Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Baby Rylee Jo

Our nephew and his sweet wife had a baby girl a few weeks ago and of course I get to take her photos  which means I get to see her, smell her, snuggle her and when I'm not doing those things I can fit in a few pictures.  

Rylee Jo was awake when she came over and was not about to go to sleep.  There were new things to look at and she wasn't about to miss anything. 

Emmerich babies love their blankets and snuggling them is a must to be comfy.  I think we all sleep with a blanket pulled up under our noses even when it's 102 degrees.  Blankets must touch our face and when we get all snuggly we might let out a sigh or two.  Rylee is right there with us, she wasn't crying but wiggly until we snuggled her with a blanket and when she got comfy she couldn't hold her eyes open.  

OH MY GOSH isn't she the cutest little thing?  

Her hair is so spiky it matches the fur on the blanket.

I can't wait to watch this little one grow up and wrap herself right around Grandpa Wally's little finger.  

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Connie for taking such awesome pictures of my granddaughter! She is a darling (just like her mommy)!
ps: She already has Grandpa Wally wrapped around her little finger!