Monday, October 20, 2014

More fall up north

Raking time happening up north...... and I find lots of things to distract me from helping.  Like making a pretty wreath with the leaves.  On the deck that John just blew off..... yep I heard about it.  

Leaf blowing wouldn't be complete without me taking pictures of it.

John said I took the same pictures last year..... little does he know it gets me out of raking and picking up sticks.  

I went for a walk too.

Walking back and he's still blowing leaves.

Not the sight I like seeing because now my job starts.  Raking them rows of leaves onto a tarp and hauling them into our huge hole in the woods.

Feathers from an Eagle that I seen fly by but didn't realize he stopped right in our backyard to clean up his feathers.   Dang why didn't I go look for him.  

We were a weekend sooner with raking leaves and by Sunday morning the yard was full again..... guess we'll have to do it again.  The great thing about a cottage up north...... nothing feels like work up there.

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