Thursday, February 6, 2014

week 6 - Hearts

After 1 month of POTW the photo group decided to keep going, we all might not be crazily posting photos on our group page but the weekly challenge sure has us thinking and looking at things differently.  What's really cool is how this challenge has grown to others who read this blog.  I get people who tell me how they are following along with the challenges…. some see things that make them say "POTW".  

This is the month of LOVE so……...
This week is Hearts

I am not a heart girl, I don't have them in my house I don't look twice when I see one, I don't buy them I don't give them to others.  I really don't have anything against them, they've never done anything to me, they actually are pretty sweet….. but I'm not a heart girl.

The one and only heart I have in my house has been here for many, many years and I love it.  I don't know if it's the saying, the paint sanded off the edges, or the twine hanger but this heart is totally ME.  I don't remember if I bought it or it was given to me but I do know who made it.   This talented lady has become one of my weekly emailers of POTW's.  She is following along with me and taking some pretty amazing photos. 

One day last summer we were up north and my niece called and asked if we were home.  No, why?  She says there is a man sitting on your patio.  Scared the heck out of us so my niece goes back to check out what he wanted.  Well it was this gal and her husband who I had told that they could come over anytime and take pictures of my flowers.    If someone wants to look past my weeds and enjoy my patio, heck come on over.  

My one and only heart

Feeling bad with only one heart I searched the hard drive for last year…… here's one more.

I would love to share a few photos from someone else that has been following along.  The amazing part is she's 12 years old and very creative.  Now remember all the photos below here were taken by her, I had nothing to do with them and have never met this girl.  What you see beyond this point is all her.

A little photoshop magic with this one……

Nice composition

And for this one she had to set up her timer and she did some great composition by placing herself to the side of the photo vs in the center.

Now this girl has talent and creativity that will be fun to watch every week.  

Go seek out the hearts in your house and see if you are a heart girl or not.

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