull his wife's car out.  He had to crawl in over the snowdrifts.  

Here is where the wind just whips through the driveway.  

Neighbor leaving…..

He seriously had to crawl out there was no other way in or out of the yard.  

Now to start plowing this mess and where to go with it.  Good thing John pushes it back really far at the beginning of the season. 

Slowly after an hour we are getting a path broke through.  

We made it now to widen it out

I moved John's truck in the yard, shoveled in front of my garage door and took some photos….. and then I was frozen.

It might be a little deep.

 As I type this tonight someone tried to drive down our road….. tried is the key word.  He is now being assisted by a truck with a V-plow cleaning the road and pulling him through it.  
This winter will end…..someday.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

POTW - Week 8 - Red

POTW - Red

Random piggy bank in the kids play room, I have no idea where this thing came from but it has money in it.  

Getting a little fancy with the g-kids Valentine wrapping

Strawberries are on sale this week - GLORIOUS!!

Then there was a Sunday of sunshine, strawberries and RED

Sweetness Continued

She arrived with total sweetness and red little cheeks….

I put up a fabric tent and she got cuter and cuter… while those cheeks got redder and redder.

Her big sister and big brother love her to pieces.

And then this happened…..

That's it just one click and she had that scarf off and the head band tossed behind the chair

Mom and Dad wanted a few quick family photos and that is what she gave us….. If you're not quick you missed it.  She's a bit of an adventurer and those cheeks just got brighter.

She needed a break so we grab a couple without her

Momma getting some lovins'

One more try and she gives us the best photo of the night.  who wouldn't want this photo in their house.  Capturing real moments in the life with a 1 year old.

Had a bit of fun with her older sister and some dramatic editing. 

Couldn't have been happier to spend my night with this family and can't wait to watch them grow in front of my lens.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sweetness Sneak Peek

This little girl was the sweetest thing eva'  

I'll share more of her and her family later this week.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grandchild #6 - Girl or Boy - Pink or Blue

Lynn and Jesse are expecting their 3rd child in July.  They found out what they were having with both Mally and Max so with this one they wanted to find out but yet there could have been the surprise in the delivery room since they have both gender stuff at home.  BUT it was driving them crazy not knowing.  So ultrasound was Tuesday and a sealed envelope was taken home with them, Jesse delivered the envelope to a guard at work who delivered to his wife.  Then we played the waiting game for Sunday.  

The cake girl makes delicious cake pops, seriously I've tried the cake pop recipe and mine were gross, these are pretty dang awesome and so cute to look at.  They came all decorated in pink and blue.  We should have counted the differences to see if she gave us a clue on the outside :)

It was Jesse's family and ours and we took a vote from those that were here.  
Majority says…… BOY

Lynn and Jesse say BOY, they are 100% positive it's a boy

The girl votes were Steph, Elly, Mally, I and I think Shannon.  Of course us girls need to stick together and bring another girl into this family.  

Here is Lynn with her boy or girl, pink or blue signs.  She's showing quite a bit but sticking right out in front.  Wanna guess what you think?

Now here goes the cake pop eating.  Whatever the color is inside will tell us what the baby is.  


John hates cake and chocolate so he's a non-eater but that doesn't mean he's not right in the game.  Love that he's right in there to find out if we will have a grandson or granddaughter.

I had my camera on fast so I have lots of photos but tried to pick out the key ones for you to see. 

Here is when Lynn realized what the baby is……SHOCK

Shannon hasn't even bit into hers, she's totally into her sister's reaction instead.  

Lynn looks at Jesse to see what his is…. Jesse's a bit in shock too

Mally might be happy….

Elly might be happy

But these two are still in shock……. IT"S A GIRL

Lynn cannot believe it and Steph is in shock too.  

Poor Maxwell.  Lynn was afraid he was going to bite before everyone else so she held his until the last minute and then didn't tell him that he could bit it.  He still hasn't taken a bit….. he's a listener.  

Lynn bites again thinking it might change.

Nope still a girl.

Then she's yelling at Steph

This was so fun, such a great way for the family to be together to find out exciting news of a new daughter, granddaughter, niece, or cousin.  I really think they were so positive it was a boy that the shock of a girl totally made this perfect.  

Now to wait till July to see our new little princess….. we love her already