Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sweetness Continued

She arrived with total sweetness and red little cheeks….

I put up a fabric tent and she got cuter and cuter… while those cheeks got redder and redder.

Her big sister and big brother love her to pieces.

And then this happened…..

That's it just one click and she had that scarf off and the head band tossed behind the chair

Mom and Dad wanted a few quick family photos and that is what she gave us….. If you're not quick you missed it.  She's a bit of an adventurer and those cheeks just got brighter.

She needed a break so we grab a couple without her

Momma getting some lovins'

One more try and she gives us the best photo of the night.  who wouldn't want this photo in their house.  Capturing real moments in the life with a 1 year old.

Had a bit of fun with her older sister and some dramatic editing. 

Couldn't have been happier to spend my night with this family and can't wait to watch them grow in front of my lens.

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