Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Duellman Family

It was a cold and cloudy afternoon, the last photoshoot I had before next weeks darkness.   Little Julia  was not amused with anything we had to show her, she cried and clung to mommy the entire time.  It was Julia's 2 year photos that were important to mommy but Julia had other plans..... and it did not involve smiling or sitting alone.

I felt bad for mom and her dreams for perfect pictures so I did a little playing with snow tonight.  Just what she might need to relax and trust me that I can get "good" photos even with a determined 2 year old.  

Big brother was more than cooperative and super handsome.

Loved mom's location choice and maybe next year when Julia is three she will give me more opportunities for smiles.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby Rylee Jo

Our nephew and his sweet wife had a baby girl a few weeks ago and of course I get to take her photos  which means I get to see her, smell her, snuggle her and when I'm not doing those things I can fit in a few pictures.  

Rylee Jo was awake when she came over and was not about to go to sleep.  There were new things to look at and she wasn't about to miss anything. 

Emmerich babies love their blankets and snuggling them is a must to be comfy.  I think we all sleep with a blanket pulled up under our noses even when it's 102 degrees.  Blankets must touch our face and when we get all snuggly we might let out a sigh or two.  Rylee is right there with us, she wasn't crying but wiggly until we snuggled her with a blanket and when she got comfy she couldn't hold her eyes open.  

OH MY GOSH isn't she the cutest little thing?  

Her hair is so spiky it matches the fur on the blanket.

I can't wait to watch this little one grow up and wrap herself right around Grandpa Wally's little finger.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

More fall up north

Raking time happening up north...... and I find lots of things to distract me from helping.  Like making a pretty wreath with the leaves.  On the deck that John just blew off..... yep I heard about it.  

Leaf blowing wouldn't be complete without me taking pictures of it.

John said I took the same pictures last year..... little does he know it gets me out of raking and picking up sticks.  

I went for a walk too.

Walking back and he's still blowing leaves.

Not the sight I like seeing because now my job starts.  Raking them rows of leaves onto a tarp and hauling them into our huge hole in the woods.

Feathers from an Eagle that I seen fly by but didn't realize he stopped right in our backyard to clean up his feathers.   Dang why didn't I go look for him.  

We were a weekend sooner with raking leaves and by Sunday morning the yard was full again..... guess we'll have to do it again.  The great thing about a cottage up north...... nothing feels like work up there.

Family Outshines the Rain

If anyone can pull off a session in the rain this one can.  I've been pretty lucky so far this year and dodged the crumby weather we've been having but this day luck was not on my side.  The whole day was cloudy but bright, a perfect soft box in the sky and then I look out my office window 1 hour before pictures and it's starting to rain.  I text Mindy and say "Really, it has to decide to rain now" and she says "we're not scared lets do it anyway".  If takes a confident family to outshine the rain and do it with continuous smiles no matter how hard it came down or how tight we had to squeeze ourselves under the rain gutters.  

Mindy's porch is always cute and shows a bit of artwork from many of their family craft days.  

Yep I had them crawl under the branches to stay dry. 

Naomi and I ventured out to the playhouse while mom and dad stayed dry against the house.  

I found a taller tree for them to go under, it might have been in the neighbors yard but it's raining they won't come out and yell at us.  

This girl used to come to our house as a teenager and now I can call her one of my dearest friends.  The love that comes though her pores is amazing.... 

We opted for a few family shots in the house.  Family moments are the best.

Naomi is quite the character, she uses these glasses when she reads.  She's in school now ya' know so she needs glasses.  

Rain or shine I'd spend hours with this family.... okay maybe I did spend hours there.   

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Owen is 2 1/2 and Emmett is 9 months

I just love when there are babies to photograph because I get to see them every 3 months but the sad part is when they reach the 9 months, I know the next time I see them they will be 1 whole year old and it goes by way too fast.  

Emmett was having a day where his mommy was the only place he felt safe.  We tried and tried to get his 9 month pictures but he was having nothing to do with it.  

He did really well in the family pictures but you don't get to see them.

Owen has a milestone of 2 1/2 years so we did a few of him also.  

I love this next one....

Of course I can't let momma be sad about Emmett not having 9 month pictures.... and you can certainly tell Emmett was much more comfortable inside where it's warm.   This is the smiley happy little boy that momma knows.

My favorite of little Emmett.  His eyes just melt my heart....

Big brother Owen had a few smiles for me too.