Wednesday, February 26, 2014

POTW 9 - Words

Week 9 - words

I have a favorite chalkboard and I like to update it with what's happening around me.  This last week it was a snow day and I enjoyed it so much I had to write it down.  

My sister Sharon is very talented with everything.  She can paint anything and make it look like a stencil.  When we visited her last spring I picked out one of her many signs that she's done.  

I knew the sign was washed out with the blown out window and I wanted to get a bit of the blue sky too so I changed my settings and shot it again. 

While editing photos on my computer I looked over and this tag caught my eye.  Gotta love when something says Made in USA

The book shelf upstairs still holds all the books from the girls.  I like the way they look and it reminds me of their nights trying to pick out a new book to read…. but in Shannon's case this was a nightly routine, she read ALL THE TIME.  I bet she's read every book on these 3 shelves….. twice.

Lynn and Jesse got Ely this book when she was born.  It fit perfectly from where we were at in life at that time of surprise.  She needed to know that God thinks she's wonderful and we needed to know that as much as she did.  Someday I will give this book to her again but for now it's safe at Grandma's house.  However, I do find this book and the pink bible on my dresser every time the girls are here playing.  I think they are already building memories with them.

As I walked past Adam's room this sign hanging on his wall was screaming at me since it was Daytona weekend.  

And one of his hubcaps that hangs on the wall as well.  Gotta love circles with design and FORD

Words was really easy and I loved it, I could have taken tons more but time wasn't on my side this weekend.  It maybe something we touch again sometime later.  Go out and capture your WORDS.

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