Saturday, February 15, 2014

POTW Week 7 - Flowers

During our month of LOVE this week was flowers.  Since it's a bit cold for the garden I had to find flowers in other places.  While taking the g-kids photo with my grandmothers old music there were two covers that caught my eye.  I love the colors of them and the vintage look they have. 

This first one I did a bit of photoshop magic on it to remove the torn edges and give it a brighter color.

Here is the orginal 

This one has my grandma's name on it before she was married.   I don't remember if my grandmother was a piano player or not.  My mom was and she made DiAnn and I take piano lessons for 6 years.  We had recitals more often than I want to remember.  We would have chairs lined up down the hallways of the school and everyone sat in their chair until their time on stage was up.  Watching the kids leave their chairs and the rows in front of you getting emptier and emptier made the butterflies in your tummy go crazy.  Then it's your turn and you get on stage at the piano and everything disappears.  BUT when you have a sister you have to return to the chairs for your duet and the butterflies come back again.  

I couldn't play a note now if I wanted to.

I found a dried flower in my bedroom.

I try to back up and get the whole scene but I'm an UP CLOSE kinda girl.

We might just have to POTW flowers again this summer. 

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Laura's Journey said...

Connie Granny and Grandma K were both piano players! Great shot