Sunday, October 5, 2014

Work and Play Weekend Up North

The last weekend in September was beautiful, the sun was shining all weekend and the temperatures were high.  We went wheeling on Friday and came up late Friday night.  John needed to cut and split the trees that had fallen from the storm.  We started the day on the deck enjoying our breakfast and the view.  After a few minutes on the deck we decided to enjoy the view from the river bank.  John walked down before me, he is the dark spot on the left.

So now this is our view....

Of course I don't sit very long so I wandered around with my camera.  We found this tree top that broke in the storm but it will stay there until another storm brings it down.

Here is one of the trees that needs to be cut up.

We have the cutest little mushrooms up there, they suck me in every time.  

John got to work on the trees, I helped for a bit but I have a broken toe honey I can't help you I need to go garage sailing.   I'll bring back lunch :)

I had quite the fun finds at the garage sale.  Here is one on the chairs I got and the blue basket was from a different weekend.  Perfect fit in the cottage.    The wreath I made when I grabbed that brach out of a pine tree, it was crazy long and I wrapped it around and hung it up.  Perfect...

Oh honey my toe hurts again I think I need to go kayaking with Gayle can you stop all your hard work and take us up river?   

I took my good camera, the water was cold so I was sure it was safe because I was not about to get wet.  

Gayle found a dock that was hung up on some branches and rocks.  We fought with that thing for a bit to get it loose and floated it down river with us.  Not too much further I found a dock hung up on branches and rocks and we got that one loose too.  About right here my phone rings and John says.... "are you two okay?"  "Yeah why?"  "It's been 2 hours you've been gone"  I guess we were having too much fun floating down the river :)

John had commented that morning while we were sitting by the water how many leaves were floating by so Gayle and I pushed a few million down river by him.  It was just like walking in the park and kicking all the leaves in front of you, just using a paddle instead.  

A couple people kayaked by us and we chatted for a bit to find out who they were.  They were the neighbors kids two places down from us.  They asked where we lived and I told them and she says "oh are you the place that always has a campfire?"  Yep that's us, we start the fire when we get there and it burns out after we leave and then when we get home we start one there too.  We burn lots of wood in the summertime. 

When we got back John just shook his head at us when we had to set up the dock right away.  Gayle was already wet from having to ride her dock like Tom Sawyer when it got hung up on rocks and we fought with it for about 30 minutes.  So she got in the water and I was in shorts and helped her set it up.  It's a perfect fit and a great place to drink a beer or coffee.

John worked all day cutting up wood while I played.  All his firewood for next year is cut, split and piled.  Look out neighbors we have more wood to burn.  

Sunday morning was another perfect day for breakfast on the dock and camera in my hand.  

Great weekend of fun, work, color, and family.  Too bad the weekend had to end and the nice weather.  

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