Monday, October 20, 2014

Family Outshines the Rain

If anyone can pull off a session in the rain this one can.  I've been pretty lucky so far this year and dodged the crumby weather we've been having but this day luck was not on my side.  The whole day was cloudy but bright, a perfect soft box in the sky and then I look out my office window 1 hour before pictures and it's starting to rain.  I text Mindy and say "Really, it has to decide to rain now" and she says "we're not scared lets do it anyway".  If takes a confident family to outshine the rain and do it with continuous smiles no matter how hard it came down or how tight we had to squeeze ourselves under the rain gutters.  

Mindy's porch is always cute and shows a bit of artwork from many of their family craft days.  

Yep I had them crawl under the branches to stay dry. 

Naomi and I ventured out to the playhouse while mom and dad stayed dry against the house.  

I found a taller tree for them to go under, it might have been in the neighbors yard but it's raining they won't come out and yell at us.  

This girl used to come to our house as a teenager and now I can call her one of my dearest friends.  The love that comes though her pores is amazing.... 

We opted for a few family shots in the house.  Family moments are the best.

Naomi is quite the character, she uses these glasses when she reads.  She's in school now ya' know so she needs glasses.  

Rain or shine I'd spend hours with this family.... okay maybe I did spend hours there.   

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