Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grandchild #6 - Girl or Boy - Pink or Blue

Lynn and Jesse are expecting their 3rd child in July.  They found out what they were having with both Mally and Max so with this one they wanted to find out but yet there could have been the surprise in the delivery room since they have both gender stuff at home.  BUT it was driving them crazy not knowing.  So ultrasound was Tuesday and a sealed envelope was taken home with them, Jesse delivered the envelope to a guard at work who delivered to his wife.  Then we played the waiting game for Sunday.  

The cake girl makes delicious cake pops, seriously I've tried the cake pop recipe and mine were gross, these are pretty dang awesome and so cute to look at.  They came all decorated in pink and blue.  We should have counted the differences to see if she gave us a clue on the outside :)

It was Jesse's family and ours and we took a vote from those that were here.  
Majority says…… BOY

Lynn and Jesse say BOY, they are 100% positive it's a boy

The girl votes were Steph, Elly, Mally, I and I think Shannon.  Of course us girls need to stick together and bring another girl into this family.  

Here is Lynn with her boy or girl, pink or blue signs.  She's showing quite a bit but sticking right out in front.  Wanna guess what you think?

Now here goes the cake pop eating.  Whatever the color is inside will tell us what the baby is.  


John hates cake and chocolate so he's a non-eater but that doesn't mean he's not right in the game.  Love that he's right in there to find out if we will have a grandson or granddaughter.

I had my camera on fast so I have lots of photos but tried to pick out the key ones for you to see. 

Here is when Lynn realized what the baby is……SHOCK

Shannon hasn't even bit into hers, she's totally into her sister's reaction instead.  

Lynn looks at Jesse to see what his is…. Jesse's a bit in shock too

Mally might be happy….

Elly might be happy

But these two are still in shock……. IT"S A GIRL

Lynn cannot believe it and Steph is in shock too.  

Poor Maxwell.  Lynn was afraid he was going to bite before everyone else so she held his until the last minute and then didn't tell him that he could bit it.  He still hasn't taken a bit….. he's a listener.  

Lynn bites again thinking it might change.

Nope still a girl.

Then she's yelling at Steph

This was so fun, such a great way for the family to be together to find out exciting news of a new daughter, granddaughter, niece, or cousin.  I really think they were so positive it was a boy that the shock of a girl totally made this perfect.  

Now to wait till July to see our new little princess….. we love her already

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