Sunday, February 9, 2014

Grandkids Valentine Pictures

I know I do this more than once a year but every Valentine's day I plan a ALL grandkids photo, it's fun to see how they've grown through out the year together and their different little personalities they have. So this weekend was the day….. Lynn was coming over for the day and Jr was going to be spending the night.  We added Shannon's family and we're set for all the munchkins to be here.  

This year I put my grandmothers old piano music behind them with a few red hearts to make a perfect Valentine backdrop.  My grandmothers piano music is from when she was a little girl and some are from my great grandmother when she was little so it's old and fragile.  

Garrett is usually my un cooperative child but this time he was 1st in line and did perfect. 

Maxwell is the spitting image of my brother Randy.  I like to call him Randy, of course he doesn't like that and says "my name is Maxwell David".  He's into being his own little person right now and that includes not having his hair spiked and kinda messy, un-combed look….. which makes him look like Randy that much more.  

Oh….. I better say that Randy DOES comb his hair now but when he was little like Maxwell his hair looked like this.  Wheew if I didn't correct myself I might not be the favorite sister anymore.  

Mallory is as sweet as she looks.  She's growing up too fast and will be a big help with the new baby brother or sister.  She loves to haul Jr around and when someone is hurt or crying she's searching frantically for their blankie to make them feel better.  

Mallory and Elly are attached at the hips.  They love to spend time together and Elly is really good at still playing little kid games with her.  They love to play dress up and wear dresses, high heels and jewelry.  Of course they need a GIRLS ONLY photo.

Elly - my grown up little girl.  She's adjusted so well to Middle School and has grown twice as fast since she's gotten there.  These years are really important for her to feel special and special she is.  She's very good for all the little ones and treats them all so well.  She hauls them all around, plays hide and seek with them helping them hid or count and she reads tons and tons of books to them.  

Elly likes to give me some fun grown up shots, I think she watches too much America's Next Top Model.  She's really good at the serious look.

And Mini-El is really good at the dreamy stare.  

Of course we have the super cute Little A.  I told Adam to bring along a red, white, or black shirt and he sends me a text with a picture attached.  Is this enough….. I counted 19 red shirts in his photo…. ummmm yeah I think one or two choices would be good.  :)  I think his mommy did a perfect job picking out the best Valentine's shirt ever.  

And finally getting them all in the same photo.  All smiles and having fun

Till Grandma's plan to kiss them with red lipstick and those boys were NOT happy.

They are way too fun and love each and everyone of them the same.   

Now wash this off my face grandma!!!

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rlzimmerman said...

Oh my gosh, beautiful pictures! Love the group shots!!!!